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I'm not eating over this

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I just got a call from a fellow club member who has been building a grievance list for and about me and she chose tonight to call and deliver it. She feels stupid and she thinks I treat her like she is. Duh! She has her faults, but one of them is not being stupid. Her chief drawback is that she is hyper-active and makes me nervous, so sometimes in the middle of a meeting I have to stop and ask her to please sit down (Because she is distracting me so badly); well maybe I don't always say Please! So I explained to her how busy I've been being the chairperson for our Chinese auction that is open to the public only two days from now, plus the loss of my mother where I had to travel upstate for her funeral, and a week later I injured my leg and had to go to the ER, with tons of insurance forms to fill out afterwards, plus all the forms from my fender bender accident on Christmas day. So why didn't I take the time to soothe her feelings, and pay special attention to her like I seem to do to the other ladies at our table???? And why am I giving so much credit to the ex-president of our organization WHOM SHE HATES, but who stepped in and did an amazing job for me when I couldn't get around because of my stitched-up leg?
So I stayed calm and because this woman was sent by the old devil himself, to try to upset me and cause gastric woes before bedtime, and cause me to overeat with a weigh-in looming tomorrow, I chose to let it all out on a Spark blog instead of shoving food down my throat. Not the first time a blog has saved me, and it won't be the last I'm sure. So, Spark friends, thank you for being there for me, wherever you are tonight. I appreciate you so much and it's so nice to have people to "talk to" that are removed from the problem, yet close enough to care. "So near and yet so far" is an old saying that comes to mind...I almost want to sing it!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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    emoticon You did great! But, don't give the devil that much credit! He doesn't deserve it! Just chalk it up to some people ..well, are just miserable, so they want everyone else to be. Don't let her or anyone else for that matter steal your joy! As I just recently mentioned in the Made to Crave - Chapter 12 bible study - "hurting people hurt others"...it's so much easier to feel for there pain and forget our own, when we recognize that fact.

    Bring your troubles to the Lord...and blog about them too...so your sisters in Christ can come to your aid. We will rally around you and pray for you. emoticon
    2998 days ago
    Better to blog than to eat for sure. Seems like you are going through a number of woes. You know Pattie there will always be someone out there trying to sabotage your efforts and make you the blame of their down side. I am proud that you chose to ignore the stress levels and let yourself vamp in here with us here to listen and side with you. Keep up the good work, and good luck with your Chinese Auction.


    2999 days ago
    I live alone so usually yell at the wall, but glad you could keep your hands busy typing the blog. It is amazing that some people are just so self-centered that all they can do is complain about others... At least if she was "yelling" at you, she wasn't yelling at others that don't deserve it... hahahahahaha! But really, keep smiling, these people aren't worth your negative energy! emoticon
    2999 days ago
    Good Going, Patty!! I am proud of you, as usual. You are doing very well on every aspect of your life. Keep it up and God Bless!
    2999 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10951153
    Wow! Sounds like she was sent by the devil for sure evil!!! I kie the way you decided to handle it instead of eating. I have found inspiration from this blog and you. Great Job!!! I will use the blog for talking with my spark friends about things that make me want to overeat.

    2999 days ago
  • no profile photo AMMCC1217
    I found your blog and am so thankful to have found it. A couple of weeks ago, I had just lost my first 5 pounds and was feeling so proud of myself. Then my ex-husband was emailing me and just being, well, him. I found myself at Burger King ordering a bacon double cheeseburger and onion rings. You know, I was so deflated and felt like such crap allowing him or anyone to get to me like that! I made an unhealthy choice on how to deal with stress.

    Now I know I have a place to go if I just need to "let it go" without doing something to hurt myself or impede me in my goals. I used to make up 1000 excuses as to why I would overeat or indulge in comfort foods, but none of them really add up. It came down to how I handled stress. Now I know that if I get really stressed out, I will walk really fast or I will clean my house... aggressively... whatever, just get rid of it constructively.

    Thanks so much for sharing and your blog is what caught my eye. Thank you for introducing me to a whole world of people who struggle like I do. You are right.... so near and yet so far.....
    2999 days ago
    Good for you..........blog it out and don't let her have any power over you and your food choices! Way to go!

    Hope tomorrow is a better day!

    2999 days ago
    Sounds like she's the type of person that would only be happy if she had that position and so she has to hate everybody that has it instead of her. You know misery loves company.
    2999 days ago
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