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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Just when you think you've got it right, along comes an old glitch in a new disguise. I thought my house was a danger-free zone, but I found out the hard way, that it wasn't. "Stuff,"like unhealthy foods and trigger-sweeteners crept back in right before my eyes. Things such as breads and rolls crept in to my house and I couldn't get rid of them before they got to me. I HATE TO WASTE FOOD, so I returned to the age-old practice of wasting myself instead. In addition to the food I had bought for company, I also bought 2 boxes of a salty-sweet nut bar, which eaten one at a time, with a cup of tea or coffee, was a perfectly reasonable, not unhealthy snack, and I did fine with the first box. But when my sensitive metabolic reactor was being triggered by a new sweetener that I had switched to, the second box went down in an hour without any means of control, and right before going to bed for the night. So you can guess how all those nuts behaved in my stomach last night! I relearned an old lesson, I have to WATCH EVERYTHING that enters my kitchen, and just because a few battles are won, I need to remember that THE WAR RAGES ON. I am a sugar//carbs//food addict and a few month's deliverance doesn't mean I'm cured. I even blogged about feeling normal; but that very real feeling of normalcy meant recovery while abstaining from sugar and unhealthy foods.
After eating myself sick last night, I have returned to my necessary boundaries today, and I'm so happy to have been able to return to my new normal before I did further serious damage. So I've added a few pounds to my recent total loss, and am moderately bloated, but I'm back on track, and the bread and crackers are going out to the birds.
I love the expression: "When you know better, you do better." I know, and now I must do.
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    I'm fighting with myself right now too over a chocolate "health" cookie. High fiber, but high sugar too. I FEEL your pain!
    3005 days ago
    I was raised to "clean my plate" to keep the children in China from starving. That makes no sense to me now but at age 5, I suppose it did. I also find that sometimes a food that I could previously control eating gets out of hand and I have to eliminate it from my house. I can't handle crackers or chips although I am able to cope with them away from home since the portions are controlled.
    3005 days ago
    Right away in the beginning of this journey, I told myself I would never deny myself cravings of any of my favorites. But I would limit myself to ONE serving size. If I couldn't find a small serving of what I craved, I would stand in the grocery store in front of the item and often say...."I really want you, but I choose not to buy you and over-indulge you".

    Self-talk really helps me stay focused....but it doesn't always deter others from bringing those wonderful morsels into my house. Often those negative triggers are sent home with the giver...stuck into a bag with left-overs! lol
    3006 days ago
  • JILL313
    Patty, Well you've learned a hard lesson and it also seems each time I think I have the right mindset then when those house forbidden foods are served somewhere else I once again "dive" right into them. So, I probably will never be able to control excess eating of things that people not so obsessed with food can control--there is always going to be times when I eat them irregardless of what is best for me. So, live and learn and keep doing the best we can to stay away from them and not let them get the better of us. I hope your tummy problems are gone. . .Moving forward again is what I seem to best at--LOL!


    3006 days ago
    OOOO, I have to comment... This is SO INCREDIBLY TRUE FOR ME, TOO. Only mine was "healthy protein bars." After eating 2 on Sat night and 4 on Sunday night, I called the grandkids and told them I had something wonderful for them and GOT THEM OUT OF THE HOUSE. I tested the "theory" of buying something and have fallen on my face each time..... so at least for now, I'm sugar, bread, white potato, and other white carb free at my house -- it's the only way I can trudge forward..... Thanks for the blog emoticon
    3006 days ago
    I HATE to waste food as well. Feeding the birds is a great idea. I have been bringing food in to work to share it with coworkers instead of just eating it at home.
    3006 days ago
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