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I'm not obese anymore!

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

This morning I weighed in at 174 lbs. I am 5'4" so that means my BMI is now 29.9. I just said goodbye to obesity hopefully forever!!!

I just want to give you some of my feelings. This milestone may be different for everybody, but here goes:

1. I can actually hop now! In the workout videos, I could never take a little hop when it was time to "jumprope" or do jumping jacks. Now, I've gotten to a point with my fitness and weight that hopping isn't painful to my knees.

2. The saddlebags are mostly gone! Need I say more?

3. My doctor is going to be soooooo happy! I have high risk factors for all kinds of health problems and obesity makes those even more scary. My doctor and I talked about getting with a program to seriously lose weight this time! She didn't know it was going to work this good. I'm going to tell her all about SparkPeople. :)

4. I'm so much happier. I feel better about myself. I would feel this way no matter what the scale exactly said because I'm eating so much better and I'm exercising. That will naturally make a person feel better, but shedding that "obese" label feels *oh, so good!*

5. My feet don't hurt all the time. I have plantar fasciitis, a painful condition for flat-footed people. It is aggravated by extra weight. It is a bad cycle of pain and inactivity that leads to more pain and inactivity. It was hard to get started at first, but it is so much better now. I also found an exercise that strengthens the arch in your feet at my Pilates class!

6. I don't get tired chasing after the kids. My back doesn't hurt when I bend over to play with them. I couldn't even sit on the floor with them to play because I was so inflexible and out of shape. That was sad!

7. I don't look pregnant anymore! After my last pregnancy, my belly was so stretched out that I still looked pregnant after 7 months postpartum. I needed to get those abs back in shape for my own good, this helps support your back and the whole body. I have a long way to go with those abs, and I'm realistic that there will always be a little pooch there. But it is great to see the tops of my legs again! I actually can't wait to look pregnant again, but I want to *be* pregnant when that happens. :)

This has been a major milestone for me. My ultimate goal is a BMI in the healthy range. And I'll keep on working at that goal everyday with my new lifestyle. In the meantime, I'm content being just plain "overweight!"

If I can do it, anybody can! Good Luck on reaching YOUR next milestone!
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