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The battle with self esteem

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

I was convinced if I dropped the pounds, I would view myself so much higher than before.

Do I? Yes. Yet after losing 73 pounds it is still a struggle. I have to remind myself what I have done; 73 pounds!! Numerous 5k’s, 2nd place in a 10k, completely a half marathon, battled through knee pain followed by issues with my ankle.

I have NOTHING to regret. I have gained enormous pride and self confidence, so why do I continue to find myself looking to others to lift my self esteem?

Compliment me and I get VERY confident, then I find myself searching for the next comment to build me up again.

No more.

Compliments are great and mean absolutely the world to me! But it’s time to stop using them to strengthen my self esteem. What I have accomplished and am doing now should be ENOUGH for me.

I look better, I feel better, I am stronger, I am so much happier than I was… time to cut myself some slack and realize how beautiful I am, how much I am worth. I deserve to view myself higher than I do.

Yesterday I remembered I was given a gift certificate last Christmas for a 30 minute massage. I was down 50 pounds last year but my self esteem was still so low I couldn’t bring myself to use it.

I picked up the phone ad set up my appointment for this Friday. I have nothing to be ashamed of, no reason to hide, I deserve the “me” time and I deserve to view myself worthy of those 30 minutes.

The time is NOW. Change NOW. Eat better, eat less, get active, get stronger, let yourself be proud, build your self confidence and raise your self esteem.

What does it matter how others view you, if you don’t even value your self worth?

Rock it out guys, ‘cause you deserve it!

Much love!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I got lots of compliments the first time I lost this weight (need to start over unfortunately) and it was great, but I've realized that won't keep me motivated in the long run. Those compliments end eventually. Enjoy the massage!
    3397 days ago
    I wish to tuck this blog into my wallet- so true, so true.

    I was told this truthful truth from a wise, insightful person once: There will come a time when everybody you know knows how awesome you look and you're not changing anymore so the compliments will stop, and everybody new you meet will know you from your goal weight point in time and how you will look then, so they won't have seen the change you've gone through, so they won't be complimenting you on your hard work. Just be ready for that.

    We have to be able to sustain ourselves, even after the "wow! You've lost weight! You look great!"s have stopped.

    Enjoy your massage!!
    3397 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8301081
    emoticon emoticon
    3441 days ago
    good point about living from compliment to compliment I think I do the same things at times.

    My biggest issue is I don't feel like I have made progress if no one else notices my weight loss (which wont happen with only 6 pounds) I need to find different motivators!
    3441 days ago
    Woohoo! Awesome. Compliments are like the icing on the cake.
    3442 days ago
    very true! you are worthwhile and beautiful and you've earned it!
    3442 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1223914
    Great blog, dear. I look for validation from others and it stops now! I'm enough!
    3442 days ago
    I do the same thing. I feel better when people notice the changes I have made and comliment me on them. But comliments to myself seem to fall on deaf ears, funny huh? What I think of myself should be all the vallidation I need.

    Just to let you know...as a massage therapist, We don't care what size you are. Bodies of all shapes and sizes can benefit from massage. I know people often let weight hold them back from massage, but really to get intouch with your body and breathing is very helpful with reaching your goals.

    3442 days ago
    That's right - you deserve it and you are awesome.

    It's funny how so many people think that happiness and self-confidence will magically be theirs when they reach their goal weight. The reality is that you have to find self confidence in yourself no matter how you look or how much you weigh, because happiness doesn't come gift-wrapped with your goal weight. Be happy in who you are no matter where you're at in your journey. Because if you don't love you, who will?

    Enjoy your massage - they are amazing....
    3442 days ago
    Great blog!
    3442 days ago
    I am the same way. I always look to compliments to boost me up, but truth is you have done an amazing job. You have done so much and you look great! Keep up the great work. You are a huge inspiration to me.
    3442 days ago
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