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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hi friends!

It's been quite a while since I've blogged. A lot has been going on, but at the same time, nothing too exciting. I'll try to make this quick and painless. (:

I'm sure some of you read my status yesterday about my friend. We were in our childbirth classes together. She was due this coming Saturday, the 15th, and lost her baby yesterday, the 12th. We got some additional information late yesterday: apparently she delivered the baby around 11am yesterday morning and the umbilical cord was wrapped around Kyndal's neck 3 times. From the emails we got, it looks like they knew the baby was gone before she delivered her, but obviously she had to deliver her anyway, and then they discovered the cord. So sad. She was a terrific girl and they have a little 2 or 3 year old girl at home already. It's hard having to tell a child that young that the baby they thought was coming home went to heaven instead. Praying for my friend and her family.

In other pregnancy news, not to be callous, but I'm about 26 weeks along now. Tomorrow we're in double digit days until my due date. Woohoo! Things have been going well. I'm exercising usually 6-7 days per week. I left weights 2x/week and try to do the elliptical or walk the other days. Usually on the weekends we do a nice family stroll around the neighborhood. During the week I workout in the gym at my office after work. I'm on the early shift these days, so it's not bad. I took a few pictures of my belly to share, even though it's still a little awkward for me to do so. They're both self-taken shots, so they're not the greatest. They're both from the past 2ish weeks, so it's a pretty accurate measure of how I look now. I'm wearing clothes in the second one, you just can't see it because of my big belly. (:

Nutrition has been pretty good too. I'm slightly anemic, so I've been trying to eat lots of iron-rich foods. Hard to do sometimes, but I manage. Also for my childbirth classes, we use the Brewer diet, so I've been trying to stick to that too. It's hard, but I'm doing okay. I'm spot on with weight and measurements, so my doctor is pleased. I actually got a new doctor last week and it's been a blessing so far. We liked our other doctor but didn't love her, but I love this new one. She is onboard for our all-natural, non-medicated, non-assisted birth. She's actually just as excited as we are (or at least she pretends to be)! DSS's birthday was at the beginning of this month. He turned four. Scary he's so big now... Other than his cake, I've been really good with not over-indulging too much. (:

The past few weeks I have been frieking out because we are not prepared for this baby. We're still trying to sell our house, which means we haven't bought a new one yet, so we aren't buying anything for the baby. Just more stuff to move, so we're waiting until we have a place to actually put everything. Right now the baby has 3 outfits I think, one blanket, and 6 diapers. At least it can make it through the first couple of days if nothing else, haha! I went crazy yesterday and bought the baby two more diapers (for my total of 6). Hubby said only one per week, but I couldn't decide and they were both great deals, so I bought them both. For less than $30. Not bad at all. I also bought a wetbag for the baby's room that will match the theme of the room: brown and white with a little bit of light/lime green on it. So cute! I wish I had a picture of that, but it's being shipped to me as we speak with my two new diapers so you'll have to wait. Sad, I know.. (: This is the first diaper we bought the baby:
It's precious. Does anyone here cloth diaper? We're venturing out into the CD world and so far I'm loving it. With DSS we spent at least $40 a month on diapers, and we only diapered him for 2 years. That's already almost $500. Imagine having to pay twice that to diaper a child from birth to potty trained. No thanks! We're halfway done with our stash and we've spent around $100 only. Our goal is less than $300 for everything we need: covers, liners/soakers, cloth wipes, wetbags, and our first 6 months of detergent. We're totally going to make it. Which means our child will be diapered for less than $300 birth to potty training. And so will any subsequent children (plus the cost of laundry soap, obviously, and any new liners/soakers needed). Then, when we're done, we'll sell what we have to make back some of our money. It's a great plan. Really, people should be jealous of our mad money-saving skills with the baby. (:

Lots going on in the next few weeks. This weekend we're headed to my parents' house for a baby shower for my older sister at her in-laws. And hopefully my oldest sister will go into labor sometime between now and Sunday so I can meet my nephew. Next weekend we're going to Austin on Friday night, then we are attending a marriage seminar at church Saturday night. The following weekend we're back in Austin for my nephew's 1st birthday party, followed by a concert in Conroe the next day. Halloween is the next day (I'm making DSS's costume this weekend...he's going to be a white chicken), then we're already in November. My baby shower is the 3rd weekend in November, I think, and then Thanksgiving and all those festivities. Then we're practically in December already. This year is flying by! Yikes!!

Anyway, I said I'd make it short, so I'll wrap it up. Hope everyone is doing well. I try to keep up with everyone as much as I can, but it's hard. Keep going strong, friends. You all inspire me!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Glad things are going well for you. So sorry about your friend though.
    3012 days ago
    I'm sorry to hear about your friend. I can't even imagine their pain. I had an early term miscarriage, but I doubt it's the same pain. I hadn't even gotten the idea of being pregnant into my head yet... My heart truly goes out to them.

    I never looked into cloth diapering. I didn't like the idea of poo being in the same washer I use for washing regular clothing. I know you're supposed to rinse them and whatnot being laundering, but it was still something I couldn't see myself doing. Diapers are totally expensive though! We spend a LOT on diapers!

    Your belly shots are adorable! I love them. It makes me miss being pregnant about *this* much... lol Take care!
    3018 days ago
    great pics. how sad a story to hear about, your friend :(
    3021 days ago
    Such cute belly shots!!!! You look fantastic! Great job with your workouts too, I'm jealous, I literally have 10.5 weeks to go and it can't get here fast enough! I want to be active again, this bed rest is killing me! :) I know it's all worth it in the end though!!!!!
    3022 days ago
    I cloth diapered back in the day, and my DIL is cloth diapering their 3 month old... it helps that they got one of those squirter guns that attaches to the toilet after about the second week... so very handy...
    3022 days ago
    Sounds like you have a great plan! Let me know how CD goes...I'm thinking about that for when I have kids someday (hopefully soon!)
    3023 days ago
    You're so cute! I don't have kids yet, but I think CD is awesome, and it's definitely something I want to do. My best friend had a baby in August, and she is loving the cloth diapers! Such a worthwhile investment as you pointed out.
    3023 days ago
    Thanks for the update! :) Glad things are going so well with your pregnancy, you belly looks great and it's so awesome how much you can still exercise!! Good money saving plan with the cloth diapers!
    3023 days ago
    Love the belly shots! You are amazing to be exercising so much I can only hope to be so good when I am prego. Keep up the good work and I hope the iron-rich foods kick in soon! :)
    3023 days ago
    Awwww You're adorable! And a very late congrats to your new addition! :) So happy for you!

    Very sorry to hear about your friend -- my mom went through that exact same thing... I wouldn't put that on anyone.
    3023 days ago
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