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Monday, April 02, 2012

Well, as you can kinda see - I weigh myself once a week on Mondays (same time, first thing in the morning after I pee, lol). I'm typically off on Mondays, so it's kinda my thaaaang. But anyway, I was surprised to see a signifigant weight loss this week - because I feel bloated as ever!

I'm about to start my cycle, so I attribute the "extra" feeling (aka heaviness) with that. But crazy as it is, I have continued to lose weight. I also weigh myself 3 times JUST in case there is an error, if they all come back the same - I'm good. I have a scale that keeps track of your weight, so I was surprised to see the 2.2lbs down on the scale.

I haven't been dedicated to my exercises this week, I've been so stressed with work. Training this girl... I tell you, draaaaains me. I come home EXHAUSTED everynight. I know that isn't room for an excuse, but I'm just physically and more importantly mentally drained.

I've also not done a lot of drinking - water that is. I've been drinking 2-3 diet sodas at night when I get home. Had takeout Friday night, Homestyle bean curd with steamed veggies and rice. I was thoroughly satisfied with my initial bowl of the food... but I ended up eating 2 more bowls of it! I know it's not the healthiest option, but when it comes to chinese, it probably is, lol.

So, today I'm going to try to stay within my limits, go walking, etc. I went grocery shopping lastnight, and I think I'm going to now log in all the information on the foods I recently purchased.

NOTE TO SPARKERS: be careful when you use the user submitted food items - most times I see they have made crucial errors (either putting in too much, or too little when it comes to fat, calories, sugars, and protein). You have been warned, lol.

Well - I'll probably Vlog a little later, too early now - I look like crap anyways... had maybe a little too much banana rum lastnight, lol. Have a good day everyone!
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    Haha... I'm glad I could be of help to ya! I really haven't had too many insane cravings this cycle, lol. I've noticed I do snack a bit though, but its usually low-fat, low-cal options, so it's a lot better than an ENTIRE pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream!

    You know, I'm not really wanting to "diet" per se, because they say even after you lose all the weight, if you don't change your thinking on food and what it does for/to you, you'll end up packing on the pounds again (case and point - me!). I'm wanting to make healthy options and be able to eat what I want if I want to, but with 80% of the time choosing the healthier food. Amazing how albacore tuna doesn't need a 1/4 cup of mayo to taste good, a little lime juice and a tasty low-fat dressing or dip is all you need (opting out of the "bad" stuff pays off!).

    I actually feel pretty crappy right now, lol. Banana rum pwned me... Idk if you read my blog, but yeah... was pretty buzzed, lol. I am nursing a powerade and took two advils... smaashing headache.

    2979 days ago
    First of all...down 2.2 pounds, and during PMS! Woo DUCKING Hoo! (thanks for the tip, btw.) Always tack on 5 pounds for that whole week, then a day or so after the ordeal, step on the scale and become amazed at your awesomeness, because it's usually a dramatic drop.

    One thing I like that Spark does is shows that you can still eat two bowls of Chinese food (or in my case, pretty much everything not nailed down at the Indian place) and still work it into your overall plan. There is no "off limits" there is only "make it work, and then go for it."

    This is a great Monday morning blog, good attitude, and great start for the week, banana rum, and all.
    2979 days ago
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