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For Lack of a Better Title, I'll Call This #1

Thursday, February 23, 2012

So I just read an article in the Daily Spark by a member whose name I already forget (sorry!!) about how blogging has helped her lose 50 lbs (see, I remember that much!!). And I have been a bit of a prolific blogger at times in my now FOUR!! years here on Spark, but that weight loss still eludes me.

But I find myself with tons of stuff that seems to be trying to crawl out of my brain, so here I am trying to figure it all out, again!!

I've been on a kick where I've exercised for most all of February every day except Sundays (my insisted upon day of rest). I did miss this past Monday, because, as I've always said, if I don't do it first thing in the morning, I am very unlikely to do it, and I was unable to do it first thing on Monday and never got back to it.

I've squeezed 10 minutes in on days when I was completely out of time, and yesterday I got in 25 minutes, which is more than I've done in a long time. This time I am concentrating more on the quality of my workout than the quantity. I am feeling more accomplished for a really HARD 10 minute (or 15, or 20) workout than 30 minutes at less intensity. Of course, I do have the knee issue which for now has kept me only on the bike, but I do feel the need to try to branch out a bit, just haven't figured out all the heretos and what fors..

But I did see a spark article dealing with strengthening the knees, so I can say I think I have a little plan brewing. I'm going to keep up my time on the bike as I've been doing, as the streak has reached a pretty good point for me (mentally, I know I've missed some days, but I am more committed than I've been in a long time). I'm also going to try to put in this knee strengthening routine, and also try just a little bit of strength training soon. I'm going to spend some time making a plan I think I can live with, and then go for it.

Time is my issue, much more than a willingness to do the work. It might be hard to believe, but I have always enjoyed working out, but my schedule is jam packed. I know all the "put it on your schedule and stick to it!" advice, I hear it, but still, when you work full time and have a kid with a slate full of activities and a spouse that works about an hour plus from home, there are many days when that unfolded load of laundry seems more important than that 10 minutes on the bike. Might not be the best use of the time, but that is my reality. Anyway, I am not here to quibble with the sentiment, I agree with it, it is just not always my reality.

So my plan is to make my plan, and to try to use the next 4 days to implement it, even though we will be away at a hockey tournament, staying in a hotel that has a workout facility and undoubetedly, where I will be able to find some time.

Oh, and the eating. I have to say, for the last few days, it's been pretty good. I did slip a little last night, but as usual, it was because I should have gone to bed and not stayed up too late. That is not an issue much these days, because I have been so tired that I have been turning in early and I do love the sleep. But my pattern has always been that if I get into a good workout groove, much of the food takes care of itself. I have been thinking about joining Weight Watchers, but I'm still on the fence about that. I so know what I need to do, what I really need is the accountability of meeting the scale. So I'm still ruminating about all that. Will definitely publish my decision.

I'm going to try to make this a daily blog. Perhaps it will keep me focused more than I've been. As they say, we'll see..

Okay, #1 is in the books. I hope everyone has a day full of spark!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    T, I came across an article, actually a couple/several with discussions on facts that have proven there is another way... a much harder but much better way, to get your body in shape without doing all the s.l.o.w. cardio- the routines we've done for yrs & are still doing with little or no improvement AND... it's like it's 'designed' for people who, like you, have NO time. I'm going to clip/copy/edit/paste a little for you, so you can read it & think about it & possibly get back with me or hunt down more info on it, if you're interested.

    I've been rolling around the idea of creating a team for this style of exercising here on SP. Okay, here I go:

    Phil Campbell's a veteran in the field of fitness with 35+ yrs experience in training professional athletes. Over the years he's worked with 18,000 athletes, teaching 'em how to run faster w/proper speed technique, etc., BUT... this is Why Long, Slow Cardio Doesn't Deliver Desired Results!!

    "Most exercise programs today are built based upon a very incomplete picture of the physiology of your body. For example, long slow cardio, "calories in, calories out," would be a perfect way to look at the body if it were all slow-twitch fiber … [but] there are three muscle fiber types: slow, fast and super-fast … both those types of fast-twitch fibers are essentially 50 percent of your muscle fibers that don't get recruited until you add a velocity of movement." ~Phil Campbell

    Most people are making major mistakes in their exercise programs as aerobic or cardio workouts miss out on the benefits achieved by performing high-intensity, burst-type exercises.

    Traditional strength training/cardio primarily exercise your slow twitch muscle fibers. Your body kicks in these slow twitch muscles first, in an effort NOT to recruit your fast twitch muscles, or work your heart anaerobically. This is WHY you may not see results even though you spend an hr on the treadmill a few times a wk- you're basically denying the natural physiology of your body by not working the other half of your muscle fibers- those fast-twitch muscles.

    Here's a summary of what your routine could look like:
    Warm up for 3 minutes
    Exercise HARD & FAST for 30 seconds. You MUST feel like you couldn't possibly go on another 2 seconds
    Recover for 90 seconds
    Repeat your high intensity exercise/recovery 7 MORE times

    You see, the entire workout is only 20 minutes & within those 20 minutes, 75% of it is warming up, recovering or cooling down. You're really only working out intensely for 4 minutes.

    Because these exercises are sooo INTENSE, you MUST only do them 3x's a wk. Doing them more often can actually be harmful, as your body will not have enough time for recovery. You can use virtually any type of equipment you want for this- an elliptical, treadmill, swimming, so long as you PUSH yourself as hard as you can for those 30 seconds. Be sure to stretch properly & start slowly to avoid injury. Start with 2-3 repetitions & then work your way up, & don't even THINK of 'doing' ALL 8 repetitions for a long time, in fact, until you're in athletic shape!!

    3172 days ago
    Ooh, attagirl - good bloggin'! I hear you about the staying up late and ending up eating: although I know I can fall into the 'emotional eating bugaboo,' so often I eat from fatigue. Do I believe stocking up on food / fuel will give me more energy? Heck no. Does my body realize it won't help? Heck no, lol. So like you, I try to get sufficient rest.

    And I hear you (oh seestah do I ever) about schedules and time and children's activities and work and so on. All you can do is all you can do. Sooner or later, things quiet down, because as the old saw says, 'Children don't keep.' Then you can have more 'me time.'
    3172 days ago
    I think that is a great plan Tina! You can do it! Have a great time at the Hockey tournament!
    3172 days ago
    I feel the energy (and synergy) perking all the way up here!!! Go YOU!!!

    ... and I could use a daily dose of T, LOL!!!

    Love ya, Beautiful!
    {{{{{{{{{{ HUGS }}}}}}}}}}}

    P.S. Not sure I ever said, but I've been nursing a knee injury for two years now... I also looked at the knee article... and I've been using some of the information. I'm finally at the point where I can use my knee mostly normally... the key for me was not aggravating it just as it would get better (wrapping for stability also helped a lot)... I am so bad for doing too much too fast... I KNOW you're smarter than THAT!
    3172 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/24/2012 10:45:03 AM
    Whatever it takes, my friend, to get to the next stage. Make a plan, stick to it for at least a month. At that point, keep going or reevaluate. Keep up the good work.
    Spark on!! :)
    3172 days ago
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