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8 Lbs of Chanamas - Report Week 2 Results Below

Friday, November 30, 2012

Thanksgiving has come, and gone. Ditto Cyber Monday, Non-Profit Tuesday, etc. What remains are items such as the fiscal cliff, the seeming fall of the once-mighty Pittsburgh Steelers (yay!), the appearance in the night sky of the giant red star Aldebaran (a celestial body in need of Spark People, if there ever was one!).

So, need an excuse as to why this week was aberrational? The scale would suggest that I do. That said, do better than me and post your success below. Don't know what I'm even blogging about? Late to the party? It's not too late. Read:



Newbies, the basic rules are this:

1. Weigh in every six days. The goal is to be one pound less, each time you weigh in. If your progress is insufficient, the Grinch, as judge, jury and executioner, boots you from the game.

3. Thanksgiving came. And went. And so will the Company Holiday Party, Goodies Arriving at the Office, Chanukah, the Winter Solstice, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Kwanzaa and New Year’s Day. Each of these present their own food and drink temptations. Give in if you must, or don’t. In either case, every sixth day, come hell or high water, up on the scale you go, no crying or fibbing. Lose one measly pound, each time.

4. The money tree is in full bloom in my backyard. I water it regularly with the revenues from the ads on the periphery of YOUR Spark web pages - I NEVER see any because of filters and blockers, thank you very much. Anyway, large cash prizes are available to whomever, like me, WILL lose eight pounds between now and January 1, 2013. Never you mind or worry about where the cash comes from. My laser printer is working quite well, and you should see this cool green paper with the little fibers built in. I even have a paper-cutter, to make perfectly shaped Benjamins. Franklin would be impressed. As would the US Marshals...

5. All you need to be is brutally honest below, by posting your success or lack thereof in a comment – every six days post how you are doing and why. If you post in your own status or blog instead (its better, here) - preface the status or blog with “8 LBS” – so we all will know that you’re playing.

6. No teams to join, or special requirements, other than outlined below.

E-I-G-H-T. Five letters. Five simple steps:

E – Eat in Great Moderation – Use the Sparky tracker or otherwise be super-careful, as holiday foods are super-caloric. If it looks, smells, tastes or feels deadly, it is.

I – Indulge in Damn Little – Little tastes only, of the holiday goodies, if that. Abstinence is the key, here.

G – Greet the challenge of this effort in positive light. Think not about the deprivation of the missed eating and drinking opportunities, but how much happier you will be come January 1st.

H – Hoist eight glasses of water a day. Wait, do you know what? Make it ten. You better.

T – Tell the rest of us how you are doing, with regular status updates, blogs, or comments below.

Last person standing wins the ersatz cash and the perpetual envy of their Spark friends. In the event of more than one, cash prizes will be pro-rated amongst those who remain, based on relative weight lost. One other simple rule: brutal, cold-light-of-day, unflinching, honor-system honesty.

Alright, that’s it. Simple, huh? Post away!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • NUMD97
    Week Two results are in, Cap'n! I'm down 4-1/2 pounds this week. But I will confess, I didn't come by it honestly. Stress this week has been up the wazoo, and the appetite easily was kept within calorie range. Not the best way to do this, really. But I am committed to this challenge, so hopefully, this upcoming week will be better balanced.

    Good luck to all! All is not lost! There is still a little more than four weeks left for this challenge, and miracles are known to occur around this time of year. Take heart!

    With or without this challenge, we're all committed to a healthier lifestyle, so let's just do it!

    All the best to all,

    2889 days ago
    Same as last week. Which is OK because that's the same number that I saw on January 1. I've been on a roller coaster going up and down within the same range for the whole of 2012. By the end of this, I want to be at the bottom of my range so I can start the new year kicking this range to the curb. Not sure how but that's what I want.

    I started THIS "game" with a number ending in 9.5 and that's the top of my range. Last week's number and today's number ends with 4.5. I have points banked. I'm still playing.
    2889 days ago
  • CMW123
    this morning's number is 221. emoticon (up 1 lb from 2 weeks ago)

    Drinking water and avoiding temptation. Personally I think there is a conspiracy on spark - I know someone here told the girl scout down the block to skip my delivery of chocolate mints and lemon tea cookies. Probably for the best!

    2890 days ago
    This is tough. This has been a rough week and I'm not at home to boot. So, I will buckle down and get things back under control NOW!!!!! I am scared to weigh in tomorrow on my normal weigh in day.
    2890 days ago
    I'm out but just barely and I hope to make the grade in 6 days.
    2891 days ago
    Darn. We are supposed to LOSE, not GAIN, a pound every 6 days? I should have read the rules more carefully.

    I missed the day 6 weigh-in because of travel so here's my report.

    Starting weight - 168
    Day 12 - 170

    Looks like I'm going to have to work double time to catch up.

    E - Each day is a challenge - take it on
    I - Invest in your healthy future - you're worth it
    G - Give it all you've got
    H - Habits can be good too
    T - Time to stop talking and act
    2891 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/30/2012 11:00:12 PM
    SW (11/17) 246.4
    W1 (11/23) 241.8
    W2 (11/29) 240.8

    Yikes! emoticon Just made it!
    2891 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/30/2012 6:26:26 PM
    Okay, week two

    E - Ever so slowly making my mom accept that I will go to exercise somehow EVERYDAY

    I - I hurt all over after working with my personal trainer

    G- Got to do laundry, so I don't smell so much at the gym

    H- Hunger is not my friend

    T- Too many things to do, but I think I need to do something for me first!

    Weigh in: 200

    Game on, as my daughter says.
    2891 days ago
    I didn't join your challenge, but prior to reading about it a few weeks ago, I was thinking of not keeping my spark burning for the month of December. I was feeling kind of blaise because I have been on a plateau for so long. But after a week of that during the Thanksgiving period, I put ON weight! ARGH!!! I decided that while I'm not in your challenge, I could still embrace your action plan and push the water, track carefully, get exercise, eat lean. Thanks for the inspiration to NOT give up even for a few weeks. Giving up is the worst thing to do. Who knows if I really gave up if I could even restart again?
    2891 days ago
    Gee see what not having a computer does. I didn't get to play the first couple weeks. I weighed myself this morning for the end of a challenge on a team. 136.4 down one ounce. I think my body went into starvation mode because I was sick for 4 days and didn't eat anything. I haven't exercised for a week intensely. I feel like crap.
    2891 days ago
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