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March Challenge Update......

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

March totals as of 3/6 -

Miles - 31/100
Pushups - 650/2,000

3/6 Workout results -
JWTS dvd - 40 mins with added ST and pushups - 100 reps
26 mins HIIT on bike - 8 miles
3 mile run hills/trail - 33:02 mins
1.03 mile sprint/hill intervals - 10:31 mins

Yesterday I really pushed hard which I am happy about but I will be honest, today I am really feeling the run last night.

Prior to my run I did Jackie Warner's time saver dvd which I liked but I will say that I think Cathe is more challenging but I enjoyed it and will do it again. I added in more pushups and extra ST with heavy weights for an added challenge. During the DVD I used 10 lb and 5 lb Db's as she performs many reps.......which I loved. I also added in some bicep work on the side. I did 2 sets with10 reps of two arm hammer curls with 20 lb DB's then I did 2 sets of 10 reps of standard two arm bicep curls with 20 lb DB's. I am so happy to see my strength increasing as it has been! After the ST dvd....which was about 40 mins when you add in the extra work I did, I then headed down stairs for a fantastic 26 mins of HIIT on the bike. I did 8 miles of resistance sprint intervals where my resistance was high and yet I was aiming to keep my RPM above 100 then I would recover and start hill intervals and repeat over again. It was a great challenge!

I wrote this on my dailymile log but if there is one thing I learned last night it is the all runs are NOT created equal. Running off trail is very, very hard. It is uneven and your knees, ankles and lower back really take a beating. My back is hurting something fierce today. Last night was hard. I took some Alive and 2 hot baths but could not sleep all night as I was in so much pain. Trust me, nothing would make me happier than to write and say that I am so strong and fit that it did not phase me but I was not prepared for this kind of running. Your stride changes and it makes for a whole body challenge.

The second half of my run was fantastic. SO many of the trails here are properly marked and have a wide gravel surface and it is a pleasure to run on. It was only because I thought for some strange reason I could be a Norwegian Viking and branch off onto the unknown that I am feeling the way I am this morning. I just got caught up in the wide open spaces behind where we live and it looked inviting! No trails, rocks, high grass and uphill leading to an amazing view of the North Sea! How could I not give it a try! Chances are I will be out there again :) It was just so much fun.

Most of the run was either uphill or on trails leading throughout the area. I am finding more and more it is hardest on my knees running downhill, maybe this is something I just need to work on.....not sure. Regardless, I loved every minute of last nights run. After my 3 miles I began sprint and hill intervals. There is a higher hill behind us which begins in front of my house and continues around to the back. I would start sprinting down the street then continue to sprint uphill to the top, then stop and walk to catch my breath, then run again around and down the street to begin another interval. The total distance was 1.03 miles and it gave me 3 intervals. It was a stellar way to end my run and to finish off what was a fantastic day of fitness.

Today is Yoga and Core day! SO thankful for this :)

This mornings fuel was quinoa flakes, ground flaxseeds, apple, chia seeds and raspberries! Great stuff!

Make this day your BEST! What are your goals for this day?

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Awesome plan! (yea, I'm late, I know lol) Yr breakfast sounds yummy & different too, I might try it.
    3237 days ago
    3237 days ago
    Sounds to me as if you are aiming to go for a Marathon? Lots of exercising! Go for it, f that is your goal! You sure sound like your ready for one. susana
    3240 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/8/2012 6:02:30 PM
  • no profile photo CD10156685
    Jen I just have a question. You really expend alot in your workouts. Are you still losing weight or is this amount of exercise what is necessary for you to just maintain where you are now? If you slowed down your activity would it cause issues? I just am trying to get a realistic picture of my future activity level and what I am willing to expend in regard to my goals... Do my goals need adjusting or does my attitude need to accept a much higher level of expenditure. I thank you so much for sharing everything so openly and frankly. It has been one of the greatest wake up experiences for me and is very inspiring. Thank you so much. I especially appreciate you sharing your fuel! It does help me personally make changes and pushes my boundaries. You are doing so great!
    3240 days ago
    Way to go keep up the great work.
    3240 days ago
    You are back...we miss you, but living overseas, I understand how days sometimes go before we know it....we finally got our residency visas...they don't expire til May 2013!

    3240 days ago
    I can only imagine the adventures that you are able to go on in your new world :) So happy for you. I hope your body is feeling better now and not quite so beat up!
    3240 days ago
    Feel better soon!
    3240 days ago
  • AMM12076
    Sounds like an emoticon workout.
    Recently I started doing some running, and you are not the only one who has knee pain with the down hills. Going down hill creates a much bigger impact on the knees, so be careful on the down hills! I ended up tearing my miniscus a couple years a go, and they are unsure as to whether I did it on the down hill or possible running on the sand??? Either way it has recovered on its own and doesn't bother me anymore, but for a good year or more running became almost impossible, and the pain that would follow made running not worth it!
    Isn't it amazing to look back on your journey and see how far you have come? I wish you all the best as you continue on. I think you are doing emoticon
    3241 days ago
    I have been really liking the quinoa flakes esp if I don't soak my groats the night before emoticon
    3241 days ago
    Nice job Jen!
    3241 days ago
    I am so amazed by you. You really deserve some high fives, look what your life is now!! emoticon
    3241 days ago
  • IRP1114
    Awesome workout! Love your breakfast ideas too. My fave way to eat chia lately is in a smoothie I make after soaking the chia seeds with goji berries in a little water then blending with coconut milk, hemp protein, rice protein, blueberries and a little royal jelly in honey! Yum. I always just eat my smothies with a spoon for some reason I just enjoy them more and I can chop some fruit like bananas strawberries or apples to have pieces in it if I need a bigger meal.
    Love reading your blogs. They always motivate me to get a better workout in than I had planned lol! Wish I could work out with out some day! Seriously that would be awesome! emoticon

    3241 days ago
    Yes, quad work will help the knees and the downhills. Make sure you keep your legs underneath you as much as possible and do some quad work balancing hamstring work on your non-run days and you'll be feeling fine!
    3241 days ago
    Quinoa flakes sound sooo good!!!! Trail runners often say that once you go trail you never go back!
    3241 days ago
  • no profile photo CD11670043
    You are doing fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    3241 days ago
    once again, I am amazed! you did hill sprints AFTER all that other hard work! please be careful with your off road adventures. I agree,though-I would have been pulled to that North Sea,too. OMG! I have tears welling just thinking of the raw beauty that surrounds you!
    3241 days ago
    Jen, glad you are enjoying running the trails! It definitely takes some getting used to, but it is a fantastic workout! Hope your back feels better soon!
    3241 days ago
    Please watch your knees and back.... especially on uneven terrain. I just had to get a knee brace and they said wear it all the time when doing housework, walking but most imp is to keep it on in uneven terrain...
    sounds awesome though!
    3241 days ago

    Your breakfast is interesting. I have quinoa, but never heard of flakes. Have heard of chia seeds, but havent looked for them. I have flaxmeal, is that the same as ground flaxseed? I am trying to picture how it all looked together as a breakfast ensemble emoticon

    Smile & Enjoy the Rest of Your Day!
    Melinda (GoPintos)

    3241 days ago
    That is amazing!
    3241 days ago
  • no profile photo HEEEYBOOBOO
    Wow - those are fantastic totals!

    I just recently went trail running myself, although part of it was paved asphalt - it is very difficult. Sending good vibes your way for fast recovery!! I'm sure being the athlete you are, your body will adjust quickly to your new routines.

    Thanks for continuously inspiring us all!
    3241 days ago
    You're a machine. Please make sure you give yourself a TRUE rest day once a week. Your body will thank you for it!
    3241 days ago
  • CAROLZ1967
    Sounds like a great week so far and a wonderful start to your day! :-) I got my workout in already today.
    3241 days ago
  • CJACK66
    I want so much to be as strong and dedicated as you seem to be. It's actually become part of my long-term goals. Thanks for being an inspiration!

    Have a great & healthy day!

    3241 days ago
    All I can say is you are truly my hero. I aspire to reach your level! Great work and thanks for the inspiration. :)
    3241 days ago
    I love a good typo. After your off road adventure, you took some "Alive." Can't think of anything that could work better... Somewhere in the future, I think you will be an off trailer and will not need "Alive" afterward.
    3241 days ago
  • 123ELAINE456
    Awesome!!! Way To Go. Be careful and do not hurt yourself please. God Bless You and Have a Wonderful Week.
    3241 days ago
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