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I wish I had an office....

Thursday, September 08, 2011

I sit in a cube at work. Not exactly conducive to pregnancy hormones. I hate hearing people around me talking. It really bugs me sometimes.

But I said I was going to blog about the pregnancy, not work. (:

This week I'm 20 weeks (almost 21!) along. Crazy that this pregnancy is halfway over. Currently I'm still wearing about 70% of my pre-pregnancy clothes. It's great. I put away a few pairs of pants that I knew wouldn't fit, even with a belly band, but other than that, I've been wearing regular clothes mainly. I have a few things that I add a button extender to and then put my belly band over it, but those were tight pre-pregnancy so I expected it. I'm mainly still wearing all the same tops. I have always worn looser fitting clothes, so my belly has plenty of room to fit still. I am having to wear a tank top or my belly band under a few shirts, just because they're being hiked up by my belly and nobody wants to see that much skin. So overall I'm happy with how things are progressing in the clothes department. Last time I weighed myself, probably 2-3 weeks ago, I had only gained 8 pounds I think. It's probably more now, so I'm going to try to remember to weigh myself this weekend.

We have started on our baby registry at Babies R Us and a bit at Target. (FYI, Target's website changed and it sucks. Hardcore.) We don't really need/want/have room for too much baby paraphernalia, so we don't have a whole lot on the registry yet. My parents buy the bedroom sets for the babies, so that takes away even more of our items (we registered for them to get the rewards points when someone purchases off of our registry). Most people register for the little lotions and baby wash, etc, but I'd rather buy that stuff at Walmart where it's not way overpriced. Our cloth diapers are the largest expense on the registries, and at around $100 a pop, we don't expect anyone to buy those for us, so that's also on the list but "not really." We are also going gender-neutral so we didn't register for much clothes either. Really, our registry is more stressful than fun. I'd rather just so buy the stuff myself and not have to register for it, but since my sisters are throwing a shower for me, I apparently *have* to register for stuff. Annoying.

This trimester has actually been really nice for the most part. A few emotional swings here and there, but overall about 200 times better than the first trimester. The first trimester I was nauseous ALL the time, literally every minute of the day. I never once got sick, but felt like it from when I woke up until I went to bed every day. A few things helped a little bit, but nothing ever took it away. The exhaustion in the first trimester was pretty bad at times, but never something I couldn't handle. I find myself more tired this trimester, but that could be because I changed my work shift and now get up about 2 hours earlier...

I've been feeling the baby kicking/moving since about 16 weeks. Hubby could feel it around 17/17.5 weeks. The first time he felt it was in church and he got all excited but couldn't even say anything. Poor guy. But now the kicks/punches/movements are strong and often. I get worried if it's been a few hours and I haven't felt him/her move. Right now as I type, (s)he is doing some punching bag moves below my belly button. Fun stuff. Everyone thinks it's a boy at this point. First off, we all have ONLY boys so far in this generation and both my older sisters are having boys so no one thinks I'll have the first girl. I grew up sort of tomboy-ish, so I probably wouldn't know what to do with a girl. (:

We're anxious for the birth, if only to find out the gender and apologize to the baby for calling it "It" for so long. We sometimes gender-ize it, but not too often. Don't worry, we're not having the next "Storm" in here, but we like the element of surprise of not knowing until the birth. Hubby watched Knocked-Up (the movie) a few weeks ago and when the guy gets to run into the waiting room and say "It's a girl!" and everyone cheered, that solidified the fact that we won't find out the gender.

We're taking Bradley Birth classes. So far we've been to 5 sessions, I think, and they've been pretty interesting so far. A lot of stuff I already knew, like eating healthy, exercising, etc, but some new stuff now too. We learn things like the stages of labor, how to tell where you are in labor, relaxation techniques, and things like that. All good stuff. Last week we did our first "labor rehearsal" and it was kind of an eerie feeling, knowing that we'll be doing that "for real" in just a few short months. My sister's baby is due mid-month next month, then time will fly and it will be Thanksgiving, then time will fly again and it will be Christmas, then it will be time for our baby to get here. Whooaaaa. Crazy, right?

We're still in the process of trying to sell/buy a house. My parents offered to pay off our house so we can get out of it and get into a new house, but we haven't found one we love yet. Lots we realllllllly like, but none that we knew were perfect, so we're not in a hurry to rush into a house just yet. I'm anxious to get into one so we can setup the room for the baby, but we're not in a hurry since I've been in my little house for over 4 years now and it's going to be a lot of work to move and get settled.

Soooooo after much ado, that's about it. I'm sure lots more is going on, but that's what I have for now. Time to get back to work. Hope all is well in Sparkland for everyone! I'm trying to keep up with everyone, but it's hard. Hopefully things settle down soon when we get used to hubby's school schedule, the new schedule with DSS, my new work schedule, etc. Keep Sparkin' friends!! (:
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    baby stuff is EXPENSIVE, having had one 11 ks ago i know. try not to be annoyed about having other people gift you things and instead be thankful. register for a few odds and ends (like 30-50 dollar items) even if you don't need/want them....AND RETURN them. you'll get the credit to walk into the aisles and get what you do want :)

    we tried cloth diapers, they just weren't for us, but i hope they work for you guys :)

    3027 days ago
    Enjoyed reading your update!! Sounds like things are moving along nicely and that's great that this trimester is so much better than the first! So happy for you!
    3049 days ago
    Love reading your updates!!!! I must concur about the cubical, I was in one while pregnant with Cale and people talking around me just annoyed me to tears almost daily.

    As far as your registry, I hated it too, but after about killing myself trying to find things to put on there someone told me to register for the future to, so I started including things I'd need throughout the first year such as the high chair, the bouncy chair, bumbi chair (trust me...you'll want one of those), food & sippy cups etc. etc., and even though I was shocked, friends and family purchased most of it for me regardless of the cost. You could also include books, toys, a diaper bag, gender neutral socks, extra crib sheets (you'll want several sets), burp clothes, bibs, breast milk storage bags (if you're going to pump), bottle drying rack, etc. etc. And I also concur Target's new gift registry website is terrible! We did our registry at Babies R' Us and BabyEarth.com. Love babyearth.com! They have so many cute items on there and it's generally free shipping most of the time.

    Good luck with the house hunting! I remember that and it's tough! But you'll find that home that you just love, I know it!!! :)
    3049 days ago
    Love the update! I'm glad things are going so well. :)
    3056 days ago
    Sounds like you have had a relatively good pregnancy so far! I completely agree with your point of view on registering...it was SO stressful to figure out what to put on there and frustrating to wait for the showers to see what I got before buying anything. Hope things get a little bit more settled down for you!
    3058 days ago
    What a lovely collection of memories your blog has stirred up! (They grow up so fast!)

    Get plenty of rest!
    Take your vitamins!
    3061 days ago
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