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Owning Up to Bad Choices

Saturday, September 10, 2011

One of the the traits I try to instill in my sons is owning up to their choices, good or bad. Often, they try to blame each other or sometimes just lie about these bad choices. It is something that we are still in the process of developing.

It seems to me that I need to instill this trait in myself as well. Today, I have to change my weight loss ticker to reflect a much higher number. I haven't changed it since April even though I knew it was moving steadily upwards. In fact I even abandoned Sparkpeople for a while because this lie was bothering me so much.

Of course, I can come up with excuses as to why I ate more and exercised less. In fact the only exercise I did was bicycling - my new obsession, when I wasn't watching on TV - Tour de Suisse, Tour de France, and USAPCC - I can tell you a lot about all of them. These reasons include such things as stress, too hot to exercise, boys getting in the way, boys eating all the time (the fact that they are small and while not underweight close to it makes me not want to negate this too much), and so on and so forth. But they are excuses. I made the choice not to exercise and to treat my body like a garbage disposal (something really easy to do when you have children who take one bite and leave the rest). And now is the time to OWN UP to that was well as my current weight (which I will change as soon as I finish this post). There were my choices and I made them. They were definitely bad choices and I admit it.

Now, that I am aware (once again) of these bad choices, I need to plan how not to make these same bad choices again. It will be hard, but I must persevere. For a while at least, it should be as difficult. Both boys have school now, S for 3 hours a day, and L all day. That should give me some exercise time without child underfoot.

I wrote this blog this morning while I helped L work on some school work. He is not excelling. I was trying to instill in him how important handwriting is. Now, he is running a 101.5 fever. So far I haven't let that stress me out too much. It has, however, cut into exercise time. Less than twelve hours later, I am already making excuses as to why I can't exercise. I could go do it now, but I know that in a few hours L will be up needing more medicine, and 4 hours after that again. Of course, if L has it, S will have it too, so I have that to look forward to as well. As S had me up at 1 this morning, and L at 3 for his first round of medicine (which I thought worked - silly me), I am deciding that a choice of extra sleep is probably in this instant more important than exercising (which I almost did, but was begged by my child to sit beside him and hold him - this doesn't happen like it used to so I did ).
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    I think you are much better off for facing what is going on rather than hiding from it. We all make mistakes, bad decisions. A few here and there don't add up to much. It is when we allow ourselves to turn away from them and put off facing them that they have the time and space to multiply and really do a lot of damage.

    This is your life, own it, the good choices and the bad ones. When you face each one, your motivation to make each one the best you can is much greater.

    Exercise doesn't always require a large amount of time. I remind myself of this all the time. There are lots of SP videos that are 5 minutes or so. Or I can do squats for a minute or two or bicep curl the water bottle.

    Facing it is the first step and the toughest. Now work on your next choice and make it a great one and then be HAPPY about it and want more of the same. One step at a time.
    3561 days ago
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    I am with you here! the last 2 weeks I have eaten out of control. Not sure why except my schedule is crazy. Good for you for owning up and taking back control! I hope the boys are better quickly
    3563 days ago
    Cyndrea - good for you owning up - its the first step to be on your way. And our babies are only little once -treasure every moment of it - it goes by way too fast. I have faith you will figure it all out!
    3563 days ago
    I'm with Janet on this one. I think we all have pretty much the same reasons that we are here on Spark People. I'm going to have to remember to change up my ticker tomorrow too. emoticon
    3563 days ago
    Sending a big ol' hug your way tonight. I can hear myself in your words so know you aren't alone in needing to own up to your choices good or bad.

    I too find lots of reasons not to exercise and I'm trying hard to make myself a priority with that. Still not there but I'm working at it.

    3563 days ago
    You should try to get some exercise with your children and make it a game so that they have fun too and get healthy too. It has been proven that when you exercise you don't get sick as much as others who don't exercise and that includes children. So next time they want to take your time when you want to exercise then include them and you will also be teaching them to keep healthy too. It will stay with them for the rest of their lives.
    3563 days ago
    Ugh kids home all day and on top of that sick ones!! Let your Mumma instincts kick in here. Your babies DO need you.

    I used to get my son involved when he was small. I found a REALLY old calisthenics book and did the simple exercises in that daily. After about 3 days of watching with interest my son started joining in! It doesn't have to be a whole 30 or 60 mins either. 5 mins here, 10 mins there - it all adds up.

    You are a great Mum and I am proud of you for changing your ticker and owning your choices. WELCOME BACK!!!
    3563 days ago

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