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this new years

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

This new years I am about 5 months pregnant with our second baby :)

I still have goals, though, and must make them a reality. I've already thought ahead to when I have this baby in May. I am not one of those who gains the pregnancy weight and then *snap* loses it. Sure, I lose a decent amount right out of the hospital, but I know there will be extra hanging on. When I got pregnant the second time, I still had extra from my first: due, of course, to my own lack of discipline during his first beautiful year.

In my son's first year I managed to train and run my second half marathon, focus better (for stretches of time) on eating super healthy, and mostly just enjoying my time with him. If it had to be the weight coming off or more time with my son, I'm glad I had those sweet moments with him. However, it doesn't really have to be one or the other. One of these days I'm going to get it right.

It scares me a bit that even running like mad and eating healthy didn't cause me to drop more than about 10 pounds. From James' birth (April 2010) to my second pregnancy (August, 2011), I lost 20 pounds altogether. Sounds decent, but not for that amount of time, and not for the goals I have. When will I pull it together, I wonder? Also, my body seems to like plateaus. That's where I lose it. I'll be good for a bit, then stall out with the weight loss and lose control of my program. I can't even tell you how tired of that I am.

But here I am. I'm still here, and I still want this, and I'm still going to get it.

I wish now that I had done it back in my early twenties, before kids! when I had TIME :) Now it's not just a matter of how much time I have in a day (which gets less and less, it seems), but how much time I have between pregnancies. And making sure I'm getting enough nutrition while nursing.

So, THIS new years, I'm going to start working on the problem before *boom!* May gets here and I'm so happy with my new baby I completely lack motivation to do anything except stare at him/her for a while :) Also, I really want to lose some serious weight (probably about 50 pounds) by next Christmas. It's doable, but HARD. and I've tried. Again, and again, and again. I know my downfalls, but I also know my body doesn't like to fluctuate very fast, and I am also very concerned about maintaining ENOUGH calories for me and baby. The good thing is, if I am slightly deficient on any given day, the baby gets what he needs! That is actually such a comfort to me. And let's face it: if I'm eating super healthy but don't get enough calories one day, it's still better for me and baby than if I was eating lots of unhealthy calories!

So... I keep trying to get to my point. Here is my plan. This January I will be cutting out sugar from my diet. I will still be eating fruit, but I won't be indulging in sugary desserts. I will also be trying to cut out hidden sugars. Additionally, I plan on limiting my yummy-comfort-casserole nights. Which will the challenge here since this will be our first Canadian winter (after living for a few years in Texas!)... As for the sugar, I can honestly say that, while I do enjoy a treat now and then, I am already doing much better than last pregnancy! During this pregnancy, I have actually at times been turned off to sugar, which I LOVE. Now that I've been baking for the holidays, I've eaten more than usual. However, I have learned to say no, too. Sometimes I don't really want anything sweet, but there it is sitting there looking good. Whereas before I might grab that cake pop anyway, now I think about it and realize that it's ok not to. I have a few cake pops here now that cracked, which I won't be giving away. Maybe I'll have one, but in the end I would rather toss it than take on those extra calories, especially if I don't even desperately want to eat it :) I have a hard time throwing things away, and my husband is even worse. So... there we go.

If you're actually reading all this, I have just been quite the rambler this morning. This is really more for me to get it out than anything.

new goals!


no sugar
get 3-5 veggie servings a day.
start walking on treadmill at least 3 times a week.

This, I can handle. And I think it will make all the difference for after the baby arrives.
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