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Motivation for the Journey

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

The question I have been asked the most in the last week is: How did you stay motivated during your journey?
Rather than giving the short answers over and over, I decided to blog about it, why not?
First I had to GET motivated to change. I had developed such horrible eating habits and laziness. Wishing wasn’t getting me anywhere.
Disgusted with all my “negative pains” (previous blog), I couldn’t stand who I had become ANYMORE! I googled “free weight loss programs” and guess what popped up? “Sparkpeople”

Well, that’s how it started, excited about all the information on this site as well as the possibility that I could make this happen.
Guess what? It worked. I stayed in my calories with better food and burned the calories I was given, the weight started coming off.
So it began, now on to how I stayed motivated throughout my journey.
First and foremost:
Entering my weigh –ins on spark was great, I decided to add to that. My best friend for most of my life was perfect for me. I reported every Wednesday weigh-in to her via text or Facebook. If I didn’t, she would contact me to find out. I also reported my workouts, what I did, how long, etc.
She’s the one who challenged me to run a Half-Marathon and I’m forever grateful she did! You need that, please find someone to keep you accountable. I suggest avoiding family as it could feel like nagging.

Besides the obvious motivation of doing this for my family, especially my kids, there are some others, we’ll call it my “quick list”.

Finding motivation from:
1.) Losing/gaining weight
2.) Clothes getting looser/tighter
3.) Compliments-NEVER EVER overlook these!!
4.) Before/after photos
5.) Being able to push further and harder/falling short during a workout
6.) Putting up reminders of how far you’ve come/where you’re trying to go

This is on my bathroom mirror so I always see it.

7.) Reaching/passing a goal, or even falling short
8.) Insults. I was mocked while I was running on more than one occasion, gasoline on the flame! Bring on the inferno! I’m the kind of person who if you tell me I can’t do it, or show any signs of doubt, I’m absolutely determined to prove you wrong.

You probably noticed that my list also contains negatives, this is life, and this will be your weight loss journey. Not ALL are positive, no one has had a perfect or easy journey, and if they claim to they are either lying or selling something.
Do the negatives hurt? Absolutely! I do not encourage you to gain weight in order to lose, or to go out and get made fun of.
Rather, if/when any of the above happen to you, turn it into motivation! Use it as fuel to keep going, to reach your goals, to PASS your goals!

Motivation is HUGE! Rock it out and be an inferno!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    hi! This is my day 3 on Sparklepeople.com This is such a GREAT IDEA to have a vision board. This is what I am going to start with today.. making a vision board with goals and picture of myself as of NOW and goal to reach to the weight where I want to be. Thanks so MUCH!! Any tips, please share them with me to help me to get on right path since I'm new here! :)
    3499 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8690605
    I love your blogs!! and your motivational pic on your mirror....i have a before pic of me on my fridge, so every time i go into the kitchen i see that...i'm reminded of the old me and make a better snack choice or leave the kitchen, because i don't need to go in there all the time!!
    3500 days ago
    Thanks for the blog. Your blogs always make me feel better. Right now I am going through my 6th week of a plateau and I needed the extra motivation. Keep up the great work! :)
    3504 days ago
    Very true! Very inspiring! It is funny how so many people, myself included, become desperate in our sadness of wanting to change our bodies. We have an "I want it yesterday" mentality. People have started to notice the changes I have made to my body and say things like "What is your secret?". It always amazes them that it is as simple as hard work-outs and healthy eating. I always tell them to check out SparkPeople. None of the people I have told about SparkPeople have joined and gotten serious, no one that I have lent my book "The Spark" to have read it. I guess they just aren't ready. The point that drives it home that you make so well is just being ready. It is realizing and accepting the challenge; then taking numbers and names while doing it. Very inspiring words.

    3504 days ago
    Great blog! How true - without motivation nothing will ever get accomplished. Love your idea of the accountability friend. Thanks for sharing!
    3504 days ago
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