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WOW...I can't believe I'm actually doing this!! TRUE BLISS!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

You know that feeling you get after a great workout...or after choosing a healthy alternative to snack on...you know...that feeling of happiness, pride, self-worth, feeling like you have it all under control....

Well, so far that's how I've felt throughout this whole journey. I couldn't be happier with myself; I've come a long way and it's only been 3 weeks. I don't know, something just turned on in my brain and told me to get my butt in gear and to JUST DO IT!! (Thanks Nike hehe).

I've found that I've now made this apart of my life - working out and eating healthy is who I am now! I mean, if I want a little piece of chocolate or even a piece of pizza...I'll have it...and the next day I'll continue on my journey and I won't stress about it. But you see, I have learnt to just have one or a taste...you have to train yourself on this because it is very difficult at first.

Weight Watchers has been awesome! I think it's one of the best plans out there...you don't have to limit yourself to specific foods and it teaches you how to eat in moderation. Because really, most of us eat wayyyy too much and it's really just unnecessary calories/points that we just don't need. Eat to survive basically....not live to eat! There are sooo many healthy alternatives, recipes, etc out there to choose from, I love eating healthy now....I even love black olives, which I hated my whole life.

I find that eating a little something every 3-4 hrs helps a lot too....so then your not famished by the time dinner rolls around. And not eating 3 hrs before bed has helped me out quite a bit as well. I just have so much more energy, I feel so good inside, I'm happier...I just have that sparkle back - it really feels amazing! I feel I have put so many hours into working out and eating healthy, that there is no way in hell I am going back to my old habits and RUINING all my hard work!! NO WAY!!

It's definitely been really motivating to have found a friend who loves to workout with me and makes sure I get my butt to the gym everyday. Just by having that one person to talk to, who makes me challenge myself and makes me not want to let her down, has been a true gift! She has helped me so much already, and I don't think she even knows it....The buddy system is amazing!

I have also found that rewarding myself for little goals I've made to help tremendously! I don't reward myself with food, but with a massage, or pedicure or a facial...something like that; something I really enjoy and find relaxing :) I've even set little goals (not related to weight loss, but just to my overall health) stuff like making sure to floss everyday (I've been bad for that), drinking 8 glasses of water a day, taking my vitamins, etc....and every time I complete those goals, it makes me a little more happier inside...just knowing I have the will and control over even the simplest things in life :)

Put it this way....I have 80 lbs to lose, I work in a pizza place (did I mention Pizza was my all time fav/weakness food), I deliver pizza (so always driving), and I work at night....SO...If I can manage to overcome my cravings, pack a healthy lunch/dinner and say NO to pizza, fries, jalapeƱo poppers, donairs, etc and say YES to the gym after work...Then ANYONE CAN DO IT!!

I have been where you all were/are, I 150% understand what it's like, but just ask yourself...Is YOUR LIFE or food more important? Food is fuel we need for our bodies to live and function each day...BUT that's just it...it's FUEL!! It's not a crying shoulder, a boyfriend, a mother, etc...it will not help you through tough times (even though it may seem like it at the moment). What is there is your friends and family and your NEW positive attitude towards life...these are the things that will get you through, not food! Even our good friend EXERCISE is totally awesome at helping too! Like HELLOOO HAPPY ENDORPHINS to make us feel amazing inside!

Bottom line, I've learnt to love myself, to love life and to want to be the best I can be!! I am kind to myself and to others. I try to always eliminate stress before it even gets to me and I SMILE and LAUGH...A LOT!! lol...I have a lot of people to thank in my life for helping me on my journey, but I'm sure they already know how much I appreciate them :) I am about to become the healthiest/strongest (inside and out) I've ever been and honestly, I just really can't stop smiling. I really feel like I am on top of the world!

Cheers my friends....till we meet again :) HAPPY DAYS! HAPPY THOUGHTS! emoticon emoticon emoticon
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