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Sunday, November 27, 2011

I wrote a lengthy blog last week which promptly disappeared into Cyberspace when I mistakenly hit the wrong key on my keyboard. Whatever happened, the writing of the blog was therapy enough for me because I felt better even after the printed word disappeared, and that's not the first time that happened! So I'm not a computer tech!!
So much has happened in the time since my last public blog. My 91 year old mother came back from death's door through the divine intervention of the Good Lord, my siblings' boots on the ground, and prayer on her behalf from every source I could think of! They got her to a hospital in time to rehydrate and renourish her depleted physical body. All the attention seemed to bring her from the depths of despair as well. She is now getting used to an Assisted living residence and learning to acclimate to the"old people" who happen to be her peers. Prior to this, my Mom kept saying "I'm 91," like it was the kiss of death, and it almost was. I'm 24 years younger than my Mother, but I'm beginning to think the age numbers can play a very detrimental part in our well-being. I'm tired of hearing about "Senior Moments" when my 41 year old daughter has more lapses of memory than I do. Do we talk and think our way into dementia and illness sometimes? I have spots and lumps and bumps on my body that I have decided I just don't want to deal with today. I'm doing the best that I can, and I need to start thinking I'm 67 years young instead of "almost 70." Yup! I started going there recently. I'm eating healthy, and taking better care of myself than I ever did.
Taking a lesson from my remarkable Mom, the world may be ready to put me in a box, but I don't have to pull the lid down on myself!
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    Great, incredible attitude! I turn 60 next year, and like Lillibet (who'll be celebrating 60 years on the throne) I plan to make it my Jubilee Year!
    3152 days ago
    I would not trade the wisdom I have learned for my youth. I was anxious and dissatisfied most of that time. Now I can count my blessings, look on the bright side, put things in perspective and be myself. Chris (64)
    3152 days ago
  • JILL313
    Praise God and good care that your Mom survived the worst of it. It must comfort you that she has round the clock care now. Writing a blog does make you think and/or get something off your mind. I'm so glad you have a good mindset and things are progressing well for you.


    3153 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon LOVE IT !
    3153 days ago
    I'm glad to hear that your mother is doing better. Best wishes to the both of you. emoticon
    3153 days ago
    I refuse to get old, I am 52 going on 29. I desire to stay healthy and young until my last day on earth. Good intentions and positive thinking do get you places. Glad you have your Mom back too.
    3153 days ago
    I really love the title of your blog and even more like the content of your blog. Let's keep striving to live as best we can while we're here!
    3153 days ago
    I will be 61 in a few short weeks. I have no trouble admitting to any age--I figure any day spent above ground can be a day well spent. Just depends on how we wish to spend each 24 hour bonus. And... When I forget things, I prefer to think I am just busy. I sometimes say my Random Access Memory (RAM) must be full!
    3153 days ago
    Aging is real. I am 62 (and 1/2) and I cannot do what I did when I was 30. I DO have "senior moments", but thanks to google and a smartphone I can get around them. I can still walk quickly, but running up the 150 step escalator at the Metro is now beyond me. I LIKE being around people my own age. I like being around people who remember where they were when they got the news that JFK was shot, who remember the agony of Vietnam. However, my 85 year old mother has re-written history to be what she wants it to be rather than what it was, but if that makes her happy, so be it. Unfortunately, she wants to be around "young people", thinking it makes her younger, but they don't have the time or patience for her ramblings. She doesn't understand that she has changed, thinks that if she feels young, she IS young. Alas, not true.

    I don't know what my old age will be like until it gets here, but I'm grateful that old age is older than it used to be. When I was young, men died in their 50s all the time, and women in their 60s. We live much longer after retirement these days. My husband (12 years older than me) has had several strokes and is much slower in movement and speech than he once was. I think it's harder to watch than to experience.
    3153 days ago
    Add me to your club - I'm 63 (64 in January) and I'm WAY healthier than I was at 40! Happier too - DH and I are loving retirement!! The stress of work is behind me and I LOVE this time of life!!
    3153 days ago
    Part of the world may be ready to put us in a box, Patty, but not all of it! Ha!! There are too many of us to let that happen. I agree that we can talk ourselves into illness, but I don't think dementia is something we "talk ourselves into." Unfortunately, that's a whole different situation. We sure can worry about it enough, though! I'm so happy to hear your mother is doing well and settling in to her new home. Mine (nearly 90) is having some health issues and she isn't dealing well with it. She's a strong woman, however, and I'm confident she'll be feeling better soon. Here's to all of us Over 60 People and the great things we have to accomplish yet!!! Hugs, Jeannie
    3153 days ago
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