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I don't know how it's been over a week....

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The past week got away from me! I was just commenting on Sunday to hubby that my new nephew was already a week old and now he's already 1.5 weeks old! Time is flying!!

Things are going okay around here. Third trimester is kicking my butt. Baby is kicking/punching/pushing ALL the time now, and I take a nap after work nearly every day. Last weekend we had an open house on Saturday to TRY to get our house sold, so I cleaned Saturday morning from about 8am until around 11:30am. Then I went to a cookoff at work, ran errands, went home and showered, then hubby and I went to a marriage seminar at work. Passed out as soon as my head hit the pillow that night, and slept for almost 12 hours, only waking up to eat Sunday morning, then back to bed. Saturday wore me out badly and I felt like crud all day Sunday. No more marathon cleaning for this preggo mama! Thankfully DSS was at his grandparents' so I didn't have to tend to him on Sunday and just slept all day to recouperate. I then slept for 10 hours Sunday night. I was pretty much recovered on Monday. (:

We have another open house next weekend, but thankfully all the big cleaning stuff is done now, so I'll just need to do touchup cleans next Saturday morning. We're praying to get this house sold by mid-November so we can buy our house and move into it and start setting up for baby. I'm getting more and more stressed each day that we don't have anything for the baby. Other than his/her cute diapers. Which I bought two more of yesterday, for less than $30 again. I also bought a Snappi for hubby. He's been wanting to buy one, but I keep forgetting every time I go to the diaper stores. They were $2 online where I ordered the diapers, so I bought him one. He's now excited for the diapers to get here, haha. They should be here by mid-week next week. Plus the wetbags I ordered a few weeks ago that were backordered shipped yesterday (woo!) so those will be here next week too. I guess baby is going to have stuff whether or not we have a place to put it all!

In other news...not much. Work is pretty boring lately with random bouts of busy-ness, so it's been rough. I'm still working the early shift (which is WAY early for my taste) but I really like getting off at 4pm and having the whole afternoon/evening to spend with the boys. I have court again next week for my CASA case, so I'm busy doing stuff with that this week. I also have another doctor's appointment next week! She wants to start seeing me every 2 weeks after that. I think I'll hold off for another month before I start going in that regularly since there really isn't a reason they want to see you that often. There really isn't a point to going in that often, it's just standard procedure for most moms. As long as the baby is healthy, (s)he can come tomorrow or four months from now and I'll be fine. We like surprises, so we don't need to know if I'm progressing any. I think the baby has also finally turned head down-ish, so everything is ready to go. Just have to wait the last few weeks.

We're supposed to be going to Austin this weekend for my nephew's first birthday party, but our plans for staying the night fell through, so now we have nowhere to stay. Sooo I don't know if we'll go or not. Which is sad, because I want to be there for my nephew, but 5 hours of driving round trip in one day is a lot for us with DSS in the car. I guess we'll see. Hopefully we can figure something out and get to celebrate with them!

Hm, I think that's really all that's going on. Countdown to Thanksgiving has begun. 29 days from today. Soooo excited! Thanksgiving is my FAVE holiday by far, and every year I get so excited as it starts to come around. The weekend before Thanksgiving is my baby shower, so that's just something else to look forward to. Oh and we're taking DSS trick-or-treating next week--maybe. We have to find somewhere to take him first. Our neighborhood is not kid-friendly, so we'll probably have to go visit some other neighborhood so he can have fun. He's going as a chicken, though, and it's going to be so cute! My mom and I made his costume and he's super excited to wear it. I'll be sure to take lots of pictures. He's obsessed with chickens right now, so it'll be perfect. (:

OK really, that's all now. This is getting super long and my eyes are crossing from looking at the screen for so long without a break. I'm off to fill up my water cup and take a lap around the building. Hope everyone is doing great!!

Anyone want to buy a house? Send them my way! (:
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    I forgot to comment on the baby turning down! That's awesome, much more comfortable! This kiddo was down, but in the two weeks between ultrasounds he turned breech. No biggie since it's already a c-section, but a lot more uncomfortable in my opinion!
    3012 days ago
    I second the other two comments on your blog - they like to start seeing you every two weeks and then every week because they don't like surprises...especially in the 3rd trimester. Go...think of my situation with my first, he had a growth restriction that wouldn't have been discovered had I not been going on so regularly. That growth restriction lead to the discovery of HELPP syndrome thus causing a delivery. No other symptoms at all other than swelling which is normal.

    Baby is kicking my butt right now too, full bed rest because of high BP, strict no salt added to my diet - fruits, veggies, and lean proteins. And tons and tons of water. More so than I was already drinking if it's even possible!

    Maybe you could find a hotel room at a decent rate and DSS could go swimming. You'll enjoy swimming right now too, it's about the only time I feel like I don't weigh a ton! :)
    3012 days ago
    It might be worthwhile to keep your doctor in the loop, so the medical people don't have any surprises (You may love surprises, but I guarantee that your obstetrician doesn't)
    3012 days ago
    If the doctor wants to see you more often, listen. She knows what she's doing! emoticon
    3012 days ago
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