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It's been two months

Friday, October 14, 2011

Today is October 14th. I started this journey on August 15th.

What have I accomplished in two months? Well, quite a lot, I think. I'm still learning to make better choices every day. For example, the past two times I've gone out to eat, I've ordered water to drink. At home, essentially all I drink is water, but when I go out to eat, I have this urge to order something like soda. I'm not sure why that is, but I'm making progress on breaking that urge. Drinking soda is like drinking candy.

I've lost about 26 lbs in the past two months. Crazy! This actually puts me where I was a year ago when I attempted to lose weight the first time - back when I didn't really know what I was doing. What I'm doing now is sustainable - what I was doing back then wasn't.

And I know 26 lbs is a lot, but I also think I'm a bit heavier than most people when they decide to lose weight. A lot of people ONLY need to lose 26 lbs, but frankly, I'm not even halfway through what I need to lose yet. The first 10 lbs I lost especially seemed to melt off by even making the most minute efforts to be healthy. It was low-hanging fruit. I'm at the point not where it's a bit more of a normal pace, and I'll be making a lot of effort to lose the 2 lbs per week.

One thing I need to work on is finding more sources of motivation for working out. I feel I really have my eating largely under control, but finding motivation on every single workout day can be difficult. I still go, but sometimes I procrastinate for so long that I end up going late at night when I'm tired, which makes it even more difficult. I need to look up ways of staying motivated day-to-day for working out. Seeing my progress definitely helps, but I appreciate anyone else's advice too.

Good luck everyone!
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    Thanks. :) I certainly haven't been perfect, but I try to stay on track as best I can. The family I live with have been very supportive in trying to transform our home into something healthier, and I think that always helps. My mom works out all the time at the same gym I do, and she likes to buy healthy stuff. I wouldn't say I've done all this in two months... remember, I've struggled with this a long time. My first attempt at losing weight a year ago failed, so this is try number two. It's going better this time around for sure, but it definitely isn't something that's been easy for me.

    I wish I could explain how I'm able to resist bad food. For me, it was the easiest of my lifestyle changes. I don't know why or how. Motivation to work out is still tough, but I think I may have found another way to tackle it. Instead of having three big work outs per week, I'm going to try six smaller work outs. I'll see how that goes. (I'll do upper body on three different days, and lower body/cardio on three different days.) I think there's always something new to try to keep things fresh.

    I think your ideas for motivation are good. I should try to come up with some of the kind of visual things you talk about, like a collage. I'll have to see if I can come up with something like that.
    3467 days ago
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    Congratulations on two months and 26lbs. Your really headed on the right track. I can honestly say you've gone further in two months then I have in 5 months (sadly for me). You seem very focused and aware of what you need to do to keep things going and that is something to be proud of.

    As for motivation, I am struggling with that in working out and food. I am thinking of making a motivation collage of (realistic)pictures of where I want to be, such as a bathing suit, people out at a club, just things I don't do because weight holds me back. So whenever I feel down, I have those pictures to look to to remind me of why I need to do whatever it is I don't want to do (such as exercise, which has always been very hard for me). I also like to read motivational quotes and read stories about people with amazing accompishments, such as the blind guy who climbed mount everest. I read what he did and it makes me want to be amazing, even if its changing from an unhealthy loner to an outgoing healthy person, 73lbs lighter. Thats my simple motivation suggestions which I need to do again. I also know theres a bunch of articles about motivation here on sparkpeople and if I read any good ones, I'll send them your way :)
    3471 days ago
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