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Friday, March 02, 2012

A week and a half ago I balled my eyes out during one of my favorite shows. I relate to it, it motivates me, inspires me, and helps me find new ways to move forward.
I’m talking about the Biggest Loser, for those of you who watch it on a regular basis, you may recall the episode from two weeks ago(week 8) where Bob Harper talks to Cassandra one on one. If you haven’t seen it, or can’t remember it clearly, I am posting a link to Week 8’s episode online… you can skip ahead to about 34 minutes into it, and it’s about a four minute clip:

This stuck out to me in such a huge way because I remember that moment for myself, and like she said “it’s SO hard”
You can comprehend how huge this is if:
1.) you’ve already experienced your moment
2.) You’re in the place she was before this moment and can’t imagine saying the things she did.

As many of you know, I didn’t grow up overweight, but my self-esteem was horrible. I didn’t understand fashion (this is still somewhat true haha!), my girlfriend often told me I had “uniforms” because I didn’t know how to mix and match, I always wore the same shirt with the same pants. I didn’t understand how to use make-up, and I never did anything with my hair. Acne is something I have struggled with in a big way since I was very young, and still do today. I can honestly say I never really felt pretty. How sad is that? Not throwing a pity party for myself, I’m talking about everyone who does it. I know that even with my low self-esteem, had someone told me they felt the same way I did, I would have scolded them for thinking so poorly of themselves! And yet, I was guilty in a huge way.
This really is more of an internal issue than how you view yourself on the outside; it’s SO much deeper than that.
Even after losing pound after pound, I believed I would be happy with myself (love myself) when I hit my goal. Along the way I was challenged to list what I love about myself, what was beautiful about me physically… this took a long time! I went through and listed my favorite feature (my eyes), then followed that up with saying what I liked about each part of my body. What I loved about my face, my hair, my arms, and probably the HARDEST one… my stomach. Have you have tried to verbally say what you honestly like about yourself? It’s hard, that is, if you have a self-esteem issue.
After Cassandra finished talking it out she told viewers at home:
“I do feel like there’s hope…I feel like there’s hope that I will believe in myself and I won’t get back to that place that’s ugly… that place is ugly… I was never ugly, the way I viewed myself was.”
There is SO much truth in that! I mentioned in one of my last blogs, that it was just a place in my life, and it’s true! We are never ugly, but how we view ourselves sure can be.
“That to me, was one of Cassandra’s greatest accomplishments in this house.”
-Bob Harper

And he’s right… because once you start loving yourself, it’s so much easier to work for the change you want in your life!
It was hard to go through and find things I truly liked about myself and list them, I challenge YOU to do the same! Or do it like Cassandra did, tell yourself, that person who has struggled so long; “(name)… You are…._____________”
This is such a huge step, and if you miss it, you MIGHT wind up right back where you were, because your goals were in vain.
My self-esteem still isn’t SUPER high, but compared to my past feelings… wow guys. I’ve come a long way… you all are fighting too, for what? You have reasons, double check that they are the right ones, and work on becoming healthy minded along with healthy physically. They should always be TOGETHER!

What do you love about yourself??
Love yourself ENOUGH to change!

Rock it out guys!

Much love!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    i hate that when spomeone post a lnk and i can´t get it over here,lol.glad you got what you needed out of it though.the thing i love about nyself apart from my sense of humour which has got me far and my sheer tenasity never to give up.i love my stomach as it helpped me have three beautiful bays. emoticon
    3333 days ago
    I just went back to review that part, because I have been watching the show each week the day or two after it airs. Yes, that's pretty amazing..Thanks for sharing. :)
    3334 days ago
    3335 days ago
    That was a GREAT episode! And Bob was right - it was a great moment in the house. I didn't have a single moment - just a decision that working out a couple of times a week and calling it a day wasn't working with eating better. I decided to work out EVERY day. That was last year in February right before my black belt test and since then I've lost 40 pounds and kept it off since July. I still want to lose more and find myself looking in the mirror at my belly and thighs and thinking they still don't look that great but I have more definition in my ankles and calves and my upper body is really nice. Today I was able to do THREE 60 second planks and I finally felt that even thought my stomach isn't as small as I want it to be it's STRONG. And it will support me and that's what counts. Great blog!
    3336 days ago
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