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More injuries, more frustration...NOT happy.....

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Do not really know where to start.....

Most of you are on my FB page so you probably know where this is going. I am still battling this crazy calf injury and it is turning to a far bigger problem than I imagined. I am receiving treatments from a PT and I am going in to have an ultrasound on Friday to see if I have any large tears.

I tried running and walking last night and I only made it .30 miles before it cramped up again leaving me limping home. We are worried and frustrated as my race is 38 days away. This is not just any race. It will be my first marathon, it is in Scotland and it is on my 35th birthday. I have been waiting for this and my heart hurts so bad as I do not know if I will be able to continue. I already had to cancel Rome this year and the thought of backing out of another marathon kills me.
The flights and hotels are still booked so nothing has been done yet to cancel. We are waiting to see what the ultrasound says and if I can get my run in this weekend. It is hard for me to think about right now....14 to 16 miles on Saturday and I could not even make it .30 last night????? How on earth???

Anyways, we are praying and hoping for the best. All I can do is rest and ice and wait. It is driving me crazy. Normally, I am a upbeat, happy, positive person but I feel so weighted down. I just keep telling myself IT IS JUST A RACE. Thank God I was not just diagnosed with cancer. Thank God my family is safe and healthy. I am trying to focus on these things....but it is hard.
I will report back on Friday how everything went.

I know several of you were concerned it was electrolytes but I was told it was not and it is truly a muscular injury due to overtraining on hills without proper recovery and stretching. Basically, it is my fault. A hard but important lesson to learn. I am taking magnesium, I eat so much fruit and veggies my electrolytes are more than ok, basically my diet is great. This was all from ME not listening to my body and basically being a stupid, stubborn runner who was so very excited to be running in a new country with a fantastic new hilly terrain and I took it too far........

The big question now is do I continue on and try to walk the marathon....crawl if I have to and try to make the cut off time or do I bow out and say goodbye to what would be my 35th birthday marathon. Any thoughts or advice is more than welcomed. You guys know me, I can be strong willed but I do not want to do something stupid......which is something I usually do. But do I miss out on a dream? A goal? I do not know.....
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    3189 days ago
    I am so sorry to hear about this Jen. emoticon
    Like other friends have already said, Fitness is a way of life...lasting for a lifetime...not just one race. Please take care of yourself, listen to your body and reset your focus for now.
    Your body clearly is sending a message. I know how frustrating this must be.
    Like you said, lesson learned. My prayers are with you...truly. emoticon

    ~ Laura
    3191 days ago
  • JENB_121
    Argh! I just read this blog after commenting on the other one. You sound so disappointed, I totally feel for you. This same scenario happened to me when I was training to do my first half marathon. Wouldn't it be nice if we could just put the required work in and all would go as planned?! I really hope you heal up quickly Jen. x
    3193 days ago
  • RINA2002
    Sorry to hear about the setback that you're having, but it's important to take the long view. This is after all about your journey to health more than anything. Obviously *this* particular race means more than the gazillion other races you could be doing, but your health comes first. Be well, and I do hope you recover in time for your big day.
    3195 days ago
    I'm really sorry about your leg. Please be smart because as some of the other commenters have said, not listening to what your body is trying to tell you (actually-i think it's now YELLING at you) could lead to significantly more down time. This is likely going to be short term pain (literal AND figurative), to reap long term gain. Regardless of the ultrasound results, you should pay close attention to the message your body is giving you. I know it's a devastating notion that your dream birthday marathon is in jeopardy but try to think long term-think about being able to continue running for years and years to come. Best of luck. My fingers are crossed for you.
    3195 days ago
    I feel for you, Jen. You are right in that you have a lot to be blessed for, but the fear of being forced to give up a dream is definitely worth some tears and heartache. It's a horrible thing that has happened. You have a right to be upset.

    Use the thought of your blessings to lift you up instead of making yourself feel guilty for being upset, despite it all.

    I don't know what the cut-off time would be for the marathon, but I think that only time (and the doctor) will tell if you can participate.

    Keep your chin up.

    Kay at www.goaloflosing.com
    3195 days ago
    You will be fine and your dreams will surely come around.
    3195 days ago
    Oh no, I am sorry this is happening! But you need to put your health first, you can do a marathon another time, and Scotland has so much else to offer, you can still have a great holiday!!!

    Cheer up - a positive attitude is a great start to healing!

    3195 days ago
    I'm sorry to read this. I hope you'll recover very soon. And not to worry, as your sparkfriends said before, there will other opportunities, as disappointing as this can be now.
    Good luck!
    3195 days ago
    Jen, you have come so very far and you have so many successes, this is just a bump in the road. Try not to worry, God is in control. I know it is difficult, but you are strong, your faith is strong and God is stronger.
    Take care! Continue to rest and ice your calf. Sending up lots of prayers for you.

    3195 days ago
    I hope you have a speedy recovery!
    3195 days ago
    Just sending a hug and a prayer for healing. emoticon
    3195 days ago
    Over training is a real problem and hid sight is twenty-twenty. Athletes are often the hardest patients to deal with because we do not like to quit what we are doing. If we take a few days off...then we feel guilty, etc. I learned the hard way as I tweaked a knee two weeks before my first marathon. I ended up having both knees rebuilt and I can no longer run, I race-walk instead. I still compete in triathlons and bike races.
    The hardest thing to do is to stay positive. I know you can do itI Your body is simply telling you it needs a break. Take it, learn, recover, revamp and start anew. Hang in there! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3195 days ago
    I'm so sorry this had to happen! I hope you recover quickly. I'd say if you can't run the marathon, then to just walk it at least? Cheer up and feel better. We're all here for you!
    3195 days ago
    I am so emoticon that this has happened to you. There are worse things that can happen, but for a runner, this is just so frustrating. I think you should consider putting off your race (choosing a later date.) I know its terribly disappointing, but your long term health and ability to run is at risk. I know that you do Cathe Friedrich workouts, when I need to cool down from a run, I like to use one of her cool downs (especially the one on 4DS lower body or stretch max with the band, its a little longer.) I suspect what happened with you is something that happened with me, in a colder climate we don't necessarily feel the damage we are doing to our legs because the cold inhibits our ability to feel pain. I remember going for a run several years ago, I came back feeling great, and voila the next day I discovered that I had basically turned my legs into hamburger (hammies!) because I just didn't feel a thing. When its cold, I just set limits for my runs, I take a longer warm up, I don't run beyond a certain pace, and I don't run beyond a certain distance in spite of how good I think I feel. I hope that you feel better soon, my heart goes out to you. emoticon
    3195 days ago
  • 123ELAINE456
    So sorry to hear this. First of all take care of yourself. Your health and well being needs to come first. Listen to Rich and the Sparkers that has given their comments. Keep going for PT and get in to see a Sports Doctor that can help you through this. There will be other runs that you will be able to do. But let get you in tip top shape for them. You are an inspiration to all of us. I know how disappointed you are. But take a break and sort all of this out with the doctor. God Bless You and Have a Wonderful Week.

    3195 days ago
    Oh no! I am sorry you are going through this.

    Honestly though- I would back out of the marathon at this point. 38 days is nothing, really. Even if you *feel better* in a week or two, you risk really injuring yourself longterm if you push too hard, too soon. I know it's very disappointing- but your long term mobility is just too important to risk.

    Maybe with a nice long rest and then proper training you can do another one in a year or 6 months- but you really need to heal properly.

    Huge hugs to you! I know this is heartbreaking for you.
    3195 days ago
    Jen, so sorry to hear you are dealing with a stubborn injury. First of all, you are correct, it is not the end of the world! But when you are devoting so much time to training, it is hard to NOT feel like it is! You are entitled to feel upset and frustrated!

    Next, before making any decisions, I would wait to see what the results are from the MRI. Then I would speak with your doctor. If he says OK to walking, then GIRL, WALK THOSE 26.2 MILES!!! Running or walking, fast or slow, a marathon is a marathon!!!

    Hang in there - sending you all the best!

    3195 days ago
    Jen, I have been praying for you every day! I know how disappointed you are and everyone here has such great encouragement for you. Listen to your body, Sweet Jen! Everything everyone has said is so true, but there is one thing that hasn't been said...Think of your precious little Kayla! Which is more important to you...running a marathon and taking a chance of permanent injuries, pain and possible lifelong disabilities or missing the marathon, taking care of yourself to be able to spend the rest of your life doing things with your precious little gift from God? I know what she would rather you do!

    I love you, Jen, and have always been so proud of your grand accomplishments but, please listen to your Daddy and let Him show you what He has planned for you! His ways and His plans for us are far greater than we can even possibly imagine! I know that He blessed you with the most precious gift of all ~ your child! I also know how excited and happy you were to find out that you all were going to have her! Please be 'still' and listen to the Holy Spirit! You all are always in my prayers!

    Love and Blessings,
    ~ Judy ♡ ~
    3195 days ago
    Hey there! Better to have to postpone your first marathon than make it your last one because of injuries. Take care and hope you feel better soon.
    3195 days ago
    This is such heart-wrenching news, and I'm sending healing thoughts your way. If this injury happened because you didn't listen to your body the first time, then show that you've learned your lesson; that doesn't mean just skip out on the marathon--just do what you can, when you can, with respect to what your body needs to keep healthy and strong for the REAL long run. I hope the docs and PTs will have some good news for you!
    3195 days ago
    Take care of yourself and listen to what your body is telling you. Wishing you a speedy recovery and good luck no matter what you choose to do. emoticon
    3195 days ago
    So sorry about your injury but maybe this is God's way of telling you that you need to take it easy for awhile. There is no shame in bowing out for this one so that you can take care of yourself. As frustrating as it is, just remember that you want to take care of yourself so that you don't have permanent or irreversible damage. There will be many other marathons that you will be able to do in the future.
    TAKE CARE!!!
    3195 days ago
    Sorry to ehar your still having issues with your calf muscle. But...Its only a race...against what? Please dont be silly or think your being stupid or carried about worrying and for nothing.... but think of what it could be and get it chekced out... dont worry, but get it checked out...see if its a heart issue versus a torn ligaments or just your pride thats hurting? Better safe than sorry! Because you could be dealing with something worst or your just setting yourself up for future deformity if you keep trying to run on it! I hope its not setting yuou up for the worst (heart attack) if you do the marathon. It could be that your muscles are just over tax but it could be worst! Like something about your overall health not jsut a your circulatory system affecting the muscles or your bones!

    It could be much worst.

    Sounds more than a sprained muscle, and if nothing has changed after physical therapy, go back to your Dr until you get it known and fixed! Get a complete physical and be concerned about your circulatory system. You could have not only torn a muscle or ligament, but could have overtaxed or injured your heart or circulatory system, which can be affecting your calf muscles recovery. Not only the muscle in your calf have been injured but the foundation of your whole being, the arterial system; which can affect the muscles and bones. You could have wrenched an artery in the leg and it could be why your not bouncing right back and the calf muscle still gives you deep thombosis pain. It could mean your heart is being overtaxed or you have some congestive heart failure in your future. Not to scare you, but you sound like you are already and I would be concerned enough to say forget a marathon, get your Drs. okay and rule out heart issues first and foremost! Because many times what happens is you get pain in the legs due to a heart condition! Congestive heart failure signs show up in muscle fatigue! You could have a real issue which should be checked out by the right specialist! (Some Drs. don't tell you everything, but rule out one thing at a time. Get a complete bill of health before you run! (That should be a rule of thumb of thumb, for all runners! ) Because this could be a symptom of something worst. I hope and pray you don't have heart issues in your family, but if you do that should be a concern. It just could be that you have overtaxed your body and heart! And need a long rest! Not a marathon run!
    Many times when you do overtaxed your heart it shows up in the legs and calf muscles! It can pop up out of no where! Or after you have even twisted an arterial walls in the calf muscles froma small punch in the leg bya loved one not thinking! . If you torn a muscle you could have a rupture in the arterial wall of the leg and it can show up by inflammation or a pain or other circulatory issues! Not necessary a broken bone could be at the heart of it but a deeper damage. A deeper concern! Just saying make sure you see a DR for a complete physical and go from there to rule out a heart condition that may be just surfacing! Bone and sprains are not the only issues runners face! DR should rule out a broken bone or a torn ligament. But also the heart. It could be anything right now! Because if its just one calf muscle and not both there could be something else going on inside than a regular bump of the bone. I pray its not bone cancer or a heart condition, but it can show up after any injury to the leg along the arterial walls to the leg, and you feel it in the calf muscles. Could be even caused by a broken bone! And a ruptured arterial wall can be further up in your heart or lungs and putting stress on yoru leg is how yoru feeling it, as being so fatigued! And you only feel it in the leg! ESP one calf muscle. But something may be going on in the circulatory system. (Not to stress you but I definitely would see several Drs. to rule out broken bones, or a ruptured arterial wall! For future up to the heart could be the issues but only show up in the leg. Take control of your health, dont depend on Drs, but do ask questions! (I know because I have heart issue and other issues, and they can mean your heart is weak or your lungs are not properly getting oxygen to the heart and arteries etc. It could be a dozen other things wrong. What I am saying is, if its not a sprain it could be a torn Iigaments or a torn arterial wall, or congestive heart failure on the horizon. It could be many things! But show up in the calf muscles. Its why you need to get a complete physical if the PT does not relieve it! Many things show up in the calf muscle as pain , its a feedback alley of all sorts of things. It could be even simple as inflammation of the heart muscle or a bruised arterial wall in the artery. Hard to say until you have had test. It can be a host of issues, from the heart to the calf muscle, and can leave you with all kinds of new issues. I am just saying get a complete physical to rule out all problems ESP for the heart. They sometimes show up after a person has done quite a bit of running in the least amount of time. But especially after a lot of running! Running ttakes it toll on the body! (It has no age barriers!) Just make sure you see your regular Drs. then see specialist. Because it could be a heart condition that could be causing the pain in the calf muscles. I have seen that show up in serious runners with heart problems. They did NOT know they had a heart problem until after a Marathon! (as for me, I would just give up the marathon)! (But thats me, and have given up running. There are other ways to get exercise withotu killing yourself ; take up gardening! lol ) Get those things ruled before you even think to of going for the Marathon!

    No marathon is worth your life....death could be at your door and you may not know it! I hate to scare you, but I have seen runners die becasue they were not listening to their body pains, Hell with if it aint hurting, you aint lsoing ideals! Thast dumb!
    My one cousin almost had a heart attack after a marathon and she was young! Because if its your heart or you have heart disease in your family it can show up after a run. I would think this was why your having such pain in your calfs if nothing else helps. Because if your calf muscle is not responding to magnesium and potassium, it sounds like it could be somehting more serious. Maybe a heart condition that your not aware of. Yes, it could mean congestive heart failure. It shows up with pain in the legs, or having had an infection from your teeth can casue a heart condition. (Have you ahd any fevers lately?) Generally you feel it in the ankle area first. And when the pain gets higher is due to being more serious and from overly taxing the circulatory system! I would say hang up long distance running! I do hope your okay! But if your pain does not go away it could mean a heart condition; gor you soudn liek you been overstressed by too much running! Does anyone in your fmaily have a heart codition? Congestive heart failure? Don't wait, just get checked out if the P. T does not get your legs back to normal , (should not take more than 8 weeks to ehar if ist a injured muscle! But please do egt it looked at . Many times runners who have heart conditions have had such same issues! I would definitely put off the marathon until I knew for certain (This could be a warning to you!) Don't ignore it! You don't sound so good if you ask me. If its been more than a few weeks and the pain does not go away after some physical therapy it could be other issues causing it. Just saying, see your DR, to rule out a heart ailment that has not been attended to or addressed! If its a heart condition, I would just give up running marathons. Did not say give up running 5 Ks but I would definitely put a marathon on hold. (This could be a blessing in disguise. ) I pray its not your heart!). But do go for the Physical therapy all the days they tell you to go.
    Just because your young does not mean you will bounce back! (I had a friend who died at age 36 due to congestive heart failure! (she was thin and always walked every where, but then after she had a kid, and everything went down hill for her. She died when her kid was 8 years old due to the heart ailment that did not show up until after she had a kid. ) So be safe, get a full and complete physical and get your heart checked out, because sometimes not bouncing back could mean something is amis.... I pray its not your heart, but many times pain in the calfs could be a clue to it. I am no DR but have run before and know if you don't bounce back within a reasonable time,(8 weeks) . Muscles take longer to heal. Broken bones take 4 to 6 weeks, muscles always take longer. Something else could be at work if it takes longer than that to heal! Is at work here. Rule out a torn ligament and broken bones and then see how things go after PT and make sure you get your heart checked out because that would be one reason why your not bouncing back and still have pain in the calf region. Stress on any muscle takes a couple of days to bounce back, but if you don't bounce back after PT, I would be concerned!
    3195 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/19/2012 12:09:09 PM
    Hi Jen,

    You know how much I have been worried about you pushing yourself too hard. I have an articial knee and a bad back from pushing myself too hard. A lot of it from trying to prove how manly I was and get acceptance. That of course was a lousy reason.

    You have SO many friends that care about you so much. You do not have to prove anything to anyone. You are an inspirational leader in my book and leaders have the responsibilty of showing others the right way to do things.

    You stated that " This was all from ME not listening to my body and basically being a stupid, stubborn runner who was so very excited to be running in a new country with a fantastic new hilly terrain and I took it too far........" and at the end you said "The big question now is do I continue on and try to walk the marathon....crawl if I have to and try to make the cut off time or do I bow out and say goodbye to what would be my 35th birthday marathon."

    To me the question is probably more "do I continue to ignore my body and be a stubborn runner more focused on my goal or do I listen to my body and not run a marathon until it is ready."

    I have always said that I myself am so stubborn that God has to hit me upside the head with a 2x4 to get my attention (examples: artifical knee, bad back and prostate cancer). Maybe your calf is God's way of letting you know you are not ready to do this yet? That is just my opinion, I am not God so I can't say for sure.

    I know I want to be able to run someday. Right now I can only run on the elliptical machine but have hopes that when I lose enough weight, I will be able to run again if only for short distances.

    I think you should celebrate your 35th birthday looking back over your own wonderful journey and planning a future that might include running with your beautiful daughter someday.

    Praying for your recovery.

    Love, peace and understanding,

    3195 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/19/2012 9:54:10 AM
  • AKA639
    I am so sorry to hear about your injury. I agree with everyone, that any marathon this year will be celebrating 35. Any marathon ever will be you celebrating healthy life. Rest up and see where that takes you. If you don't need to make any decisions on lodging or etc, I'd wait. But it could also be that you attend the marathon as a spectator, if you are ok with being there and not running.

    3195 days ago
  • LINDALEA1170
    Adversity comes to all of us. Perfect your patience and it will work out. Follow your gut even if that means going to cheer others on!!
    3195 days ago
    I agree with CAROLCRC - any marathon you do this year will celebrate you being 35! While I totally understand the disappointment, look at the bigger picture: Is it worth ending up on crutches for? Is it worth not being able to walk for weeks while your calf heals because it's significantly damaged after the race?

    Take care of you. Marathons have been around for thousands of years - I don't think they are going any where. You are what matters.
    3195 days ago
    OH,jen!!!! How disappointing, I know! But listen to Rich-it sounds like he knows. And perhaps if I would have stopped for long enough last summer to heal, I wouldn't have been off running for so long and still experiencing pain.
    I like the idea someone mentioned of giving yourself 20 days to recover. That would mean you'd have to do alot of walking in the race, but if you were well enough...then that's an option.
    On the other hand-it's just a race. I know-on your birthday and you have so much to celebrate!! But, make a later marathon your 'birthday race'.
    Take care and know that no matter what , I love you and support whatever decision you make. It's a tough call-but I'm sending loads of hugs and offering up healing prayers.
    3195 days ago
    Hope u get better sooooon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    3195 days ago
    Any race you do this year can be used to celebrate turning 35! Running long-term is more important than any particular race.

    That said, I sincerely empathize with the disappointment you'll feel if you have to pull out.

    3195 days ago
    One thing that I noted from "Thrive" by Brendan Brazier was how learning to rest and recover from his sports events helped him pull ahead of his competitors. His plant-based vegan diet made a huge difference. His book is often referred to as the bible for athletes, and I know he had a huge following among athletes and non-athletes alike. Rest and recovery can mean being stronger, faster, and having much better overall performance. I found "Thrive" very helpful as it comes from his own personal experience as an ultramarathon triathlete. Wishing you a speedy and full recovery! emoticon
    3195 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/19/2012 8:06:02 AM
    I know this is a hard time for you. Here is my 2 cents: Take care of your health right now so that you can do other marathons in the future. A big, big hug for you...
    Kay emoticon
    3195 days ago
  • CAROLZ1967
    If it is an injury where you must stop running for it to heal, any chance you can stop right now, no more "trying" and give it 20 days to heal and then maybe slowly start again (if no pain). I would think if it did heal in that time off, you could move your mileage back up fairly quickly, as it wouldn't be like 3 or 6 months off. If you have 38 days, take away 20 or so, that still leaves 18 to get back to training. If it is really injured and you keep trying every couple of days anyway, just "to see", hoping somehow you can run, you will probably just make it worse and make the recovery time longer. The only option I can see is stopping it all now and resting it as long as you can and then try running at the last possible day (before race) that you feel you need to. So if you might be able to race with just good 10 days back, then rest all the others. Even if you need 15 training days, that gives you 23 days "off" now. Just a thought, but I'm sure the doctors will let you know what your options are too.
    3195 days ago
    1) I know how much this hurts you, both literally and figuratively and for that I am truly sorry.

    2) Remember what your doc in TX told you about knee replacement by 40? Yeah. Not the goal.

    3) There is a lesson to be learned in all of this and sacrificing your long term health is not an option for a race. No one would be disappointed in you for not doing it, in fact, I would be so worried about you if you DID. Your birthday is going to be amazing regardless and there are other races to be run...when you're WELL.

    4) Love you! emoticon
    3195 days ago
    You really need to seek the advice of the PT. I know it's frustrating to put so much time and effort in one direction, only to find you might not be able to do it at all. Rest is such an important aspect of recovery, and so hard to do when there is a specific goal in mind. I hope you find the right balance of what works best for you! emoticon
    3195 days ago
    Well there is time still, but I would listen to the guy down the page some. Yes this is important to you but I am betting there will be another run on one of your birthdays and if it happens to be your 37, 40th whatever at least you can still be just as excited, and know that you took care of your body at the time when it was needed. We only have one body and you treat yours so well, so yes that is even more discouraging but maybe it just needs a rest. HUGS I would say 38 days isn't super long if there is a tear. Why go in if you are just going to walk and try to make time when resting could give you a run in 4 or 5 months time somewhere else with the thrill of running.
    I don't run so don't really know that thrill but do know lots of stuff about bad legs, knees and back.
    3195 days ago
    emoticon So frustrating :(
    You sound like you are doing all the right things. Especially by consulting a doctor. I pray you figure it out and you are able to achieve your goals. emoticon
    3195 days ago
    I do not know what you are eating, which to me is THE most important aspect prior to exercising. It sounds to me you are nutrient deficient. Are you consuming any meat, dairy, dairy bi-products? If you are eating any packaged/processed phoods you have dairy di-products. Dairy robs the body of bone calcium. It also has casein in it, a known and proven carcinogen. Meat is too taxing on the system and does not do a body good in any form.

    Are you consuming a large amount of fruits and greens? Greens give minerals, fruits give simple sugar carbs which every cell in our body needs for energy.

    I would recommend 80/10/10 by Dr. Douglas Graham a high performance sports athletcis specialist. It would probably turn all this injury stuff around for you and make your body a mean lean performance machine.
    3196 days ago
  • FERFEY02
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    I pray you feel better soon.
    3196 days ago
    Hi Jen,

    I really pray and hope that your therapy will help to heal you in time for the run. But I also want to share with you about my story of running.

    I few years ago almost 6 actually I was running fantastically well and really grooving nicely. I was training for a marathon and my long runs were just rocking rocking rocking. Anyway I got a bit of a sore ankle and so I took a couple of rest days. Then I felt I needed to get in my long run so I ran and I thought I can just run through this pain. Well that is what I did I ran through it for 20km or so. I got back to my starting point and needed to stop for a road crossing. The traffice cleared and I basically could not walk.

    I managed to limp home and my darling wife took me to the Dr's and it turned out I had inflamed Bursar behind my achilies tendon. I was on crutches for many weeks. I lost all my running conditioning. I then also put on some weight and basically I have never been back to that running form. Well not until the last month or so.

    I guess what I am saying in the end is if I had been sensible and listened to the body I would not have had the major issue as it would have just been a minor layoff.

    I totally get that you really feel you want to do the birthday race and all. But what if you do it and you wreck yourself and cant ever run again. I know its a bit of a platitude and all but in the end there will be other Marathons there will be other races.

    Sorry if I sound discouraging I am not meaning to I just wanted to share what happened for me. My first Marathon is about to happen but 6 years later than it would have. And you know what it is just as exciting and wonderful!

    3196 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4876431
    I can relate to what you are going through:) In training for a half my IT band started screaming. I ignored it and ended up walking all most as much as I ran. It was very painful. I am registered for a full May 6th and am not participating. 13.1 was grueling and I cannot imagine doing twice that with the same amount of pain. I am going to try to register for a full in the fall. In the summer I will have more time to run and gradually increase mileage. Unlike the school year where I have to run more and more on the weekends only. My body did not like that.

    Hoping you have a full recovery soon! Listen to your body:)
    3196 days ago
    Aww man I don't really have any advice I've only just started walk/jogging. I hope you get some good news on Friday. I'll keep you in my healthy vibe thoughts.
    3196 days ago
    Oh, sweetie! I know that must be so hard!! For your birthday, AND it being such an epic race like the Edinburgh!! I'd say wait to see what they say about tears, to some further PT, and walk it if you must. You still have a few weeks to see if there is improvement, and you don't REALLY need to worry about a time goal, just go for the experience. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    I'm guessing you have already tried foam rolling and stretching, to no avail? Keep us posted on how things develop!!

    3196 days ago
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