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Does anybody else find this rediculous?!

Saturday, November 03, 2012

So, I have had asthma since 1st grade (I'm 24). After I turned 18 and was no longer on my parents insurance I was paying $20 per albuterol inhaler and the doctor would write me up for about a years worth of refills. Now the cheapest is $55 dollars and the inhalers don't even work as well or give me as many doses. The cheapest ones last me about a month but clog all the time so I better hope there is a sink with warm water near by if my asthma starts to act up. The more expensive ones $60+ will last about two months but don't clog as much. My biggest issue though is that the doctors will only write me up for 1 refill. So since I travel year round for work, when my inhaler runs out I have to pay anywhere from $300-$1000 for an emergency room visit just to get a prescription wrote out and then have to do it all over again in two months! I understand they supposedly have a problem with children abusing inhalers and trying to get high off them but I am 24 and have been on this medicine almost my whole life! I think it is so rediculous I have to pay so much so often! I know the doctors can't do much about the cost of the visit or the price of the inhalers but they could have a wee bit of compassion for people who can't afford to keep coming back and just give me at least a few more refills! I am so frustrated with this situation!
The reason I am so aggravated about this matter this morning is because my inhaler just ran out before I could even go on my run this morning! So now my cardio will have to wait till I can get to the doctor and I just DO NOT feel like forking over that kind of money right now. Especially when it's something so simple. ALL I need is a refill for a medicine I have taken almost MY WHOLE LIFE. My head might just explode if the doctor hands me another prescription with 1 losey refill on it! I would also love to have a word with these pharmaceutical companies that think it is totally ethical to more then double the price of something and make it about a third of the original quality. I really don't know how these pharmaceutical companies sleep at night. The more crucial a medicine is the more rediculous the prices get because they know people HAVE to have it so they'll HAVE to pay it... I really feel for truly sick people out there on top of having cancer, diabetes, aids ect, they have to stress about not going bankrupt just to go on living. Then there's the people that can't afford their meds what so ever and just suffer.. Something needs to CHANGE!
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    That really is awful. I would suggest that you have a long talk with your doctor and explain the situation. I truly don't understand the reasoning behind that unless there is a specific law/rule that prohibits them from writing more refills.
    I would find out everything you can.
    Also, there are a lot of drug companies that will work directly with patients that have financial issues...
    It might take some legwork and research on your part, but it would be worth it to find out more.

    2841 days ago
  • LJOYCE55
    Wow, I have no idea what to do about this situation. I know that sometimes doctors are legally limited in what he can prescribe, I wonder if this is the case here.
    2841 days ago
    Wow!! I am simply amazed by this ......... this is not only ridiculous as you say but LUDICROUS!!! ............... I would have a serious talk w/ your Doctor at once, and be frank! ............... This leaves the patient and consumer at a terrible disadvantage while "others" are profiting BIT TIME!!! ......... Your health and finances are suffering cos of it ................ You could even print our your blog, take it to Doctor or send and ask, "What can you do about this deplorable situation?" ................. and for the dumb think to clog and NOT work puts your health at risk!! .............. (I would love to hear thte outcome if yu let me know, ok) ................. (on my page) ............. Get in their face though or nothing will change .............. and Doctor and the pharm. company simply CAN NOT play God if you will speak up and don't back off!! ................. emoticon
    2841 days ago
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