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September - A reflection...

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

At this time I'm at 171 lbs, 5'9", 52 yrs old.
The photo above was taken at my son's wedding with my husband Will in August 2012.
I found that I've been taking the wrong Calcium, so have recently changed from Viactiv Calcium plus D to Citracal Calcium Citrate +D3. Who knew that I shouldn't have been taking the Concentrated form, because I wasn't processing the D correctly and it caused me to have Low Calicum and cramping. :/ By adjusting it, I'm having less cramps thankfully.

I now fit into a size 12 comfortably as I wanted to. I did get down to 164 lb but found at my age, that the weight wasn't leaving in the right sections on me and caused me to look more anorexic than healthy. So I'm finally at peace at 170.

I will say though I've had my ups and downs still worrying about weight gain. I start to panic when I get to 175 (usually happens if I don't take my water pill for the swelling in my lower legs).

Since my beginning of this journey, I have raised in a promotion at work to Senior Beauty Advisor at Walgreens.

My husband Will and I have celebrated 18 yrs married and 20 yrs together at the end of August 2012 as well.

I am still learning what I can and cannot eat. What I am sensitive, and what works for me.

The best thing I can tell you all is, never give up hope. Always draw strength in those around you who only wish the best for you. Find creative outlets. Change up your day if you need to so you don't find yourself bored. Take time to rest as well, and don't keep idle for too long.

Most importanly. Do NOT lose the person you are inside. We are all unique, wonderful in our own skin inside and out. We are both teachers and students. Never forget your awesomeness.

If you're on facebook, you can even look me up and add me. I'm up to 4600+ friends now where I continue to spread a bit of SPARK and SPARKLE, as well as much laughter as possible when time allows.

Just look for jeanhowmi at yahoo.com

Have a great day and KEEP SMILING!

I believe in you... HUGS Jean
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