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Physical Therapy - ITB....

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I am headed back to PT tomorrow to start some ultrasound and other therapies for my ITB. I am in so much pain today. I HATE THIS!!

Anyways, if there are any other runners or triathletes suffering with the same problem and you have any ideas or suggestions for me tonight - I am all ears!!

I have been foam rolling and stretching ALL DAY...icing, hot baths etc...getting a massage tonight.

I use the Grid foam roller from Trigger Point Therapy if anyone is needing an amazing foam roller, I love mine.

Thoughts on other stretches etc...I can do tonight before the ultrasound/electro stim therapy tomorrow?

My pain is coming mostly from my hips. My Ortho might need to do another steroid injection there just like they did for my knee. These are not the injections I had recently, those where for my OA....goodness, listen to me. I sound as if I am 90 or something NOT 34 years old.......oh brother.

Anyways, any thoughts, tip, suggestions or just support is welcomed. I am hurting something fierce tonight.........BUT all smiles :)

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    My favorite iliotibial band stretch is this: Stand on one leg. Bend at the knee with the other leg and take it BEHIND your standing leg. I accomplish this best at the end of a workout when my muscles are all warmed up and I can optimize my stretch. It gets the distal end of the IT band nicely.

    Good luck. Injuries suck.
    3443 days ago
  • IONA72
    My biggest fear is injury so I feel for you. Hope you get some relief soon.
    3444 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1425027
    Have you tried The Stick?

    I love it even more than the foam roller....

    3444 days ago
    Jen - I too love my GRID - remember it may not be what you think it is - I could be anything from the feet up to the hips. I will cross my fingers for you
    3444 days ago
    I am an underpronator and unfortunately have the same problems with my ITB. A month before I was supposed to run my very first full marathon I started having severe problems with it. It took me out for a couple months. I never got to run my full marathon. It's so aggravating. No matter what I do...stretch, roll, etc, nothing has ever taken the pain away. I have been able to run half marathons but afterwards I am out for a couple of days because of it. It makes me so mad because I was in my prime of training, loving it & ever since I feel like I have been unable to get it back because of pain. I'm so sorry, I'm no help. But, if you find something that really works, keep me in mind!!
    3446 days ago
    Before I discovered I was hypothyroid, I ordered a two inch memory foam for my bed. It was relatively inexpensive, and came with a stretch, terry cloth, zippered covering. It enabled my to have a good nights sleep. I wonder if it could help you also?
    I hope your pain fades....
    Big Hugs
    3446 days ago
    emoticon So sorry. No help. Just good wishes.
    3447 days ago
    I dont have the same problem with my ITB but I can empathize with you!!!! :(

    I understand feeling like your 90! I have been saying the same thing for 5 months!! Big hugs! I hope you feel better very very soon!

    OHHH~ I have the same foam roller -- it is heavenly!
    3447 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/12/2011 5:43:36 PM
    Hate to hear that you are in pain. I am sorry that I don't have much advice for you. I hope it can be remedied very soon!!!
    3447 days ago
    Jen, I am so sorry to hear that you are having ITB problems. Having suffered through it earlier this year, I know it's no picnic.

    My chiro performed the Graston technique on me several times and that was what it took to loosen up the IT band. That, plus a lot of icing, rolling with the Grid (it's the best!) and stretching did the trick.

    Good luck! I hope you get some relief soon!
    3447 days ago
  • no profile photo NEWYORKORCHIDS
    I always thought I had lower back pain, but it was actually coming from my SI joints. Your doctor knows a lot more than me, but it might not hurt to look up SI joint pain and see if it's similar.

    Apparently, it's not uncommon in people that lose weight to have issues with that joint.

    It's so frustrating though, because I know how badly you want to run and you keep having setbacks.
    3447 days ago
  • ELSCO55
    3447 days ago
    I too have suffered with this. Physical therapy will take care of the problem. Self massage and lots of stretching are in order. Change shoes regularly and often. Be sure your bike fit is correct and increase your swimming for a while and cut back on the running and biking. emoticon
    3448 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon I love foam rollers!
    3448 days ago
    I can definitely identify with what you are going through- my (ex) doctor told me I had OA - at 28 years old! (after a not so thorough exam/diagnostics) so I still have my doubts about the cause of my pain. Sometimes it feels more like ITBS and other times I'm not sure.

    I just started seeing a chiropractor who seems to think my shin and my knee are just misaligned and a few simple adjustments will get me going. At this point, I am going to give it a try since traditional medicine/accupuncture/physical therapy has not really helped.

    I hope you get some relief from your massage and maybe some answers in the coming days.
    3448 days ago
    My response a day late, but -
    Physical Therapy if wonderful! They get to see you more than your doctor does and therefore can pick up and fine tune things for you.

    I found this website the has some really good streches:

    Two other things that have helped for me.
    a) circuit training, but at a much, much lower weigh level. For example on the one hamstring machine I can so a 11, but I do it at 4 and very slowly. Of course listen to what the PT says you are ready for...
    b) TENS - this started at PT, but then I bought my own unit (with a doctor's note, most was covered by insurance). It seem to get blood flowing to my pain areas BEFORE I start exercising.

    You are my hero! This just shows no matter how far we've come there are always more challenges. You've developed a great attitude. Now I hope the the legs will listen! You are doing a great job listening to your body. You don't sound 90 - you sound very motivated to find a way to make this work. RIGHT ON. Best to you.
    3448 days ago
  • LAURIE5658
    Do what your team of professionals tell you to do and PLEASE accept my emoticon !

    3448 days ago
    Sounds like you're doing everything possible for it. I hope you're able to get some relief soon! :-(
    3448 days ago
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