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Road Kill.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Its my late start work day/ late end day, which is why I am able to blog this morning. And let me tell ya, I'm fed up.

On healthy highway, I have allowed myself to become roadkill. Thats right, no one else did it but me. My own wagon ran me over and now I am roadkill!

Every day I start out with the best intentions, but allow my night time cravings turn into nighttime destruction. I cant even tell you everything I eat, but it totals a days worth! Its insane.

It all started after that horrible dressing room incident. Now, many of you have said 'dont be hard on yourself', 'im sure you look great'. But, i didnt look the way I thought or felt I did. And thats frustrating. And yes, I could cover up this summer, but ive been there, done that. I wanted this summer to be different. I wanted to be able to wear that bikini comfortably while attempting paddle boarding. And, I wanted to be able to wear shorts without worrying about them being tight when I sit down.

So, in reaction to that, I overate. I threw in the towel. I gave up and fell into the pit. Now, I am struggling to get out of the pit. I can see the light, but I can also feel the walls giving as I start my climb.

Today, is a new day. I've started it with 3/4 cup of special k cereal and added in a ton of frozen berries. I've had a cup of coffee with a splash (or a dash of milk). I've taken my vitamins, and am packing my 'healthy' lunch for work, along with extra snacks in case the night is even later than I'm expecting.

And, when I get home, and those cravings kick in, I will have my dannon light and fit yogurt, more water, brush my teeth and swish listerine. And then, I will read my book and hit the hay.

This roadkill is going to work HARD today to come back to life. To finally crawl out of the pit and get back to feeling good. I want my flat tummy back. I want to feel good in my clothes. I dont want to be scared of the scale on fridays.

I can do this. I've done it before, and will do it again. For anyone else that is in the pit or feels like roadkill, come with me today! We can do this. Together. I'm here for anyone!

Have a happy healthy day friends! I'm going to!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Ok come on girl!! You can do this....... get bikini ready :) Train insane!!!!!
    3243 days ago
    Hey there! Congratulations on a successful day! I know yours isn't over yet (it's 9:40 pm here) but I am confident that you overcame temptation and want to be the first to congratulate you. Lisa
    3246 days ago
    Here's to you gettin' back on the wagon!
    3246 days ago
  • KTMAE2006
    Atta girl! You can do it!!!
    3246 days ago
    Make sure that you're eating enough in the morning/afternoon. Sometimes you feel like you've been depriving yourself all day so that at night it's harder to resist the temptation to fill yourself up. (I say that because maybe it's just me, but 3/4 cup of Special K + berries doesn't sound like a whole lot...)

    Anyway, best of luck! Sorry I've been an on&off Sparker, but you've been super motivating in the past and you've done a great job so far from what I have caught of you, so keep working for your goal!
    3246 days ago
    I am so sorry you are feeling this way. I like your plan for tonight. I know after I eat dinner and workout, I head to the bedroom and truly I try not to venture out, because I know if I hit the kitchen I will figure I should eat something.

    Hang in there - better days are ahead.
    3246 days ago
  • JEN1239
    When this happened to me I started by not worrying how much I ate but by filling up on healthy comfort food. For me that was brown rice and tons of veggies for lunch and dinner. Breakfast was a smoothie or steel cut oats with berries. I snacked on walnuts and almonds. Boring but filling. Good luck I know that you can do this. emoticon
    3246 days ago
    "Don't let a slip turn into a fall" - I heard that on a TV show of all places last week and thought what great advice.

    Ughh sorry you've had the night time binge issues. But, it sounds like you are in the right mindset again and ready to continue to trudge on through. You are putting in the work, and it will pay off!

    3246 days ago
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