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2 weeks till the BIG D

Friday, September 16, 2011

Im crossing the county line...
~from fort worth famous to dallas diva~
In 2 weeks I will be making the big move from the city I was born and raised in to Dallas, TX. Fyi, Dallas is only 33 miles away. lol. But it's so much more than miles, dallas and fort worth couldn't be more different. Fort Worth is the largest small town in the world, I can't trace my family tree to anywhere else but this town. People here know me, they know my family, my friends, I have made a name for my self here. I have complained over the fact that I can't go anywhere in this town without seeing someone I know. Im a big fish in a little pond and I felt as though I've always had dreams bigger than this city could give me. I have done well but my family hasn't. What few there are that have not passed already I truly believe are miserable. I have many amazing friends here but is that all that should tie anyone to one particular place?? When I was younger I wanted to leave here but I haven't felt that way in years, now that I am going I am confused as to what exactly I am feeling. Unfortunately, Im not very upset at all to leave my family behind. I'll miss my little Karson tho, very much. But Im not going to be too far at all. Officially, Im JUST moving to DOWNTOWN DALLAS. Im moving in with my long-term boyfriend "A". We decided to not mess around anymore, we needed to be together. We have already lived together but have been living separately for about 6 months b/c of work reasons. We thought it might work but its not and we both finally realized it and figured out that we can't be apart from one another. We just weren't living up t our potentials of what we can do together as a team. And that's what we were always so good at, its almost an "us against the world" kind of thought process, dunno if that's positive... lol. But anyway, I am soooo excited over our new place... high rise, downtown, voted best pool in dallas, sooo many perks I can't even name. I have soo much to day but Ive got to go to bed, Im packing this weekend since I'll be in Oklahoma the next. Love yall sparkppls!!!
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