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Jillian Michaels' Body Revolution Review - Workout #1

Thursday, February 16, 2012

A lot of persons have been asking me to give a review of Body Revolution...so here goes.

Let's just say that while workouts 1-2 are meant to be low impact, I have been sore since the first workout on Saturday...my calves and triceps especially. The workouts are similiar to Jillian's previous workouts with circuits that are repeated twice and include exercises that we have seen in Ripped in 30, 30 Day Shred and BFBM.

I love the cast; their bodies are aspirational and oh, the men...their bodies look hot...the girls look hot too. emoticon Best cast Jillian has ever had. This is the best I have seen her give cues and the number of exercises on both sides seem even...lol. She also pays a lot of attention to breathing. The workouts can be done by persons new to exercise and/or Jillian BUT Jillian also provides 2 alternatives to make it harder for more hardcore fitness individuals - by either using weights or adding plyometrics moves. The workouts are only 30 mins long! How awesome is that??! I have done 3 of the workouts already and I am happy I bought the program. I don't mind starting with Week 1 even though it intended to be low impact...note I said 'intended to be'...this soreness is low impact my ass! emoticon

Review of Workout #1

This workout is focused on the 'front of the body' muscles including chest, shoulders, arms, quads and core. Jillian expects us to rely on our body and light weights to add resistance. There are 4 circuits; each of which are repeated twice.

Warm-up includes Military March, Arm Circles, Hip Circles, Knee Circles

Circuit 1:

1. Squats (for more advanced persons - jump squats)
2. Modified Push-ups ((for more advanced persons - military style push-ups)
3. Plank hold (1 minute)
4. Chest Fly with weights ((for more advanced persons - heavier weights)
5. Cardio - circle runs - running around in circle at fast speed - 1 minute

Repeat the circuit with the exception of the cardio bit.

Circuit 2:
1. Sumo Squats (for more advanced persons - jump sumo squats OR add weights)
2. Tricep Kickbacks with weights - (for more advanced persons - heavier weights)
3. Standing abductions on both sides - (for more advanced persons - can be done with oblique crunch)
4. Cardio - Speed bags - 1 minute

Repeat the circuit with the exception of the cardio bit .

Circuit 3:
1. Chair squats with front raises
2. Tricep Extensions
3.Warrior 2 pose - (for more advanced persons - use weights) THIS WAS BRUTAL!
4. Cardio - Marching in place - 1 minute

Repeat the circuit with the exception of the cardio bit.

Circuit 4:
1. Kick outs - done on each leg
2. Bicycle crunches
3. Lateral raise with weights
4. Cardio - Step in, step out with squats - (for more advanced persons - use weights) - 1 minute

Repeat circuit with the exception of cardio bit

Cool Down! I was enjoying it so much, I was surprised the time flew off so quickly! Please note that these are my opinions and some people might have a different take of the workout. It might also be biased since I love love love Jillian! She is my favorite female trainer....just saying!

Tomorrow, Workout #2 review!

For my friends who have not seen a preview of the program yet, you can check out the link below:

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