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not feelin hot.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Today wasnt a good work day.

I was at a facilty where a male physical therapist (that i've had issues in the past) harrassed me all day long. It was uncomfortable and ridiculous. Not a fun time..thankfully we got out of there by 12pm.

I went back to my office (65 miles later) and luckily didnt have much paperwork to do, then headed home. Well, I had fast food to eat my bad feelings and stuff them down. Then I came home and stomach hurt so much, but ate more. I had peanut butter out of the jar but also added chocolate chips. Then I had a HUGE burrito. Ugh. Feel gross.

I know that this has been occuring WAY too often, and I obviously stress eat (OBVIOUSLY!) but I need to learn to do something else. NOT to reach for food. I am stuck in this job (at least in the near future), and eating over it or eating any other time something happens in life is not healthy..OR THE ANSWER.

Tomorrow morning I have the dreaded weigh in. Thats right, this week I am dreading it. I would skip, but I never do. I always face the music. Then, I have the personal trainer and then..I HAVE TO GO TO A STAFF MEETING!! UGGGGH. Its at 12pm, and they are providing lunch. Potato salad, chips, sandwiches on that THICK white bread, cookies, cake..the works. I am going to bring fruit salad (to share but more for me) and drink a lot of water. May sneak a protein bar after workout before meeting and make it through okay..thats 5 points vs God knows how many.

I want to get back on track tomorrow. I need to get back on track tomorrow. And, I want to last all 7 days.

In other news, I have signed up for the Long Beach marathon on Oct 9th. Definitely looking forward to getting back into a "formal" training schedule. I also REALLY want to sign up for the Nashville Country Music marathon (in april, one of the rock n roll series races). And, I am SOOO looking forward to my half relay with SLEEPYDEAN coming up in a few weeks in san diego!!!!! Going to go on a long run this weekend :)

Not feeling well...at all. So incredibly tired, been clocking in LONG hours the past few weeks!

Tomorrow WILL BE day 1 of 7 in healthy eating streak!
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    Oh no...that does NOT sound like a good day at all!!! I wish you could come here to get your mind off of things. Thinking of you and hoping it has gotten better or gets better real soon!
    3236 days ago
    Hope you feel better soon!
    and excited for you to start training for the marathon! Good luck!
    3236 days ago
    I'm a little late replying but I hope the day went well.
    3236 days ago
    Hugs sweetie....keep on hanging in there - every day is a new day.
    3236 days ago
    Hugs sweetie....keep on hanging in there - every day is a new day.
    3236 days ago
    Sorry your day went so badly, but you have a plan for tomorrow. I always wonder why when people serve food at work there is never really anything for people who don't eat junky foods.

    I would like to suggest a book for you to read if you haven't already. It is filled with lots of references to studies, which is a little dull sometimes, but it really showed me that my craving, similar to your overeating described above is impossible to control without understanding that some of us just can't eat processed foods. I thought it might help you since you describe yourself as many in his book do. I hope you will order it from Amazon or get it from the library and read through it.

    You can search for the author, David Kessler online and get a lot of information about what his book is about. Let me know what you think.

    I have been having trememdous success in losing weight in the last 6 months and it it all because I have gotten off processed foods and started exercising a bit more. I no longer crave sweets or salty chips. I consider it a miracle because in the past I have done some pretty horrid eating and just couldn't seem to stop myself.

    Have a good day tomorrow!

    3237 days ago
  • KTMAE2006
    I'm so jealous you signed up for another marathon! Today I actually was thinking about doing the Nashville marathon (someday). We are totally on the same path right now. I tend to eat more at night, but I know its still tied to my emotions. Grr. We can do this!
    3237 days ago
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