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Monday, August 20, 2012

Fighting this weekend was, in a word, awesome. I did not stop smiling. I was smiling so much my trainer told me I wasn't allowed to smile anymore. Which of course didn't stop me.

Before you ask:

1. I lasted 1 round - the doctor stopped the fight, since I was knocked out at the very end, and a little unstable and out of it. I still wanted to keep going, but apparently they don't take you seriously when you've been hit in the head and you have that stupid "what happened" look on your face and standing without stumbling is difficult...

2. I can't fight again for 45 days under fight doctor's orders.

3. I was aggressive, put up a good fight, and got caught the way my trainer worried I would - not protecting my head. He was still proud of me, thought I was pretty impressive in the fight. All's good.

4. I had 4 slices of pizza piled with meat. They were the regular size slices, not those giant foldable head-size ones. It was worth it.

5. I weighed in at 140 lbs. Yes, that's 10 lbs dropped in less than 2 weeks.

6. I'm back up to around 145 or 147, depending on the scale.

7. I can't actually binge as much as I could before this last cut. I just don't enjoy the heavy food enough to overeat, even in celebration mode. I craved some Wing Stop hot wings, and had 3. Over the span of 2 hours. I wanted a steak, and had 4 ounces, and it was enough. I'd had CPK pasta yesterday post-weigh-in, and managed only half the pasta (though all the meat and veggies in it were devoured. My celebratory drink was half a grande mocha cookie crumble from starbucks, and that was too much. The rest of the day yesterday and probably today, the most I can handle is unsweetened green tea. I'd even intended to get a diet coke at the machine, but chose water instead. However, I still have to watch my tendency to binge on even healthy food.

8. I feel like a huge weight is off my shoulders now that I've had the first fight. I went in the way I wanted - no fear.

9. Slipknot's Spit It Out is officially my walkout song.

There is video, but I haven't been able to put it up yet. So, as soon as I get my hands on it, I'll link it here. I just watched the video, and I can't see when I was knocked out. Both times I got knocked down, I stood right back up. So what if I was a little wobbly.
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