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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Yesterday I went in for a Colonoscopy. The Pre-Prep work was the hardest of the procedure because of how much they make you drink BEFORE you go in. I'm telling you, 2 Qts of liquid with a stool softner is wicked on a person who's had RnY Lap Gastric Bypass, or anyone else I am sure! It ended up taking me almost 1 1/2 days to drink the stuff down before the event, and even then, I felt like the guy on the Man vs Food show. So, if you have to do it, be prepared... it isn't so much the taste of the stuff, but the fact you have to DRINK ALL OF IT, that gets to you.

Otherwise, considering that my father and his brothers died from Prostate/skin/Lung CANCER, I can at least say, that it didn't show up from what the hospital told me. I do have a follow up with my Gastrologist though on the 22nd to find out what all I might be facing though.

Since I've flushed my system, and thank god I did. I now realize that I need to be on a restricted dairy/processed food plan because even Mac & Cheese about do me in from it.

They put me on a HIGH FIBER diet, as well as my HIGH PROTEIN diet I already was on. I was in ER a couple days before yesterday and they labeled me with IBS.

So here my husband and I again are rethinking our eating menu. Low GI Index diet, High Fiber, High Protein, more foods that you have to force your stomach to break down and work for you to lower one's sugar and blood pressure.

Egg beaters in place of eggs, no fried foods, more water or liquids, very little dairy (if any), and I probably am Gluten sensitive.... hrm...

Thankfully my work keeps me on my feet (or depending on the water pills I'm supposed to take, hrm..).. but I wear a pedometer to count my walks for work, so that's a plus.

We're talking about one of those things that tilt you to put you upside down as well in the future to hopefully help with our back issues and take the pressure off our legs. His sister has one already and says it helps.

When I have more time, going to take the Do's and Don'ts of what we can and cannot have, and go through our cook books and start adjustments to see what we can come up with creativity. I want to take a Cullinary Cooking class somewhere around here in the future as well to learn to work with spices and such to help understand how they help flavor a meal and help our immune system.

My 52nd birthday is on the 25th. Who would have known I would reach this far in my search to understand myself, my body, and my system on how to sustain life, eh?

I am so proud of you all! When I have more time, I will be happy to list the paper that the hospital gave me on how to focus on a HIGH FIBER diet, as well as IBS Do's and Don'ts. For now.. just going to try and relax before I go back to work (or try to) 1pm - 10:30pm today.

Oh and get this, yes I still have my monthly visits (which surprised the hospital).. but now started having HOT FLASHES starting 2 days ago.... ugh... I suppose Menopause is around the corner, but is it alright to meet it kicking and screaming? LOL

Love you all! Keep up those SPARKS! And... *SNAPS FOR YOU!*

If I can do this.. YOU CAN! * HUGS*

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    I have IBS- going lower carb helped me - less gluten to deal with.

    I did menopause at 46 - don't miss having menses at all. Love the freedom.
    3269 days ago
    It's great that you are figuring this all out.. and being proactive in your health with food (the new medicine!).
    Seems like when you concentrate on a new way of eating, though, it throws your whole system off. I remember that from Adkins about 10 years ago and now with limiting salt for blood pressure.
    3269 days ago
    I can relate! I have digestion issues(and problems with wheat and milk products) and hated the last colonoscopy last Fall. I have digestion problems also. Plus my birthday is the 25th but I will be 54!
    I too have to eat a lot of fiber in addtion to the protein. To help with digestion I take a chewable acidophilus wafer about 20-30 minutes prior to eating. It really does help. I get it at the supplement store for about $10. Prior to RNY I also had gastroparesis (slow stomach emptying). Many foods upset my stomach and intestines.
    It is difficult but with work you will be able to figure out a food plan that works for you.

    cindy emoticon
    3270 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7779450
    Sounds like a super restrictive way to eat. I don't think I could do it. I'm having a hard time just sticking to my LOADS of fruits and veggies plan. Surely there is an easier way to be healthy and I just haven't found it?
    3271 days ago
  • ABB698
    Wow Jean, you sure have been through a lot and have to really be prepared daily, but you are doing such a good job of taking charge of your health! You've proven you can get the weight off, so continue focusing on your health and the rest will follow! Sorry about the hot flashes, never had them (surgically induced menopause here at 41) but heard they were no fun! Miss you, think of you, and pray for you often! emoticon
    3271 days ago
    Ugh, colonoscopy prep is the worst. Glad you came through it okay.
    3271 days ago
    Post Script - Also. My dr said as soon as I can stay stable at one weight for 6 months, then I need to look into having the excess weight taken off me. So right now I am focusing on getting my stomach issues out of the way, what can I do to tone up my muscles and body, and to shakes these hot flashes. From there, the sky's the limit! I'll keep you all informed what happens from here! Love ya! Jean
    3271 days ago
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