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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I knew this day was coming. At some point in our lives, reality pops up and challenges our beliefs and habits in a way that can no longer be ignored. For some, this may be where denial enters and retaliates, but even that is a short-term response. What I’m talking about is the hard look in the mirror, where there’s no small amount of soul-searching and a sudden lack of invitations for the pity party.

Real Change, Right Now

I’ve been suffering from my own delusions. These aren’t new, but that doesn’t make them any less real. The fact is that the weight is creeping in and making a home for itself. I’m still at the point where my clothes fit – albeit painfully – and I refuse to go clothes shopping, which means that the ultimatum is hard to ignore.

I’ve been underactive and portion-friendly. I’ve used my knee pain as an excuse to skip workouts, rather than the reason that I especially need to do them. I’m lacking consistency, which is almost as bad as being lazy. Almost.

I’m learning how to manage the arthritis in my knee and, sadly, I cannot find any proof that rest and chocolate (or beer) are good for healing. In fact, what I’ve read is that 1) activity is absolutely critical to managing joint health and pain and 2) activity cannot make the arthritis worse. Sure, it makes the pain worse, which leads me to 1) caloric sources of comfort and 2) lack of exercising.

No more. I want my body to be strong, which means that this little buckaroo needs to (wo)man up and deal with it like an active person.

Per the SparkPeople weight tracker, at 1.5 pounds per week, I’ll hit my goal weight in early February. I don’t know that 1.5 pounds a week is realistic – especially as I get to the last 5-10 pounds – but I’ll adjust where necessary and set that goal for now. Granted, my goal weight is not my “ideal” weight for my height and size; again, I’ll adjust as necessary. For now, this gives me 16 weeks to make a serious “go” at this goal.

So, how am I going to do this?

First, I’m going to be more diligent about tracking. I have more control over breakfast and lunch, but dinner and snacks often go unrecorded. It will be hard to me to measure calories in/out if I’m not counting all of them as they go in!

Next, I will be stricter on portion sizes. Today (yay me!) I dragged out ye old trusty food scale and measured the lunch meat for my sandwich. My lunch is probably still on the large size (I try to snack every two hours or so), but I had to know where I’m starting in order to know where to change. When I have 1200-1500 calories for the day, it’s not unrealistic to think that 900 calories are consumed by late afternoon.

The hardest / biggest change will be getting back to my workouts. This does not include my regular walk / commute, though it will certainly be counted in the tally. No, this means butt-out-of-bed, doing some sort of workout and being accountable for my activity level. To help me, I’m setting up a 12-week schedule for myself (with the help of Paige Waehner at About.com) and will plot out my activities in advance, so I can define and measure my goals.

Overall my activity levels will be influenced by the 200 Squat and 200 SitUp challenges, the Power of 10 strength training approach, running on the elliptical and a return (woohoo!) to rowing. I’m also bowling on Wednesdays, though I have no real idea of how much I’m burning. Short of wearing my Polar HRM, that will be a tough call. I’ll just accept that I had some activity and leave it at that.

So here it is, SparkFriends, in all of its stark reality and painful truth. In the future I hope to map out my workouts – again, thanks to Paige W. – and post the results here. I certainly do not expect folks to comment on the details, but checking in on my summaries or other blogs will certainly help me stay on track.

Just to add icing to the cake, today’s horoscope cemented my need to plan and commit to a change. Hello, Universe; I’m listening!

Out with the old, and in with the new. Even though we haven't yet ended the year, and there are still a generous number of days left until 2012 and plenty of time to make progress, you are thinking about changing your path. Something has not been working for you - something that you felt would bring you greater stability and financial security. You are probably wondering if you are crazy to consider shifting gears at this time. The answer Aries, is no. It would not be foolish to consider another approach when your current efforts aren't working. Be bold, and be confident - that's the best way to ensure success with your endeavor.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I hope you'll continue to share your plans & stuff! You got this!
    3428 days ago
    Out with the old, and in with the new! YOU GO GIRL! emoticon
    3428 days ago
    You have taken that vital first step--looking realistically at what youhave been doing and accepting that the only way to change is hard work.

    You are a strong girl--you'll do it!
    3432 days ago
    You gave me a couple of giggles, GF. I'm in a similar place and have decided to start doing something about it too. Time to clean up my act. I may not be able to be compliant as I want to be but I have to start somewhere. I started to clean my messy kitchen for one. I was just going to do 15 a day like flylady suggests but luckily I got into it and ended up doing quite a bit. I have a tons left to do but it will be a start. I sweated a ton and burned a lot of calories. It kept me from eating all day too. Let's do this!!
    3432 days ago
    Sounds like you have a good plan. We can help each other keep on track. I'm worried about keeping up my activity over the winter.
    3432 days ago
  • ANNE7X7
    Solid plan! It's so easy to fall into the trap of excuses! Glad to know you are addressing it NOW and not 10 pounds from now!! You can do this! We're rooting for you :)
    3432 days ago
  • BOVEY63
    Oh man did I need you blog today - and our horoscope (going to copy it and paste it on the fridge).

    I could have written the same two paragraphs under the "Real Change, Right Now" headline, with the exception of knee pain. I have been wearing the same clothes for close to year now and they are a little tight too; and I too refuse to buy larger ones! It is time to kick it gear and get moving in the right direction again!

    If you need a kick in the butt, I'll do it - as long as you give me one when I need it!
    emoticon One for you!
    emoticon One for me!
    3432 days ago
  • PCOH051610
    Well the first step towards a solution is coming up with a plan and acknowledging what hasn't worked up until now!

    I'm an Aries too (April 19th) so the horoscope was just what I needed to read too.

    I look forward to reading about your progress although I think the 1.5 pounds a week is a bit too high to aim for.....I just like to consistently lose a little bit each week.

    Together we can do this!!!!
    3433 days ago
    You've followed me with all my prattling on about my plans and progress, encouraging me along the way. I'll certainly do the same for you.

    3433 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2951711
    You totally got this girl!!
    3433 days ago
    Step one is a plan and you bave a solid one here. We'll help keep you accountable.

    After my upcoming marathon, I need to take a hard look at my own food intake and weight.
    3433 days ago
    Good blog!!! Keep Sparkin'!!!
    3433 days ago
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