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Challenge Results - Day 3

Thursday, August 09, 2012

I did well yesterday. I failed to blog so below are my results. I am adding in another goal for the month. It is to complete 100 negative pull ups. I was discussing my pull up challenge on my FB page and it was mentioned that negative pull ups can help me get stronger and are good for training and therefore I am adding them in my program. I did 3 yesterday and found them to be quiet a challenge. Here is an example for those wondering what exactly these are.


Today will be an easy 4 miles on the tread and a quick ST circuit. There are only 5 exercises and you complete the circuit 5 times! Great fun and fast....

Circuit ST goal for today.......yet to be completed :) Will post results later today. Wish me luck.

1. Assisted Pull ups - 5 reps
2. Negative Pull ups - 2 reps
3. Kettle bell swings - 50 reps with a 25 lb KB
4. Push ups - 20 reps ( diamond, spiderman and close grip on the bosu ball)
5. Cross body mountain climbers - 50 reps

Challenge totals so far.......

Miles - 12.29/100
Pull ups Assisted - 48/500
Negative pull ups - 3/100
Push ups - 275/2,000

8/8 Fitness results - 5.26 mile trail walk with the stroller and hills - 1:22. 15:35 AP
Pull ups - 3 negative

Nutrition results -

M1 - Kefir with apple and milled flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds and walnuts
M2 - Rice cake with natural PB
M3 - Spinach and salmon salad
M4 - Protein shake with grilled turkey breast with ratatouille
M5 - More of the kefir mix from this morning

Weekly schedule -

Monday - Easy walk - DONE!
Tuesday - 5 mile run and ST - DONE!
Wednesday - Walk with hills - DONE!
Thursday - 4 mile run and ST
Friday - REST
Saturday - 12 mile run
Sunday - ST only
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