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Positive Visualization

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

I was going to spend this post complaining about my personal trainer, but I just vented to DH (who has the same PT) and got it out of my system. While not exactly defending PT, DH was able to give me another perspective, and point out to me that what I was complaining about was probably only a one-time thing. "You can't extrapolate from a single data point," was what DH said, and that's a reminder that I needed to hear, because it's something I am guilty of doing quite often.

So instead I thought I would practice some positive visualization, reflecting on how far I've come already (between 1/4 and 1/3 of my weight loss journey) and what it will be like to reach my destination.


May 2012: Am I a 1X or 2X in this style?

Today: Am I a L or XL in this style?

Summer 2013: Am I a S or M in this style?


May 2012: Maybe I should join a gym. I just can't see myself using it, though.

Today: Ugh! I hate being sick. I couldn't go to the gym and I miss it so much!

Summer 2013: I bet I could do that Zumba class now! I think I'll give it a try!


January 2012: I better get flat heels, or I'll never be able to walk in them. Ankle boots (or up to mid-calf) only, or I'll never be able to get them on.

Today: Show me what you have in shoes or ankle boots up to a 2" heel (1.5" is better). No spikes, though, please.

September 2013: Show me what you have in anything up to a 3" heel, the sexier the better.


Before: Seriously? That's a lot of walking. You guys go. I'll sit this one out.

Today: Oh, we have to park back here? That's okay, we can walk.

2013/2014: You want to climb Diamond Head today and see the view of Waikiki Beach? Let's go!


2009: Run? What do you mean run? I can barely walk! I know I'm only 44 but I need to use a cane. I have severe osteoarthritis in my left hip.

Today: Well, when the music gets going I usually crank the treadmill up to 3.7-3.8 mph, but I absolutely will not run weighing 175 pounds. The plastic cushion for my metal hip has to last me another 40 years (if I'm lucky) and I do not want to wear it away by subjecting it to those kind of forces.

Summer 2013: Yes, once I got below 150 pounds I started running. I really like it.

[Not sure about the future running. It's probably true that I will like running. People who take it up usually do. Same as going to the gym, you might not think you will like it, but it ends up that you do.]

At the moment I can't think of any other situations to visualize. Maybe taking up fencing or archery, two sports I would love to try.

UPDATE: Hahaha! Now when I come back to read this entry, the ads are all for shoes and boots. Well, I suppose I asked for that.
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    WOW, thank you so much, I never though of visualizing my goals in this way , its awsome, i"m writng mine down as I read your blog. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3119 days ago
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