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I'm a Marathoner - Thank you Marine Corps!

Monday, October 29, 2012

The Marine Corps Marathon is OUTSTANDING! Even Hurricane Sandy is afraid of the Marines as she stayed away long enough for the Marathon to go on.

My family and I made it to the hotel around 7 Sat. evening. Got settled in and relaxed. I don’t think I ever really slept. I was too nervous and excited all at the same time. Morning came way too soon but we got up and got to the shuttle. Luckily we were ahead of the majority of the crowd and only waited in line about 10 minutes. As always the Marines were on top of everything and it was running smoothly.

Got to the runners village and made a pit stop before heading to the starting corrals. I wanted to finish around the 5 hour mark so that is where I lined up. I knew some friends were going to be at the race but had no plans of meeting up with anyone and then I hear my name. I look and there is Janis – my old co-worker that I ran into at the Frederick HM in May! Neither of us could believe it. We decided to run together as we have a very similar pace. It worked well. We encouraged each other along the way. But back to the start……

As I am standing there talking with my family and Janis and her family I see a group of about 5 women and their shirts have Nebraska on them. So I said – Woohoo Nebraska! And then I proceed to tell them I am born and raised Nebraska and just completed the Omaha HM last month. Well, one of the ladies says – where did you grow up? I said I was born in Lincoln and grew up in Ogallala. At this point I am thinking she looks really familiar but who on earth would I know here? She talks with her friends a minute and turns back around and says - what is your last name? So I tell her my maiden name and she starts to cry. At that point I see her name on her hat and am in complete shock. It is my cousin! I haven’t seen her in 25 years! It was so AMAZING!

Back to the race……it took about 10 min to cross the starting line and the first few miles were really slow. The first half of the marathon flew by for me. I was feeling good and thinking this is awesome. Then mile 16.5 hit – I got a cramp in my right calf. We got Gatorade and walked a bit to stretch it out. At 22 I got a right quad cramp so did the same. At that point I just wanted this day to be over with. I was tired.

The weather all in all was perfect. A few big gusts of winds and only a few sprinkles at the beginning – so much better than what was expected.

The crowd support is fantastic! Plenty of water, Gatorade, etc throughout the course.
Saw the finish line and had to pick it up a bit…..it was time to finish this adventure. I knew that I wouldn’t get under 5 but I was ok with that. 5:12:42 unofficial time.

Although I highly recommend this marathon I don’t think I will do another. I enjoy the HM distance much more…..but then I never say never……

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