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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Oops, it's been almost a week already! I said I was going to get better about blogging. Guess I'm still working on that.

It's been a busy week, even though nothing major has really been going on. Last weekend our Realtor did an open house at our house. No one came. Literally 0 people. We were already thinking of getting rid of her and hiring someone else, so this just kind of sealed the deal. This is her 2nd open house with 0 people through. She's supposed to be doing another one this weekend so I guess that will be the last straw if she doesn't get anyone through the house. She said that most people who buy houses don't buy them because they went to an open house for that house, they come from other avenues. First off, that's how we bought OUR house, so it does happen. And secondly, if she doesn't have anything else out there, then the Open House is their only option.

Other than that I am (im)patiently waiting on another order of diapers. I am not good at waiting. I think this will make like 10 diapers we have total, for a total of about 20-25 diaper changes without having to wash. I want a few more styles that are more suited for newborns, but I told DH I would wait until after our Baby Shower next weekend before I buy anything else. It's hard. I am truly addicted to these cute little suckers. I used to be OBSESSED with all things cow print--my bedroom was done in cows, all my stuff for school (binder, pencil bag, etc) was cow print, I had clothes and purses in cow print... Obsessed. In any case, there is a little diaper that I want SO badly in cow print but it's almost $20 I told DH I would wait. This is the diaper: www.kellyscloset.com/Hap
It is so stinkin' cute! I bought that exact diaper in another color (which is great) but I'm wishing I had just bit the bullet and bought the cow one!

I did, however, find a store in my parents' town that sells cloth diapers. It's a little "boutique" store, but they specialize in cloth diapering. They have both new and used diapers, and they also consign cloth diapers there. Sooo when we're in town next weekend for the shower, I'm definitely making a stop there. There are two newborn size diapers I'm wanting, so that is my "excuse" to go there. I don't think anyone will get us CD's for the shower so I don't know why I'm forcing myself to wait, but it's a good practice in will power! However, when I go to that store, if they have the cow print diaper--oh my gosh, watch out checkbook!

Monday night we took DSS to the carnival in town. He had a lot of fun, even though we only let him go on two things. It's pretty darn expensive, plus I can't go on anything (obviously) so we walked around for a while, then he chose two things he wanted to do. He went on a little obstacle course thing first which he loved. It ended with this big tube slide at the end and he loved that. Then he went on a little airplane ride all by himself. He thought he was a bigshot. You sit in the airplane thing, then the whole airplane goes up into the air (along with the other ones) and they all spin around the center pole. He loved that.

This weekend I think DH is working, so DSS and I will probably spend a lot of time at the park. Last weekend when DH worked I got an hour of walking in on Saturday. I don't think I can get that much in this weekend since I have DSS and no stroller currently, but we can do at least 2 miles and I can walk laps while he plays at the park for a total of probably 3 miles (~45 minutes). I'll also try to fit a walk in on Sunday as well to make up for Saturday.

Other than that, I should be off. What a long blog entry for "nothing" going on around here. I have another certification test next week so I'm going to study. When I pass this one, I get an extra $600 per year (I think), PLUS since it will be my 4th certification, I get an additional $1200 per year! Nice! Plus our reviews are coming back in the next two weeks, and I'm hoping for a little pay raise on that as well. Lots of needed money just in time for this baby. Too bad I can't get my certification checks all in one lump sum! Oh--and I referred my Realtor's son to our company and he got a Full Time position, so in January I also get a bonus from that! The Lord is definitely watching out for us! So lucky!

And I'll really wrap it up this time. Keep Sparkin' friends! (:
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    Good Night! Those things are expensive!

    But cute....




    How great for you to be able to wait until after the shower!
    3510 days ago
    The diapers are adorable! I should talk to my sister, she cloth diapered her son because he was allergic to EVERY kind of disposable diaper she could get her hands on, and she made a lot of hers and they look just like those on the website.
    3511 days ago
    Those diapers are ADORABLE. You have more will power than I do, they are just TOO cute.
    3511 days ago
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