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Sustainable healthy living?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

So a few years ago I lost around 40 lbs in 6ish months..then I turned 21 and gained it all back SO recently I've been on the quest for SUSTAINABLE healthy living. When I was losing weight I was doing things that were too extreme for me personally to sustain for the rest of my life (exercising 2+ hours/day, no alcohol, super super healthy eating). It worked but I didn't know how to do that middle ground thing so it all went away.

So here's the plan so far....I'll try to add more along the way

1. daily arm exercises - I got a dumbell so I can do these easily every day which watching TV, waiting for food to cook, etc. Time: 5 min (max)/daily. I've been doing these fairly consistently for about a month and a half AND have been seeing results

2. daily ab/core exercises - I recently added these (2 days ago). Time: 5-10 min

for both of the above I have a nice colorful chart that I fill up with smiley faces for each day that I do the exercises. It's taped to the back of my bedroom door because for me it's DEFINITELY out of sight, out of mind.

3. daily weigh in - I stopped this when my last scale broke...bought a new scale and it came yesterday! just need to set it up Time: 2 min to weight and record

4. Make my lunch a few days per week - I did this last week and it was cheap, yummy, possibly lower calorie than what I get elsewhere. It might be a few more calories than my favorite salad at zpizza..but that place is sooooooo expensive that I often opt out for mcdonalds...oops. I figured out that croissant sandwiches are a lot more exciting for me than regular sandwiches SO even though they're more caloreis..I'll stick to those for now. Maybe I will buy some wheat bread and throw those in one day a week to start. And hey it seems that I like tomatoes now :) Time: 15 min per day (making lunch), 1 hr per week (grocery shopping). I should figure out how to make grocery shopping once every two weeks suffice. Seems easy.

5. Exercise 3-4 days per week. Work/training/GMATstudying/tra
ffic/social life...just can't do 7 days per week. Being involved in a sport (dragonboat right now) has been great because I have guaranteed one day/week of intense exercise. But dragonboat ends in a week so I'm gonna have to find something after that :/ I have house class wednesday and that's always a workout so maybe that can become a weekly thing? I should go back to spin class as well..I really liked that class. Shooting for 1 super intense workout and 2-3 more chill workouts. Time: 2-3 hrs one day/week, 1.5 hours 2-3 days/week

6. Limit soda/alcohol - been cutting back on alcohol for a while...gotta cut back a little more on soda though :/ Time: 0 minutes

7. Go for less sugary coffee drinks. I started drinking coffee to cut back on soda/energy drinks and that has worked. Started with super sugary fraps, then moved to lattes, then iced coffee with whole milk, now I'm on iced coffee with 2%.
Time: 0 minutes

8. Fewer indulgent meals. I use to plan these meals so I could look forward to them and have incentive to eat healthy beforehand...should start planning these meals again. I think the next one should be this coming sunday night after my dragonboat race... Time: 15-30 minutes to cook at home

TOTAL (averaged) time per day: 2 hours.

If someone told me that if I sat in a room for two hours per day after work I'd be skinny for the rest of my life...I'd TOTALLY do it. Just needa schedule it. But QUESTION how to I keep finding time to sign onto SP? It's easy right now because my job is so slow but when it picks up it's hard to sign on a lot..I don't really go online much at my apartment anymore...I'll just put SP as a bookmark on my computer? We'll see !
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