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How do I say Thank you......

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I have been going through my blogs on this site, Spark and some messages on FB and I am without words.......imagine that!! :) I do not really know how to sit here from a far and thank so many of you for touching my life in the beautiful way that you have. How do I tell you my heart?

I am constantly amazed at how complete strangers can make such an impact in ones life, both good and bad. Fortunately for me, this blog, my spark page and FB have turned into a wonderful way for me to connect with others and the blessings have been huge. I am humbled by your words, your support and your encouragement that you have given me for so many years now. When people say, you inspire me, I do not know how to take it because I receive inspiration from you all. I could not have lost the weight and achieved what I have without friends and family lending their support. I view you as family, my extended online family!!!

The older I get the greater perspective I have on life and what I want to be remembered for. It is because each of you took the time out of your busy lives to write me that I truly feel in some way or another I have helped a few of you see that you CAN reach your goals, you CAN lose the weight, you CAN be the person you always wanted to be, you CAN strive for more in life, and you CAN do all things through Christ!! All I want, all I crave is to be a shinning example of God's love and hopefully do the best I can with this time he has given me. I hope in some way or another that through reading my blog throughout the years you decided to run, you decided to set goals, you decided to pray for strength from God.......whatever it may be. I pray, that my life, my journey brought forth a positive change in your life. Because you see, through your friendship, a positive change has taken place in my life and for that I am forever grateful.

If something should ever happen to me, I want to know in my heart that my time on this earth was not wasted. Did I make a difference? I long to help others see the power we all have within, the power to change our life a ANY moment. YOU can be more!!! If there is one message I hope rings clear, it is that WE....all of us can overcome anything this life can give us through the strength, the peace and the guidance of our God. I could not have done this without Him and I give thanks to God placing YOU ALL in my life to help me through this amazing transformation God has blessed me with.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for every comment, every email, and every prayer you have given me. I hope to always be there for each of you and do the same.

Blessings for this year!
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