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Need just a little help.. Not health-related, sorry.

Monday, July 11, 2011

I work on the internet for a living but somehow still don't know how to work it very well...

Question: How do I find review sites for products I'm looking at? These are two diaper bags I'm looking at (don't judge me on the prices!):
(I dont know which color...they're all so not what I'm used to..) www.skiphop.com/product/
(the stripe one for sure on this one)

Problem is, I can't frieken find how to find reviews of them. I need to learn how to find reviews since I'm sure I'll be comparing lots of products in the coming months. I should really figure this out. Ideas?

Personal experience is great, too! I just loooove the bags! So cute and stylish and FUNCTIONAL for this "pack-way-too-much-just-in-cas
e" momma! (:

PS--Excuse all the edits. I suck at writing blogs apparently, too.
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    I don't judge you on your diaper bag expense. This is the one I got when I had my daughter... Ok... disregard. the site is "closed" for the summer. Stupid. Anyhow, my diaper bag is $120 bag. Handmade out of furniture upholstery. It's a "bagolitas" which is a small company in Iowa that was founded by accident, really.

    It's HUGE! Way bigger than I need actually, now that my daughter is done with formula, but it's great for packing lots of toys!

    Good luck finding a bag you like!
    3084 days ago
    i looked at the stores website reviews...babies r us and target have lots of reviews on the products written by people who have bought them. or you could buy a membership subscription to consumer reports.
    3112 days ago
    Good advice here- I can't add anything better!
    3114 days ago
    www.epinions.com has reviews on a widee assortment of products. Amazon seems to sell just about everything under the sun, and their customers are always good for following up their purchases with reviews. Also, I'll often Google the "product name+reviews".
    3114 days ago
    I have no idea how to find the reviews unless they're already on the website I am shopping at. I can give you my personal advice though:)

    I never used a diaper bag, ever. I breastfed so like another comment above stated I never had to worry about lugging around bottles and formula. I did usually take a bottle filled with breastmilk that I recently pumped because the nurse told me that the milk is good for 3-4 hours at room temperature. I hardly ever used it, but it was there in a pinch.

    I purchased a plastic container for wipes, and carried 3-4 diapers with me in a larger size purse. The cover I used to put down on the diaper changing table took up hardly any room so that wasn't an issue. I would also shove an extra outfit into my bag and kept another extra in my car as well as a few extra diapers.

    I know I'm in the minority, but I just felt like I had enough to carry around without adding a huge diaper bag to the mix. A friend did purchase a bag that I kept and only used when traveling long distances. I still use it occasionally, but he quickly outgrew it. Typically if I use it now it's for toys during a trip. The larger purse that I had was a Coach. I'd always wanted and I justified the cost by shopping at an outlet store with a 20% off coupon and dubbed as both a purse and a diaper bag. I still use it to this day.

    Just my two cents! :)
    3114 days ago
    First a few questions:

    Are you going to breastfeed? If yes, you don't need to carry bottles and formula, etc in your bag because you always have a ready supply wherever you go emoticon

    Are you using cloth diapers or disposable diapers? With cloth, you need something to carry the thicker diapers in until you return home. YOu also need diaper covers. With disposables, you need something to put the diaper into before throwing away. (If you want advice about diapering with cloth, I can help you.)

    If you are breastfeeding, all you need is a small bag, not a big one like those. We do not live where you have to carry a ton of blankets and sweaters and coats for the baby. Just one or two light blankets, a few diapers depending upon the type, and a toy or two. AS your little one gets bigger, you will need fewer blankets or changes of clothes and more toys. Nowadays, my children each has a "car-bag" in which they put toys, books, music, and such for trips lasting an hour or more. To tell the truth, I also have my car-bag!

    ANyway, I have used a big bag like those, and they get stuffed and unwieldy. I have used smaller bags, and they have worked fine. For my 5th, I used a canvas bag and it worked fine. So don't waste your money on getting more than you need - save it for your baby's education! emoticon
    3114 days ago
    How about trying some of these sites:

    BabyGizmo.com - Baby Products - News, Reviews & Price Comparisons
    Baby Product Contests, Baby Product Top Picks, Baby Product News

    Product Reviews and Reports - www.consumersearch.com

    W Network - Product Reviews - www.wnetwork.com › Shows › The Shopping Bags

    All I did to find these sites was typed "Baby product reviews" into my Google search engine.

    Good luck!

    3114 days ago
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