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Meeting's delight? Advice needed...

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I really don't know how to feel about this ladies and gentlemen, I need some serious advice. Today I went to my meeting and I brought with me my breakfast as usual, because I like to eat after being weighted. Only, today rather than bringing with me 4 belvita biscuits and fruit, plus having a white coffee to tuck the biscuits in, I decided to have some more voluminous food, to be fuller for longer, since I had planned a long walk (in the end I walked 11 miles in a little more than 3 hours!!!). Well, this is what I was having:

1 boiled egg (2pp)
1 ww bar "fruit 'n' nuts" (2pp)
100g Fage 0% yogurt with half a banana mashed in it (1pp)
6g nuts (1pp)
1 banana (0pp)
1 pot of ww mixed fruit drained (0pp)
1 white coffee made with semi-skimmed milk (1pp) it's the only milk the pub has.

This totals up to the amount of points I normally have for breakfast, 7pp, which is also the pp for 4 belvita biscuits and a cup of white coffee...

Now, one of my friends is a helper and gives the cards out before people get weighted. At the end of the meeting she told me that some ladies were talking about me and she overheard them saying that I was eating LOADS and they wondered how could I keep that skinny with all this amount of food I was eating.

Now, beside the fact that it was merely 7pp, so it was hardly anything that really COULD make me put weight on, should I feel insulted that people were talking like that behind my back, or should I feel that it's a NSV to have people be jealous of how much I eat and how *SKINNY* I look? Should I do something? My friend said that she intervened and told them what she knew about me, that I walk from home to my meeting (4 miles) and then I go back home walking and I do the same twice a week... and I must be starving by my WI time (yes, I am starving by my WI time...)... but should I do something about it? For example, should I talk to my leader about it and see whether it's a good idea to have her mention something (in general terms) during the meeting and ask me a question so I can explain?

The thing is, I think breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so I always make sure I have a VERY good one. 7pp is a decent amount I think for breakfast, I have normally between 5-7 at lunch and then the rest at dinner time. I can't have snacks when I'm in work because I deal with customers and I can't tell my clients "sorry, it's 10.30 I need my snack" so I have the nutrition I need to keep full until lunchtime at breakfast. It's worked for me and I have lost all that weight, and I keeping on losing... so I really don't think it's a problem! Why people have to be so judgemental? In a way I do feel happy that they think I'm skinny and that they're a bit jealous, but why should they be jealous I don't know, and why talk about it behind my back rather than coming to me and ask me, even jokingly "what's your secret" or things like that? I' always chatty and very approachable so I don't think it's my attitude...

Any ideas?
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    I don't know, I think it's sort of natural to wonder how others are so successful. What are their tricks, their secrets. Although we know that there aren't any. Everyone is looking for the easy way, unfortunately there is no Easy button. I bring breakfast to my meeting too and I often feel people watching me. Oh well, everyone is on the plan, but everyones plan is different. Congrats on all your success!
    3400 days ago
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