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Weight loss-finally!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Well, the water pill that I should have been on all along finally kicked in this past week, and at my Weight watchers weigh-in today the scale was down 9.2pounds!! I was so thrilled I could barely talk about it. I finally felt justified in my complaints that the generic substitute water pills were just not working. Finally, the mfc. started producing MY PILL again. Finally, the fluid retention was coming to an end. FINALLY. My total weight loss is 62.8.***** I feel a hundred pounds lighter, and a lot of other good feelings that have eluded me for so long while I watched the pounds go up on the scale. I feel like I have a shot at achieving my goals again! I even called my doctor tio leave a message about the good news. I just needed it put on record so they know about it if there ever is a next time.
Just wanted to share the best news in my belated new year. thanks to all of you for your encouragement along the way that kept me from quitting.
. emoticon to all of you.
*****When i did the math it's actually an even 63 pounds emoticon
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