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The Things I've Proven Wrong

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Well, I've been on this weight loss/fitness trend for a year now. I used to have so many excuses for being overweight and out of shape. Once I set my mind to it, I have been able to prove so many of those things wrong!

1. Getting older slows your metabolism and you can't do anything about it. Wrong! I've been eating 1800 calories a day and not gaining weight.

2. I'm too old for hard core fitness regimes. Wrong! I'm beginning Month 2 Week 2 of Insanity. It's been extremely hard, but I'm going to finish it.

3. I'm too busy to work out. Wrong! I schedule my workouts ahead of time so I have the time available to do them. They have replaced computer/TV time, so that's even better!

4. Counting calories will not help me lose weight - I just have to eat less. Wrong! I count every bite that goes in my mouth on the Nutrition Tracker. I've learned to balance my diet and eat right.

5. Losing weight won't change how I feel. Wrong! I feel better than I have in 15 years. I have tons of energy and haven't been sick in a year. (Knock on wood! lol)

6. It's always going to feel like a chore to work out. Wrong! I'm totally addicted to the endorphin high from working out. I miss it when I take a day off. In fact, I often have to force myself to take a day off to give my body a rest.

7. I can never weigh what I did in high school again - not after two kids and so many years. Wrong! I now weigh what I did when I graduated from high school. In fact, my weight hasn't been this low since I was 18 years old!

8. Losing weight means not eating the foods I love. Wrong! It's all about proportion control and not overdoing it! If I crave something, I eat a little of it. Odd thing is that the healthier I eat, the less I crave junk food.

9. Losing weight means never eating out. Wrong! I've learned to make good choices and not overeat when going out.

10. I can do this on my own. Wrong!! The support of SparkPeople and the support of fitness-minded friends has made all the difference in sticking to a healthier lifestyle. I love all the people I've met on here and on Facebook who support me and we give each other advice! Cheering each other on is so awesome!

I can't begin to express how great I feel - inside and outside! I'm so happy with the changes I've made in my life!

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