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I'm back!!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hello Spark friends. You probably have forgotten who I am by now. (ha ha ha.) Yes I'm sorry I have been gone so long. It all started in November when I went to restart my computer and then I couldn't get it to start up at all. It dragged on for weeks, and after multiple trips to the Apple Store genius bar I FINALLY got it working again. During that time I was able to see Spark People on my iphone, but with the tiny screen I find it's pretty hard to do much of anything. So I have seen a few blog posts and checked in with the Fab by 40 group challenge some of the times, but mostly it was just too hard to blog or do anything that required an actual computer.

This went on until early December, but then I was dealing with really bad lower back pain that went down into my pelvis and hip area. Bootcamp workouts were making it worse so I had to stop for awhile. I started going to physical therapy, and I am doing much better now. I have sacral-iliac joint disfunction. It's common in women and it affects the joint where the spine attaches to the pelvis. It felt like it was locked up and anytime I had to bend over, or even stand up from a sitting position, I had extreme pain and it felt like the joint didn't want to move. So that has sidetracked me as well since the therapist told me not to do bootcamp until it got better.

And then, the Christmas season is always so incredibly busy I barely have time to breathe. Between all the usual running around I do with the kids, there was extra stuff like dress rehearsals for my daughter's Christmas dance show. And of course all the usual holiday stuff like shopping, decorating, preparing to host my family's Christmas, and yes, some baking. I am so glad it's over with. Although the one nice thing about Christmas break is I do get a break from running the kids to dance and hockey. Normally we have to drive the kids somewhere 6 out of 7 days of the week so the break from all that running has been nice.

But, it's time to get back in the saddle. Hopefully now that my back is better I can get back into exercising, and the hardest part for me- eating right. I need to get motivated and stick with it. Should be slightly easier without all the holiday prep going on. But my biggest challenge this year: making quick healthy meals that can be eaten before I run out the door with my kids every evening. Tuesday through Friday I have to leave the house by 5:00 to get them to their activities. And I work (at home) until 4:30. So I have fallen into the unfortunate habit of throwing something easy in the oven like chicken nuggets or fish sticks. Not good. But the problem is I don't have time for much else on those 4 nights a week. I can re-heat leftovers, but that only really works if I have cooked like crazy Saturday, Sunday and Monday... and usually we are really busy on weekends too so there just isn't time. And leftovers run out after a day or too... there's not much to last for 4 days. Add on top of that, the fact that I HATE to cook. I hate being in the kitchen, I hate doing all the prep work it takes to cook fresh healthy meals, and I hate the mess and cleanup involved. So I'm sure this is a big reason why I struggle so much. Unfortunately with three kids and not much money I don't have the luxury of eating out all the time- and honestly there wouldn't be time anyways. I am forced to do the job I absolutely hate. Even planning meals and grocery shopping are miserable for me... knowing my kids are going to complain no matter what I put on the table. It never fails that even if one of them likes it, somebody is going to complain they don't like it. It's even worse when I try new recipes. I have some serious picky eaters.

Anyways sorry to sound like I'm being negative and complaining so much. At least I am back here right?!?!?! Please, if anybody has some suggestions at all for my crazy weeknights I would gladly welcome it. Especially quick and healthy things to make for supper... even if it's not necessarily an actual meal per say... but even if it's an idea for something quick that would fill them up and give them protein and carbs.... I'm all ears. My kids don't like sandwiches with cold lunchmeat so many times we end up eating a bowl of cold cereal on busy nights. I guess it should be a suggestion for not only my kids but myself as well!!!!

Anyways I am going to try to work hard at sparking again. I'm looking forward to seeing my spark friends on here again. Hope everyone has a happy new year!!!!
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    I am not sure sparks would find this healthy but on a budget and need to fill bellys fast it works. Wal-mart food area in the freezer they have bbq pork already pre made you get two containers which equals two meals for a total of ten bucks. It takes 10 mins in the microwave. Now I have served it on mash potatoes/rice/noodles. I also love wal-mart freezer for their country fried steak. It takes 20 mins in the oven and it comes with the gravy and all it takes is water on stove. You get 5 patties for 10 bucks. Whip up a toss salad or some veggies and you are good to go.
    Now I sware another thing I love that is fast is grill up some skinless chicken a bag is 6 bucks. Take some noodles can get a box for a buck some cheap alfrado/four cheese spaghetti sauce (I usually pay 1.50) cook noodles then olive oil to losen up sauce and parmasan cheese mix well and serve. I also thow on the side a green veggie or salad. Whole family meal is under 20 bucks.
    Hope some of these help ya.
    3062 days ago
    How could we ever forget you? I am so glad you are back and WELCOME home my friend. i know it is hard to keep working on the plans and cooking, but you are so worth the effort. I am with you on the cooking aspect, but keep the faith because we can do this, I just know it!

    I am so glad you are back!


    3065 days ago
    Glad to see your back! A crockpot meal is a thing of beauty...I love coming home after a long hard day on my feet, and dinner is cooked and the house smells great..its fantastic! Maybe you could try having your kiddos help pick out some recipes to make...I tried that with my daughter...she isnt especially picky, but I just got sick of making the same things and wanted input! It was kind of fun! Now she even helps make dinners too. There are some great kid friendly cookbooks out there, maybe a trip to the library? They also have these fantastic things called crock pot liners that make clean up super easy....they are a must! I hate clean up too! emoticon emoticon
    3080 days ago
    Thanks for your comments!!! Yeah I am thinking I need to use the crock pot more often. Need to find some good recipes for it.
    3080 days ago
    Glad you are back! I know how you feel with trying to fit in healthy meals while running the kids to their evening activities. I'm running my kids to karate and dance nearly every night of the week. It's really hard to fit in healthy family meals, but we keep trying. I don't have any great ideas though. My 14 year old helps a lot with dinner and we're working on getting healthy crockpot recipes for the nights that we both do karate.
    3080 days ago
    Welcome back! If I ever figure out the mystery of good, quick meals, you'll be the first to know - I have so much in my schedule without kids, I'm in the same boat!
    3080 days ago
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