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Saturday, July 21, 2012

I went kayaking for the first time this morning. ......I have a friend who loves the outdoors, is more comfortable in the woods than in a mall. She first introduced me to hiking a few years ago, and today she introduced me to kayaking. I always have a great adventure when with her, today was no different. We met, crafts loaded on her car, and traveled on to Memorial Lake, out near Indiantown Gap. I had never been to Memorial Lake, and was unprepared for the vastness or it. It was a cloudy, rainy day, but the weatherman kept saying the rain would end, and it did just as we arrived. We (she) unloaded the kayaks, and she had me sit in one to adjust the foot stops. At this point, I became a little unsure of things, while she kept convincing me that I would be fine. The water was calm, the day cool and cloudy, I guess a perfect introduction to the sport. It didn't take much to learn to maneuver the little craft, just basic rowing strokes and some common sense. My friend kept looking for turtles, I was happy seeing all the waterfowl; ducks, geese , even herons. One duck swam within 3 feet of me as I just sat there, still in the water. There were other crafts in the water, a pedalboat, some motor boats, other kayaks, even a kayak for two, plus there were fishermen, people with dogs on the shore as well as a family picnicking, feeding popcorn to a lone duck that ventured close . A flock of geese flew overhead, honking as they went. It was peaceful and serene on the lake, I think I could have sat there and napped, chin resting on my chest, but the scenery was spectacular. Even with the clouds, the trees were mirrored on the lake, and when we had made a full circle, I saw canoes in assorted colors lining the shore and reflecting in the water. We were on the lake close to 3 hours. I would have loved more, but my arms were starting to ache, and I had other plans later in the day. Getting out of the kayak was not the easiest thing I have ever done, and we giggled like a pair of schoolgirls.........I felt like Chevy Chase in 'Christmas Vacation' when the ladder flipped and he just did NOT know which way to go, but eventually we were both on dry land, and I helped her load the kayaks on her car. It was a wonderful experience, relaxing yet a nice workout, and I am looking forward to the next time I'm invited.
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