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Going Beyond the Holiday

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Going Beyond the Holiday
By: Anita J. Price

Going beyond the holiday allows us to take a
deeper look into why we truly celebrate
Thanksgiving Day. Going beyond the
commercialism of this holiday, what the
textbooks tell us when we are in school,and
even the family traditions that have been
passed down to us over the years.

Going beyond the holiday of Thanksgiving
Day, allowing us to see that this holiday is
more than setting aside a single day to
count our blessings and saying what we are
thankful for. Thanksgiving, when you look
closely is a season that deals with matters
of the heart, which produces an attitude of
sincere gratefulness inside of us for a lifetime.

Going beyond the holiday traditions of family
meal gatherings, and sharing what we are truly
thankful for, and blessings that came our way.
It is more than a one day a year celebration.
Thanksgiving is a lifelong journey that allows our
hearts to get in tune with God and see everything
through His Eyes. By allowing our hearts to change,
and get in tune with our Abba Father; our hearts
produces the attitude of sincere gratefulness inside
us for a lifetime.
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