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Pregnancy Update - Final Countdown

Friday, June 29, 2012

I've barely been on Sparkpeople at all over the past ?? months. It's hard to watch my body put on weight after working so hard to lose it, but it's for a good cause. In another months (give or take) I'll have a fat little baby boy and I'll get to reclaim my body. For the most part. I'm planning to be a milk machine, so in that sense my body won't be entirely my own, but at least I'll be able to get back to exercising and pushing myself to my limits.

Exercise lately has been walking to and from my car, which I've undoubtably parked as close as possible to my destination, and swimming. I've had a lot of hip pain so walking for exercise is ruled out. Skating is obviously ruled out. Running is but a long forgotten memory. So I just swim a couple of times a week.

I saw a picture of me from the backside today and ugh...

I will not update my tracker until this baby comes out so I know what I'm really working with. The good news is that I do know how to lose and I'm motivated to start moving again. I'm going to have to re-learn how to eat, and how to make sure I'm eating enough to breastfeed as well. I'm told that breastfeeding helps with weight-loss (500-750 calories a day!), but I also know that plenty of women struggle with baby weight after their babies are born so I don't have any illusion that this weight will fall off.

On the positive: My pregnancy has been super smooth from a health perspective. Nothing unusual, no big scares, measuring right on track...I'm really grateful for that and have learned to trust my body to do things that I didn't even know I could do. Who knew I could build a skeleton, a brain, 10 perfect little toes? I mean I know that's what women's bodies do, I'm just still surprised that my body knows how!

I'm due August 1st and have no clue whether to expect his arrival early or late. I expect to be back on Sparkpeople a few weeks later (depending on how things go) and will be ready to start tracking at least my fitness minutes to get things going again.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Congratulations on the baby, you being healthy is the most important thing for the baby. SP will always be here once you are well enough to start exercising again!!! Congrats again, start off slowly and I believe SP has a page for mothers who are expecting...
    2979 days ago
    Congratulations on your new son that will be arriving soon!
    3009 days ago
    Great to see you, Simone!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have been missed! Congrats that all has progressed well with your pregnancy! So happy for you and the Mister! Can't wait to see pix when the new little boy arrives and I am so glad you checked in~

    Don't be a stranger! We aren't just about weight loss ya know!

    Hope to see you again soon!
    3013 days ago
    Thanks for checking in! I had been wondering how you were doing. I'm so glad you are having a smooth pregnancy. :)
    3014 days ago
    I'm so glad to read that things are progressing well! Can't wait to hear more news!
    3014 days ago
    This is super terrific news. I'm so glad that you are healthy AND happy!!


    Be sure to post with pics and stats on the big day!
    3014 days ago
    how exciting!!!! best wishes for a healthy and speedy and low pain delivery and enjoy meeting that little man!
    3014 days ago
    Congratulations on your pending new arrival!
    3014 days ago
    3015 days ago
    SO excited for you!! Babies are so wonderful! CONGRATS!!! Just a quick thought - weigh yourself before you have him (say, right before you go to the hospital) and then when you get home. Do an "official" weigh in when he is a week old. I say that because you will have a lot of water retention that will take a few days to get rid of. I weighed the morning I went into the hospital with my daughter and then at one week old and I lost 26 pounds. Granted, 10 of that was her! When I came home though I was puffy like you wouldn't believe and it was all because of the IV fluids and the fact that I was laying down a lot of the time. Just a thought! :) I pray you have a safe delivery and a sweet healthy baby boy soon!! YAY!! :)

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3015 days ago
    How EXCITING!!!! Congrats. I didn't even know you were preggo until I saw this blog post...and here you are, almost DUE! You'll get back on track, no problem! How fun it will be for you to start running again, but this time around you'll be pushing a running stroller with your little man in it! Hope all goes well with the birth. What are you birthing plans? Hospital, drugs, natural.... ??
    3015 days ago
    You just take it easy! and yes, breastfeeding DOES help.....A LOT!! I can't wait to see pics :o)

    Just relax, take it easy, enjoy this last month of solitude because sweetie, you are about to hit a roller coaster ride!!

    keep me posted :o) You'll be back on those skates in NO time!!
    3015 days ago
    You won't believe this, but I was on your page yesterday looking for an update. A little boy, how fun! Everyone says a first pregnancy will go late, but mine didn't, so just be ready up to a week in advance and try to be patient if it doesn't happen right on time. Best wishes for a safe and comfortable delivery. Post pics!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3015 days ago
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