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Week 1/20 Turbofire & Shakeology

Monday, July 18, 2011

Ok. So I have my plan in place and today is day 1. I was going to start last week, but I was house sitting and watching my 9 year-old sister all week, so that didn't happen. I know, excuses, excuses.

I am so determined now to get this weight off though. I'd like to lose 20 pounds, which isn't much, but it would make a big difference on my short body!

I had a dr. appt last Friday and I am a whopping 5 foot 1.5 inch! Woo-hoo!! I weighed in at 138, which is about 7 pounds less than when I weighed in at the Dr. 6 months ago. So, that is good! hahaha!

But, seriously, time to get serious. I've done some serious thinking and have realized that my downfall is dinner and weekends. I can stay on track calorie-wise while I am working, but when I get home I usually don't have a plan in place, and that is where I make bad choices. On the weekends, I just wanna have fun and not worry about food. BUT. I've realized that this has gotten me into trouble over the years and I have gained 20 unwanted pounds.

Since I know dinner time is when I overeat, I was thinking back and forth about ordering shakeology. I am NOT an beachbody coach. I repeat, I am NOT a beachbody coach. So, I was watching the commercials online about it and I just couldn't get over the price. $119.00 for ONE month of powder?!?! No thank you. BUT....I still kept thinking about it. Then I figured, if I do shakeology for DINNER, when I have my most trouble, then maybe I can jumpstart my weight loss.

Shakeology claims to have 5 trips to the salad bar in one serving, and I definitely do not get enough veggies...so it appears to be healthy. They market it as The Healthiest Meal of the Day...however, if you read the fine print at the VERY bottom of the bag, it says that these claims have not been reviewed by the FDA...yet. It is a fairly new product, came out in 2009 I believe. Anyway, I did the math and saw that if I did this for dinner for 30 days, dinner would end up costing me $4 a day. I go out to eat A LOT for dinner and I go to the grocery store and WASTE money on food I never eat for dinner, so I got over the cost and bought a bag.

The good news for me is that mostly, I have only been using half a scoop of shakeology...so really, it will last me around 2 months, instead of 1. Shakeology claims that it will give you more energy, help you lose weight, and regulate your digetstive system. Well, I don't feel the energy thing yet...but that is because I have totally slacked on workouts lately. I started drinking shakeology last week and I did lose 1 pound. Just by drinking shakeology as a meal replacement. I wasn't working out or anything. There isn't anything magical about shakeology. All you are doing is restricting calories...but I chose shakeology for that reason and because it claims to be so healthy. As for the making your digestive system regular...I can confirm that. hahaha! TMI but it hasn't given me diarrhea or anything, but definitely has cleansed me....sorry, if that is TMI for you. But it's the truth! Everyone poops!

I have decided that today is day 1 of my 20 week plan. Turbofire is 20 weeks long (the workout plan that I bought) so I am going to start (again) today. And I will be having Shakeology for dinner. I was only going to have shakeology for dinner through the week and let myself eat nomally on the weekends...well, I tried that this past week and it didn't work. Like I said, I lost 1 pound last week...but this weekend I went out to eat for dinner and last night had cheeseburgers on the grill...that pound came back. I am sure that there will be some days that I don't have my shakeology for dinner but I will have to have enough discipline to eat a salad or something light for dinner. I am doing the shakeology thing until my package is gone...and then I will assess my results and decide if I am going to re-order.

So simple breakdown. Shakeology for dinner until package is gone, 20 weeks Turbo Fire starting today.

20 weeks away from today happens to fall on my boyfriend's 30th birthday! So I am using his birthday as my goal date! On Valentines Day he got me a gift certificate to use at Victoria's Secret. But, I haven't used it yet because I don't feel good about my body. I'm hoping I can go shopping for myself on HIS birthday. hahahaha! emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I love Shakeology. Do you have chocolate, or Greenberry? I couldn't stomach the Greenberry. At first the choc was a bit strong, but I mix with extra water and really love the taste now. It gives me lots of extra energy and helps suppress my hunger. So be careful, it may keep you awake at night! But I signed up as a coach just to get the discount. I tried to go a month without them, but I really like them!

    I really want to try Turbo Fire. Right now I am doing the Insanity videos.
    3042 days ago
    Skinnysoon13- Are you asking about Turbofire, Shakeology or both?
    3048 days ago
    So, I'm curious - how is this working out for you? I'm thinking of ordering these :-)
    3048 days ago
    Love it!! The 1lb weight loss is such motivation to put your plan in action! You have to let me know what you buy in 20 weeks with your Victoria Secret gift card!
    3064 days ago
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