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MIGHT be start of a new streak..maybe.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I might have made it. If so, its day 1 of a new streak of being on plan. I am still in a bad mindset, but so far, i've been able to combat those. But honestly, the last hour before I go to sleep is usually the toughest because I am an emotional eater and all my emotions come out before I head to bed.

Today was a rough day. It STARTED with me crying in my car. Not wanting to talk about it, but its what happened. I wanted SO MUCH to stop at fast food on my way from the nursing home to my office, but i didnt. I forced myself to keep going. Then I got to the office, and they had bought pop tarts and all these other 'goodies'. It took everything i had to not have a frosted strawberry pop tart. Got home, had a turkey burger and chugged water. Now, I am having a vanilla dannon light and fit with frozen cherries.

My mom bought oreos. Ridiculous amounts. The costco BOXES of oreos. And not just one huge box (has 10 rolls of oreos per box) nope we cant just have one box, we have TWO boxes PLUS a regular package of oreos. WHAT THE HECK! But so far, i've resisted.

So, keep your fingers crossed I make it until I fall asleep.

Tomorrow will be a LONG day and very stressful. Hoping I can bypass the fast food..keep those fingers crossed all day tomorrow!
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  • KTMAE2006
    Your mom is mean. Dang dang those oreos! Way to go on working on the emotional eating, you're doing great!!
    3242 days ago
    I am so sorry you are being sabotaged everywhere you turn. Keep strong - try a rubberband on your wrist and snap it - when you are tempted.
    3242 days ago
    While amusing, butterflyemerge isn't off the mark, either. Some coloring dyes in processed food are made, according to a NYT artice published in 2009 (http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2009
    /01/05/bugs-in-your-food/), from bug extracts. *shudder*

    It seems to me that your "trigger" foods are all fast food/processed food based. I can tell you that if you force yourself to avoid them for a while, the cravings WILL go away. I've been there, it's not entirely easy, but SO worth it. The energy benefits alone of cleansing your body of all that stuff are incredible.
    3242 days ago
    OK, I'm going to share my secrets with you having recovered to a degree from EXACTLY the same issues that you are suffering. I'm not fully recovered, but I'm almost there! Only a rare slippage, so listen and try. OK? emoticon
    1. Those oreos ... made in a factory where there were bugs. Seriously, you can't see them as they are ground into the black cookie part.
    2. Those fast food places ... oh honey, the grease just attracts bugs. Why do you think they make the works wear hair nets? Who wants those things in their hair? Stay away!!
    3. Pop tarts ... I can't publish on this public forum what goes into the filling of those things, but just imagine for yourself what drops into the kettles and gets stirred around with those big industrial paddles!! Enough said, right?!

    OK, I'm not really serious ... I have no proof that any of this happens, but it makes me stop and take account of what I'm willing to stuff into my mouth. How do I know where it came from? Am I willing to risk it? I've played little mind games like this with myself for a long time to overcome the saboteurs in my life. I hope you find the same tools to overcome yours. And after a while, it becomes hilariously fun!!!! emoticon

    Enjoy your journey! You can win!!!!
    3243 days ago
    :) good luck
    3243 days ago
    Good Luck! I hope you made it!
    3243 days ago
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