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Goal reached!!!

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

301 pushups ( all military - NO knees).......DONE and I am so proud I that I pressed on to meet my goal for today.

This morning I set a goal to reach 300 pushups for the day. My highest ever was 300 plus but it was not about setting a new record, it was about setting a number in my mind that I wanted to reach and then doing everything I could to get there.

I noticed two things today....1. even towards the end, my form was amazing and strong. 2. My back and abs are burning! Love it. Push ups are such a total body workout. By the way I totally blame Tony Horton for the love I have for push ups! It all started when I did P90X back in 2008 and at that time I could not do ONE single military pushup for the fit test......WOW! Consistency pays off! Thank you Tony and P90x!! :) Cannot wait to start P90x2 and take my journey even further.

It is the goals we set EACH and EVERY MORNING that will take us just one step closer to our ultimate goal. Do not let a day slip past you without striving for something. Look around you for goals to set. It can be drinking your water, not snacking too much, watching your sugars, taking the stairs as opposed to the elevator.......NO GOAL IS TOO SMALL!!!!!!

What are you striving for today? Think of something you can reach for then DO IT!!!

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