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My New Super Powers!

Saturday, July 07, 2012

It's been a few years since I started this journey. I haven't lost all the weight I want and I've had a few setbacks, but I am still much happier and healthier than I was several years ago. The goals I set for myself were to regain my health, youth and energy. I've done this! There's still work to be done, but I am very happy with the progress I've made. Loosing weight and getting fit was expected, but I did NOT expect my new Super Powers!

My new Super Powers are skills I've gained that were literally inconceivable a few years ago. If I had told my earlier self what I can do, I wouldn't have believed it!

Super Power #1
I can go to a McDonald's, order a grilled chicken salad (WITHOUT dressing) and a bottle of water and EAT IT! And ENJOY IT! Unbelievable!

Super Power #2
I can get up at 8, spend the morning taking the kids to fencing and gymnastics, spend all afternoon running up and down 2 flights of stairs with laundry, and still have plenty of energy to make dinner and clean up afterwards! Amazing!

Super Power #3
I can tell you how many calories are in a piece of cake, cookie, bagel, etc. JUST BY LOOKING AT IT!

Super Power #4
I can choose to fit in a Coke, cookie or treat into my daily diet and make correct allowances for it WITHOUT GAINING AN OUNCE!

Super Power #5
I can decide that I DON'T WANT cookies, cakes, sandwiches, junk food, treats, candy & even chocolate and MEAN IT! Can you believe it?

Super Power #6
I can carry my 30 lb toddler on one hip and two bags of groceries with the other arm without a strain!

Super Power #7
I can eat about HALF the volume of food that I used to and be FULL and feel SATISFIED! Wow!

Along with my Super Powers I also got Super Clothes & Jewelry! My Super Clothes look pretty much like ordinary clothes, except that they are shapelier, more attractive and in a much smaller size. My super clothes also have the power to make me feel attractive, capable & comfortable all day!

I even have a Super Ring with Super Powers! My Super Ring looks almost identical to my old wedding ring, but I know it's really a Super Ring because it is larger than my old ring and is much looser on my finger! And, my super ring can tell me when my scale is LYING! When my super ring shrinks or feels tight, than I know that I am carrying water weight and that my scale is lying by 2-4 lbs. Within a day or two my super ring returns to it's correct (looser) size and I know that my scale is accurate again.

I do still struggle with my personal kryptonite, potato chips. They seem to rob me of all my new Super Powers. I can avoid this by avoiding my kryptonite. I avoid it in the store and seldom allow it into my house. Plus, I'm getting stronger! I've been able to occasionally have potato chips in the house for days at a time WITHOUT eating them! Someday I hope to overcome them completely.

It's been an amazing journey, and while I am not at the end of it, I remember that it IS a journey. There will always be another pound to loose, another bad habit to break, another fitness goal to reach and most importantly, more Super Powers to obtain!

So I have to ask, my friends, what are YOUR Super Powers
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