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I weigh myself every day and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with me

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Although I’m in maintenance for almost 3 years, I’m very glad that I don’t have an “official weight day” every week or month because a few days ago after 2 months of exceptionally stable (within tenths) weight, I gained 2 pounds overnight. Because I do weigh daily, I knew that this was a fluke fluctuation. For each of us the amount of fluctuation varies by person and will be affected by one’s existing body weight. For me 2 lbs is just a bit less than 10% of my weight loss. I knew I didn’t regain 10% of my weight loss in one day. If it had been a month or more since I last got on the scale, it might have been a possibility.

If I hadn’t monitored each day, I might think I gained back 10% of my hard fought loss in spite of doing everything right. That WOULD be distressing to me. Daily fluctuation – no big deal! An upward trend? Yes, that’s a big deal that I want to turn around before it becomes more difficult. If it is a trend, I would have reason to reevaluate. Perhaps I’m not being honest about something?

Personally I think that avoiding the scale CAN become as obsessive as overusing it. However, if 66% of Americans are overweight or worse, how many of us are overusing it in the manner for which it was intended?

I’m sure that some people are too thin or “skinny-fat” but they are an ever-shrinking minority. Looking around I sure don’t see many. I would think it would also be easier for them to eat more and get fit than it is the other way around. If they actually have an eating disorder, that’s a different matter entirely, requiring serious intervention.

I also know that some people naturally can carry more weight in a healthy, successful manner than others. In the end we all make our own decisions and try to avoid judging others. We all define for ourselves what the right weight and “being healthy” means for us. Quibbling about the best method of measurement obscures the problem. We each choose the means to achieve our goals which very likely differs from that chosen by other people. We often hear that “a number on the scale doesn’t define me.” Of course it doesn’t. Neither does a specific percent of body fat or some bust, waist, hip measurement or dress size.

I’m more than a number on a scale – absolutely true. However, our collective numbers on our collective scales are continuously increasing and as a society, this is something that should concern us.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    What a thoughtful and well written blog. Ill chime in a day I'm another daily weigher. Keeps me accountable and on track. For me it does tr opposite of getting upset about the number. It helps me see patterns. I record the number and compare week to week not day to day.
    Thanks for putting this out to spark!
    2581 days ago
    I agree with you 100%. I think the number on the scale is a valid measurement of progress, as are lots of other methods like body fat %, how your clothes fit, medical results, etc. For me personally, if I'm avoiding the scale, it's usually because I'm not facing weight gain and that's a problem. After all, I didn't get to 260 pounds by facing reality! Near-daily weigh-ins keep me honest and focused on where I want to be. They've also been an eye-opener for me in terms of coming to understand that a big meal here and there isn't going to undo all of my progress. The weight always goes back down within a few days if I'm otherwise on track.
    2581 days ago
    I weigh myself daily also. It keeps me focused.

    Great blog., emoticon
    2583 days ago
    Very good! Your determination will make you one of the 5% that keep the weight off. Good show!
    2583 days ago
  • DEBBY4576
    In the end we all make our own decisions and try to avoid judging others. I so agree. Also agree that weighing daily can not be a bad thing, and for the very same reason. If I weigh once a week and that's the day I gain the 2 lbs, I'd think I really gained 2 lbs. So there's another thing we agree on.
    2583 days ago
  • ELAYNE39
    I agree that for some people weighing daily works. But there are some of us that daily weighing is not the best course. Bottom line is only you know what works for you. When losing or maintaining weight, what works for one person, may not work for another. There is nothing wrong with any of us. We just need to find what works in our situation. I think its great you shared this. It lets others know that weighing daily can work if you put the results in the right perspective. You have a lot of great company that also believe in daily weighing.
    2583 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/9/2012 9:30:44 AM
  • no profile photo SHAYLAGETFIT
    Great blog!

    I am a weekly weigher typically. there are some days though, especially after a horrendous weekend of alcohol or too much restaurant food that I will weigh more than my official day. I don't usually weigh more than 3 times a week though. I do this because the number is not what bothers me so much as how I feel about myself. I know I have to lose some weight to stay healthy but I aim for other goals such as finishing a 5K and how certain clothes fit.

    good luck! and thanks for sharing more thoughfulness!
    2583 days ago
    Love this post. You make a strong, common sense case for the reasons you weigh yourself everyday. "Quibbling about the best method of measurement obscures the problem" might just be my favorite sentence. I also love what you said about being more than a number on the scale or measuring tape or BMI or clothing size or any other instrument of measurement. As you say, this is all very true. Those numbers do not define us. Nor are they indicators of our worth as human beings. Once we separate our human value from the numbers, we can get down to the business of facing the facts those numbers tell us about our bodies. I weigh daily because for 3 reasons: I want to be aware of the fluctuations; doing so helps me set my intention for the day to mind my portions; and to practice separating my identity from the number on the scale.
    2583 days ago
  • LEB0401
    I weigh daily.. sometimes several times a day. But Saturday mornings are my "official" weigh-ins that I plug into SP. The minute I wake up I undress and weigh in with the Body Fat % and Water % option on. This way my weight charts are affected by as little external factors as possible.
    2583 days ago
    Great blog! That's exactly how I got into trouble over the past year--switching over to a weekly weigh-in that didn't tell me in strong enough terms that I was on an upward trend! Now I'm weighing daily and will never stop. (Well, actually, I'm weighing three times in a row, but never mind! emoticon )
    2583 days ago
  • HFAYE81
    If you go off track, it's much easier to see the results and get BACK on track with those numbers staring you in the face. I wonder if your 2 pounds were the result of water retention? I only weigh every week or so, but that's because I don't have a scale at home. It's going on the Christmas list emoticon
    2583 days ago
    The tools we use are most helpful when they lead to self awareness. That works differently for everyone. I appreciate you sharing what works for you and, more importantly, why it works and that you share it in a supportive and positive manner.

    I am a daily weigher also and when I eventually transition to maintenance, I see myself continuing that. It works for me! One thing I am surprised about is that you can go so long with only +/- tenths of pounds. On any given day I can go up or down 2-3 pounds with a range between my weekly high and weekly low of 5+ pounds! I think you are right though, if you have the awareness to know the difference between fluctuation and actual gain, then you don't sweat the small stuff!
    2583 days ago
  • SUSIEQ911
    I weigh in almost every day. I've been in maintenance since mid-July and ended up settling at a lower weight than my actual goal. I like where I am and it's not hard to stay there (right now, holidays will be a challenge).

    I'm weighing now mostly to make sure I'm staying hydrated when I run in the AM. I read that you should weigh the same or +/- 1 to 2 lbs if you're drinking enough when you workout. So I weigh before I run and after so I know.

    I also can't lose anymore. My dr. told me this is it. No lower. I don't want the wrath of Dr M. when I have my next appt in January. She's a great dr.

    I think weighing in every day is bad when people get upset over it and don't see that weight fluctuates all day long every day. Somedays I'm up 2 lbs from the day before depending on my diet. I know most is water retention from a high sodium day. It pains me when I read how upset some people get and I just want to shake them and tell them to snap out of it. emoticon
    2584 days ago
  • NEWMOM20121
    I weigh myself daily. Every morning first thing before I do anything else. I helps keep me on track and focused.
    I am not at my goal weigh, however I know that I will have to continue to watch my weigh if I intend to keep the weigh off.

    Great blog.
    2584 days ago
    The research shows one of the things that most successful maintainers do is weigh daily (so absolutely nothing wrong with most of us lol). For me, it is good to learn to not obsess about the number - mine has flunctuated 2-4 lbs. However it is a good tool - it is teaching me that my body does want at least 1200 calories a day - and that when I give that amount to it, it quits trying to hold onto the weight. If I was only weighing monthly, depending on that day's flunctuation, I might have concluded that amount of calories was causing me to gain weight.
    2584 days ago
    I too am a daily weigher. For me it just makes sense. If I weigh under the same conditions and time I have very reliable day to day weights. Although occasionally I will have a up tick especially after eating out. Usually if I have a down tick it actually is weight loss. emoticon on getting to maintenance!
    2584 days ago
    Love your blogs!
    Thank you for sharing them with us! emoticon emoticon
    2584 days ago
    I was an hourly weigher when I was fat, went to once a week while losing, and have weighed daily ever since. The weight has stayed off. It's the only way to make sure I always remember that maintenance is something to DO every day, not a destination that is automatically forever, like graduation.
    2584 days ago
    I weigh myself daily also. I've been seeing my Dr. reg. after having surgery and I've heard a few women complain when asked to step on the scale to be weighed before going in for their appt. Denial! That used to be me! then reality hit and I got on that scale and I've been on it daily ever since. Mine also fluctuates and I'm ok with that unless it's too much and it doesn't come off right away. Then I have to re adjust what I'm doing to get those lbs off. Much rather take off 5 than 10 or more.
    2584 days ago
    As usual, great blog!
    2584 days ago
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