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Losing my spark and don't know where to find it.....

Friday, July 27, 2012

I am not sure what has happened but I just can't find my spark.

I believe the beginning of the slippery slope down was vacation....only 2 runs and too much food. I did well while finishing out BLC 19 and lost some of the 3.6 lbs I put on during vacation. But, since BLC 19 has ended 9 days ago, I have not stepped on the scale. My eating has not been great either. And, my workouts....pretty much non-existent. I have gotten my runs in but other than that it has been hit or miss.
I am not sure if it is because this week the routine was all out of whack with VBS or what. I feel exhausted - mentally and physically and if given the choice to sleep or work out I am choosing sleep. So not like me. It makes me sad. And maybe even a little angry.

I want my spark back!

My hope is to start on Sunday - I always start on a Sunday - back to the basics of clean eating. I am reviewing my Tosca Reno book now. Even though I know this stuff I think it will be good for me to read it again. I will also start back to my normal workouts and routine. Maybe just maybe by the end of the week my spark will return.
I miss it.
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    Hum, did we all lose our spark at the same time. Glad we have it back.
    2678 days ago
    VBS????!!!!! that can do it for anyone. God bless you for your efforts. You did double time!

    Congratulations, Feel encouraged... He is proud of you! emoticon emoticon
    2729 days ago
    We all feel this way from time to time. The key is to find that little spark and ignite the blaze again. We all need down time from time to time and maybe that is what your body needed at that moment. Just keep your eye on the goal and ignite that spark again into a blaze! emoticon emoticon
    2729 days ago
  • BET212
    Take the time you need to regroup and recharge. Do something special for yourself as I agree with other comments....your body may be telling you it needs some rest. Reviewing the basics can help as well as focusing on your goals and why you are doing what you do. emoticon

    Oh, I just read your feed...Yay! emoticon
    2730 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/31/2012 12:37:56 AM
    When is your birthday? I think it is something about the moon because I am right there with you this week. For the first time in a year and a half I am up to the max of my maintenance range! I did wonderful eating/tracking last week, but the weekend hit and I more than made up for 5 day of good eating with poor salt/fat laden snacks and no tracking. I've steadily gained over the past month and need to get under control.

    At least you have kept your runs going. It is hard to stay on track when other commitments take priority, but I know you can do it. You've got this! Any short term fitness goals? (I think that is what I'm lacking right now.) A bootcamp challenge perhaps?

    2730 days ago
    Consider this "break" an integral part of your training. Your body and mind probably needed it in order to rejuvenate before you can get back at it again. Rhonda, you have SOOOOO much going on right now, something's gotta give. I agree with a lot of the other comments saying you hit everything 150% and you are probably in need of the rest. But I also understand not wanting it to get out of control. Do what you can to start back up and I agree that keeping up your training for MCM and back to eating right are the most important to begin with.
    2731 days ago
    We all need a break now and then, physically and mentally. The hardest part is allowing ourselves that break and enjoying it for what it is. (Yes I'm speaking from experience.)It just might be your body, and mind, forcing you to do what you don't want it to, Rest.

    I'm pretty sure you haven't lost your Spark, it's just taking a 'lil nap :)
    2731 days ago
    don'y know why this posted twice so I am deleted one!
    2731 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/29/2012 8:19:38 PM
    We all know that it happens. Because you know that and wlll be getting back in your routine today, I am sure things will return. You have been on overload for awhile. So I am glad you took that break and will be checking in with us on Wednesday in a refreshed frame of mind.
    2731 days ago
    emoticon your spark will come back I'm sure of it you may just have needed this down time
    2731 days ago
    I am with alot of comments, sometimes we over-train, do to much and our body is saying we need rest/downtime. You are one of the strongest women I know Rhonda, emoticon I will be praying for you.

    2732 days ago
    I sounds like you needed just a bit of downtime. You're superwoman... even super heroes need a day off. Now, recharge and rejoin me on the scale this Wednesday! (((HUGS)))
    2732 days ago
    Good luck on getting your spark back. You've taken a first step in that direction by confessing you've lost it! You will succeed.
    2732 days ago
  • GMWSR15110
    Very common symptoms of people that work hard at everything they do. Sometimes lack of spark is from over-training. You always go 150% at everything you do. Maybe the easing up on everything for a little bit will allow you to get the spark back. It will come any day now.

    It is just a cycle. Focus on your goals, are they still your goals? If not change them and go after whatever it is. If your goals are still the same then revisiting them should help.
    2732 days ago
    Get your "spark" here.......FRESH START......starting NOW. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2732 days ago
    It must have been in the weather this week, I had the blahs and so did a couple of friends. Either the afternoon showers brought it or will wash it away, but Saturday or Sunday has got to start better. Besides your spark will come back its probably hiding it the corner of your closet you just need to open the door and let it out! Have a great finish for today and start fresh in the morning.
    emoticon emoticon
    2733 days ago
    My get up and go has left me to, but I'm not going to stress too much about it. The nation is going through a terrible heat wave this summer and it's just too hard to get motivated about anything except staying cool and not having a heat stroke. The spark will come back.....sometimes we just need a little break from it.

    2733 days ago
    Is it possible that you need a break from training and working out? Maybe you're a bit burned out, or overtired? My sister, who is a very experienced and fast endurance runner, takes a break about every 5-6 weeks in her training schedule. In her break weeks, she cuts back to very light workouts, and tries to make them fun. For example, she'll ride her bike 5 miles to town and go shopping and for coffee with a friend. Or she'll go ice skating (in the winter) or for a fun swim in the summer. If her normal workout week has 3 ST workouts and 4-5 tough cardio workouts her 'break week' might have a 30 minute easy run (somewhere interesting), a short bike ride or a walk in the park, and a fun sport. Instead of ST, she might try out a new yoga or pilates video (an easy one but different from her usual routine).

    During that week, she tries to pay attention to eating healthy, whole foods. (By contrast, in her hard training weeks she sometimes she feels like all she's eating is Gu and "sports food".)

    That break week seems to give her an energy boost and a reset on her diet. Deliberately refraining from hard workouts (instead of just not doing them because she doesn't feel like it) somehow re-motivates her, because all of a sudden there's something she "can't" have.

    The following week, she usually finds herself to be more motivated and stronger than ever.
    2733 days ago
    Don't wait til Sunday! Find a couple small things you can start doing right today! Get your water in, eat more veggies, whatever. Just start a small trend to start reclaiming your good habits.
    2733 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/29/2012 5:14:15 PM
    All I can say is, you can get back on track. Don't give up. Remember who you are, and you'll get your spark back. I'm there for you to get you out of the downward spiral and back on your feet. emoticon
    2733 days ago
    Wow, I read through some of your blogs. You run, your a mom, you have a spiritual depth, you have so many part of you that I admire so much.

    Maybe this is a pause so that you can re-read your own past in your blogs and remember how amazing you are. I'm starting to dig in and have a long way to go. Trust me your spark hasn't left you in is just hovering around waiting for you to grab it again.

    I'm hardly one to tell you what to do, but maybe its time to throw some crazy new exercise into your days - sign up for a dance class, or one of those trampoline gyms. I don't know, but I just get the feeling that doing something radically different than your norm, might remind you how much you love your routine.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2733 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/27/2012 2:48:43 PM
    I suspect once you start, it will snowball.

    2733 days ago
    I need my spark too. Let's do it together!
    2733 days ago
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