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Desperately Seeking Balance

Friday, June 29, 2012

I’m searching for balance. Not just a balanced diet or a balanced fitness program, but a balanced routine. I see it all in my mind as a naturally flowing energy . . . oh forget that. I just want to be able to get up in the morning and exercise and get on with my day without feeling chained to the treadmill and the computer. It’s just so easy to get sidetracked. I can spend hours visiting SP!

For the first seven weeks of what I've been calling my new SparkStyle, I've been obsessed. I fill out trackers. I read SparkBlogs and member blogs. I go to the SparkPoints page and do all the things I’m required to so that I can get lots of SparkPoints. I read articles. (Well those A-Z health articles always concern me because I can’t help neurotically thinking that I might have some of those things. And, as my grandson would say, some of them are just ewww.)

I spend so much time at the computer, lost in the SparkWorld that I forget to check the time. Oh, it’s ten o’clock in the morning and I haven’t eaten breakfast and I was going to walk. Or it’s seven o’clock in the evening and I haven’t even started dinner. Well, at least I know what I’m going to eat. And suddenly I find the days just slipping away from me.

How I hate to admit this because I am/used to be a very organized person, but I can’t manage my time well anymore. I've lost my balance. Who needs balance when it would be much more fun to take the day and read all I can find at SparkPeople? Well, that just doesn't work anymore. It may be fun, but it’s not smart. I’m not saying I can’t read. I’m just saying I've got to move more.

The thing is, I’m not sure it matters how much time you have or how little. I think finding a balance is hard to do. I thought that by week seven I’d have found that. Logically, I would like to exercise in the morning. And every morning it’s my intention, honestly. Except, I’m finding myself walking on the treadmill and doing strength training at 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon. That means I've been sitting around in my exercise clothes all day! Of course, that’s better than my pajamas. I decided to get out of bed in the morning and immediately put on my exercise clothes, thinking that this would help steer me in the right direction. Ha! I could say I have a good excuse for not exercising in the morning. I suffer from insomnia and three hours of sleep are not conducive to walking in the morning, but really that’s just an excuse. I've been sleeping better and when I eat dinner at an earlier time I don’t have as much trouble sleeping. There’s that balance thing again.

I’m going to have to set some goals. Make a conscious effort to watch the clock so I know when it’s time to fix the next meal. Exercise first thing in the morning unless there is a VALID reason not to, i.e. a doctor’s appointment or space aliens are holding my treadmill hostage.

When I started SP I decided that I was not going to battle myself on eating right or exercising. I was just going to do it. Balancing time has become my battle. Of all the things I thought I’d have problems with, this never even entered my mind!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Set your goals, find your motivation! Motivation is key to what keeps us exercising! I know, sounds easy, but it isn't! I have lost my way a time or two over these past twenty years. But you have to keep trying until you find what fits! I am praying for you to find what motivates you. :)
    3206 days ago
    Spark is addictive, isn't it? I faced the same problem towards the beginning. I'm still here daily, but not for nearly as long, and only because other things in life have gotten busier. It's just incredible to find so many passionate and motivating people, it's hard to turn away from it.

    Still though, be proud of yourself because it is still a step forward. We need to exercise our minds too, and you are gaining a lot of knowledge through spark right now. But you are absolutely right. Balance. There's no reason why we can't grow in several capacities at the same time.
    3206 days ago
    You hit the nail on the head, Linda! BALANCE! Here's a rule I've set for myself: I'm not allowed to go on SparkPeople (or facebook) until I've done my morning walk. I have two, and only two, exceptions: 1) On Thursday it is my rest-day, so I don't have to walk in the morning; and 2) I'm enrolled in the SparkPeople 5k Your Way. There are three specific walks per week until the end of July. I am allowed to log on *only* to look at the day's walk length or time, before I walk.
    3206 days ago
    I have had that same issue. I can spend my whole day online at SP. I have decided that I need to look at my day as my job or my business. I am making a daily schedule to follow so that I get things done and schedule my SparkTime in that schedule because I need the motivation.

    3206 days ago
    I think balance in the way we live and think will automatically follow through to our life style.
    3207 days ago
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